Online Advertising Manchester

We’re a certified Google and Facebook partner agency based in Greater Manchester, who specialise in providing a customised approach to marketing for smaller and medium-sized businesses. Our PPC consultants have years of experience in the paid ads space, which we harness to get the most out of your marketing budget. Among our happy customers are Surreal Cereal, Houst and Doors 2 Go.

Award winning PPC specialists

Pay-per-click advertising is a way of placing your business’ content above organic search results, and you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Seek Social has years of PPC experience, in both management and using a data-based approach to achieve your goals. These could be increased traffic, decreased CPA< lead generation or overall increased sales figures.

Paid search

Paid search advertising involves using text adverts which are triggered when a user searches for a keyword related to your company. You pay to appear above the organic search results. Our paid ads specialists work with Google to bring you maximum exposure and conversions. Paid search is a low cost, high return on investment option. We help you through each stage of your online advertising campaign, from initial set-up to setting your campaign live and monitoring the results post-campaign.


The Seek Social team always takes a data-driven approach – we use official statistics and data from your chosen platform, make sense of this data and then utilise it to improve your campaign. We will also check the conversion rates of your competitors, to see what they’re doing well, or badly.

PPC Audit

We follow a step-by-step process in all of our paid ads campaigns, always beginning with a full audit of your current campaign. This gives us an insight into the shape your current account is in. We analyse areas such as campaign structure, keyword selection, ad content or bidding strategy use, and can identify key areas in need of attention, as well as opportunities for quick wins.

Setting an ads campaign live

Once we’ve taken a close look at your current efforts, our SEO team will compile a list of keywords which will bring your ad before your target audience. We will also decide which tactics we’re going to use before we set up your campaign. Once live, we track the success of your campaign, reviewing the analytics data and ensuring your conversion rates remain high. At this stage, we can make any adjustments if necessary, such as re-allocating part of your budget, or changing keywords.

Results, results, results

Seek Social love data because we love results – if we can measure something, we can manage it. We share detailed reports on the performance of your campaign (based on the analytics data) at every stage. You can clearly see what the campaign achieved, and it can offer direction for improving your advertising strategy in the future.


Seek Social love to share our knowledge – which is why we’re often instructed to give PPC training by other marketing agencies and businesses in general. We can deliver training sessions either online or on your premises, whichever is most convenient for your team.

Paid social media campaigns

We’re always happy to share our expertise with potential clients. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of pointers for digital marketing success. Here’s how we suggest going about a paid social media campaign, such as on Linkedin or Facebook. A paid social media campaign is essentially a series of ads designed and scheduled to maximise your social media advertising results, and could include sponsored posts, search or display ads, or interactive video ads. Strategy is critical – you need to plan how these will appear, in which order, and on which channel to reach your target audience.

Begin with a goal

When you start using Facebook Ad Manager or Linkedin Campaign Manager, you’ll first be asked what your objective is. Facebook has three categories for objectives, representing the stages that a customer is expected to go through, from complete ignorance of your brand, to loyalty, through to repeat customers. Referred to as the customer journey, a campaign may focus on one or all three stages.

The customer journey is part of the ‘marketing funnel’: the top of the funnel includes awareness objectives, the middle consideration and the bottom conversion objectives.

  • Awareness. At this stage, you focus on reaching your audience and achieving views.
  • Consideration. Metrics to measure during this stage relate to engagement and click-through rates.
  • Conversion. This is where you look to have loyal customers convert, and measure sales figures. Calls to action, pricing lists and reviews are metrics to measure.

Nurturing. Maintaining loyal and converting customers, which you can measure by looking at mailing lists and referrals.

Understand your audience

Don’t advertise to the public at large – while it is possible, it’s very expensive and unlikely to be effective, unless you are a massive corporation. It’s much more effective to hone in on your target audience(s) and really get to know them. Every product and service has an ideal client, which marketers often think of as a ‘persona’. They create a detailed profile of the ideal customer to help them target their client, in order to help them create messaging that will resonate with that client. A persona will usually include:

  • Who the client is: name, background, job, responsibilities.
  • Desires: what problems does the ideal client want to be solved?
  • Challenges: what are the main obstacles to solving the client’s problems (e.g. time, money)

You can use the persona to create content and build advertising strategies which address your audience‘s needs.

Choose the right platform

Once you know your audience, you can choose the right channel for your advertising campaign. Many businesses like to focus on Facebook as it has a wide range of objectives and audience demographics. However, Linkedin or Instagram could be more appropriate for your specific audience – or you could even run campaigns on all of these platforms. The Seek Social team will be able to advise on the best platform for your goals when we plan your campaign.

Tracking Tools

Before launching any ads, it’s crucial to have targeting tools in place. That means Facebook or Linkedin tracking pixels, Linked Insight Tags or Google Analytics tracking. Our PPC team will always set these tools up before we set any campaign live, and they’re essential for monitoring the success of your campaign. When a customer clicks on your ad, as soon as they land on your webpage with the Facebook tracking pixel, this pixel then matches them to their Facebook account. You can then retarget that potential client next time they use Facebook.

Got a query about paid ads? Seek Social marketers are always keen to share our knowledge – reach out to us here.