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Alpha Designs -
The Ultimate Gym Accessories

Monthly Ad Spent - £1000

About Alpha

The Alpha Designs team combine their knowledge of the supplement industry & mass market plastic manufacturing to create the ultimate accessories for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Their Goals

Partnering with Seek Social, the Alpha Designs team wanted to:

– Optimise current ad performance.
– Increase sales through Facebook and Instagram ads.
– Decrease the cost per conversion on ad sales.



Average RoAS
(Return on Ad Spend)


Decrease in CPA
(Cost per Acquisition)


Increase in Sales to-date across the account
(Cost per Acquisition)

Alpha Designs Eddie Hall FaceBook ad holding XXL Hydration Bottle
Alpha Designs website with XXL Bottles being ordered

Customised Assets:

The Seek Social’s design team creates custom static image ads, scrollable carousels and videos saving the Alpha Designs team time in creating ad assets

Audience Optimization:

Creating a rock solid funnel to attract and convert audiences at different levels of their engagement with the ads

Full Ad Management:

The Alpha Designs team has full confidence in Seek Social to act swiftly, provide sound advice and deliver on agreed and measurable KPIs