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Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) needs to be a key part of your digital marketing strategy these days. The first page of Google and other search engines is the modern-day equivalent of a piece of prime business real estate. The only way to get that first-page ranking though, is with top-quality Search Engine Optimisation services. Fortunately, when you partner with Seek Social you partner with Bury’s number one digital marketing and SEO expert team. The comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation process that the Seek Social team have developed ensures that every aspect of the work needed is taken care of by an SEO expert, and the process is adaptable enough to fit seamlessly alongside any SEO or digital marketing strategy that you may already have. Read on to find out more about each of Seek Social's Search Engine Optimization services and process.


Our Process for SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization services include


Technical Website Evaluation & Audit:

A Seek Social digital marketing & SEO expert will always begin any new digital marketing or optimisation project with a full evaluation and audit of your current site. This lets us (and you) see what is, or is not working in the here and now. It gives everyone involved a benchmark against which progress can be evaluated, and lets the Seek Social team put together a task list and prioritise tasks that will yield larger benefits over shorter timeframes.

Keyword Research & Analysis:

Search engines work by having software ‘read’ your site, looking at the words you use to determine what a given webpage is about. The more this software notices a given phrase, the higher you will rank when someone searches for that phrase. As a result the words you use are crucial to how your site ranks, and that’s where ‘keyword research’ comes in. The SEO expert team at Seek Social are highly skilled at not only finding the right keywords for your webpages and the information you want to convey, but also using them often. On top of this, we have an in-depth knowledge of keyword analytics, letting your Seek Social SEO expert spot warning signs quicker, and perform search engine optimization services to keep your site riding high in the rankings should search habits start to shift…

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Services:

That doesn’t mean that keywords the only thing that matter though – far from it! There are a myriad of other factors in play based around various other elements on each webpage… From the images you use to how you lay out your text, even the little snippet of information that Google shows to users on a results page… All of that (and more) impacts SEO, and the Seek Social team are incredibly experienced at making it all pull together and move you up the rankings.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Services / Link Building:

Your Seek Social SEO expert will also provide search engine optimization services involving other websites - performing ‘off-page SEO’ or link-building. This procedure involves finding ways to put links to your site out there online. Off-page SEO is designed to improve two other factors that search engines use to determine where a webpage places in it’s rankings – ‘Page Authority’ and ‘Domain Authority’ – which are largely determined by how many links to your site (or a given page within it) the search engine can find elsewhere online.

Content Development & Marketing:

Search engine optimization services can’t only be performed ‘after the fact’… If you’re still working on your content, or even your entire digital marketing strategy, the SEO expert team at Seek Social can assist you with that. Imagine how much easier it would be to write great digital marketing or web copy that’s packed with awesome keywords, if you knew what the best keywords were going to be before you started… That’s information that we can certainly give you – or if you prefer you can even turn the text composition over to one of our specialist SEO writers too!

Social Engagement:

A sub-branch of off-page SEO is something we like to call ‘social optimisation’. Each Seek Social SEO expert is well versed in this procedure, which intends to grow the amount of website traffic you receive by posting links on your own social media. As part of this, we perform ‘social engagement’, using your business social media accounts to ‘get out there and meet people’. The goal is to generate interest and drive traffic, either to the social accounts where you’re posting links to your website, or direct to your website and your digital marketing content itself.

We're Your Local SEO Expert:

If you’re a small business then the ‘local’ search rankings might be the ones you want to focus on most. If that is the case then your Seek Social SEO expert can work towards this goal by prioritising keywords that include an element of geolocation… for example ‘takeaways near me’ or ‘plant hire in London’.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Services:

If you already have, or want to set up an eCommerce or PPC campaign, then having the Seek Social SEO expert team on your side is a good idea. Just like with standard web or digital marketing copy, we can be there to help you find keywords or compose text that will ensure your product listings, or your PPC ads get maximum exposure online.

Google Algorithmic Updates:

The algorithms which dictate what Google and other search engines ‘like’ are constantly tweaked, to try and provide the best service and most relevant results possible. For a website owner or an SEO expert however, that means that the goalposts are constantly being moved… Pages or sites that ranked well one day can take a tumble overnight. There’s no need to fear though, As the SEO expert team at Seek Social keep ourselves forewarned and forearmed against such changes, we can adapt what we’re doing to minimise the impact of such changes on your ranking or ensure a quick bounce-back, helping to keep your digital marketing strategy on track!

…And if you’d like to learn even more about this or any of the other digital marketing services that we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! You can reach us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page - or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!