What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

As mentioned in the section above, at the most basic level search engine optimisation (or ‘SEO’) is work undertaken to improve where your website’s pages rank on search engines. Dig deeper however and you’ll see that when done properly, SEO isn’t ‘one job’, it’s lots of jobs that may require different knowledge or skillsets, but which all contribute to the same goal.

Because of this, there are a number of different search engine activities that those interested in improving their SEO can undertake, and so there’s also a number of different search engine optimisation services that Seek Social can help you with. Let’s take a closer look at the discipline and the different tasks involved now.

The Different Types Of SEO We Can Provide

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Local SEO

If your business is looking to market itself in a specific geographical area, then you need local SEO. For more details on how we can help you be the biggest fish in your local pond, click here!

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the various changes and modifications that can be made to your own site, pages, content and more in order to make them more appealing to Google and the other search engines out there. For more details on our on-page search engine optimisation services, click below.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is about improving your site’s standing on the wider internet, the opinion that search engines have of your site, and as a result, where they rank it in their listings. For more details on how the experts at Seek Social can help in this area, click here!

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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is optimisation work carried out for an online storefront of some sort. Better optimised pages for a given product will appear higher in the results than poorly optimised ones, and can result in more sales for those pages occupying the top positions.

Website Evaluation & Audit

SeekSocial’s search engine optimisation services always begin with a full evaluation and audit of your current site. The benefit of this audit is threefold – it lets us (and you) see what is, or is not working in the here and now, it gives everyone involved a benchmark against which progress can be evaluated, and it lets the Seek Social team put together a more effective task list designed to yield larger benefits over shorter timeframes.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Search engines work by having software ‘read’ your site, looking at the words you use to determine what a given webpage is about. The more this software notices a given phrase, the higher that page is likely to rank when someone searches for that phrase. As a result the words you use are crucial to how your site ranks, and that’s where ‘keyword research’ comes in.

The SEO expert team at Seek Social are highly skilled at not only finding the right keywords for your webpages and the information you want to convey, but also using them often. On top of this, we have an in-depth knowledge of keyword analytics – this knowledge lets your Seek Social SEO expert spot warning signs quicker, and perform search engine optimisation services to keep your site riding high in the rankings should search habits start to shift…

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services

That doesn’t mean that keywords are the only things that matter though – far from it! There are many different factors in play based around various other elements that may be present on a given webpage… From the images you use to how you lay out your text, even the little snippet of information that Google shows to users on a results page… All of that (and more) impacts SEO, and the Seek Social team are incredibly experienced at making it all pull together to move you up the rankings.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services (or ‘Backlinking’)

Your Seek Social SEO expert will also provide search engine optimisation services involving other websites – performing ‘off-page SEO’ to generate valuable backlinks. Good backlinks will improve two other factors that search engines use to determine where a webpage places in its rankings – ‘Page Authority’ and ‘Domain Authority’, since these two authority scores are determined by how many links to your site (or a given page within it) the search engine can find elsewhere online.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation Services

The perfect scenario for Google and other search engines is to give users the information they’re looking for, first time, every time. They know this is an unrealistic goal, but they still want to get as close to it as they can. For that reason, they also consider a range of technical aspects of your webpage, and what people do when they arrive at it when determining its ranking.

This is how things we now know as ‘Technical SEO’ (things like site speed and making sure that a page is displaying properly) came to be part of SEO – if these things aren’t taken care of they can affect user experience (or ‘UX’), and that means they can also affect the page’s ranking. In turn, that means that these technical issues are something that the Seek Social team will look at when we’re evaluating your site for SEO, and something that we can fix for you too.