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Daikin Air-conditioning appointed Paragon to arrange an incentive trip for some of their most successful staff and customers based around the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil.

Alpha Designs Promotional Branding

Alpha Designs -
The Ultimate Gym Accessories

Monthly Ad Spent - £1000

About Alpha

The Alpha Designs team combine their knowledge of the supplement industry & mass market plastic manufacturing to create the ultimate accessories for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Their Goals

Partnering with Seek Social, the Alpha Designs team wanted to:

– Optimise current ad performance.
– Increase sales through Facebook and Instagram ads.
– Decrease the cost per conversion on ad sales.



Average RoAS
(Return on Ad Spend)


Decrease in CPA
(Cost per Acquisition)


Increase in Sales to-date across the account
(Cost per Acquisition)


Customised Assets:

The Seek Social’s design team creates custom static image ads, scrollable carousels and videos saving the Alpha Designs team time in creating ad assets

Audience Optimization:

Creating a rock solid funnel to attract and convert audiences at different levels of their engagement with the ads

Full Ad Management:

The Alpha Designs team has full confidence in Seek Social to act swiftly, provide sound advice and deliver on agreed and measurable KPIs