Expert Training From Practicing Digital Marketing Professionals

Seek Social know that one of the reasons people come to us initially is that they lack the knowledge to enact their digital marketing strategy themselves. In this case, putting yourselves in the hands of experts like the Seek Social team is a very sensible move. However, most projects have an end point, and when we arrive at that point, you’ll probably need to fly solo with your Seek Social digital marketing solution. Don’t worry though, as before we ‘hand over the keys’ so to speak someone from the Seek Social team will have sat down with you to provide all the digital marketing training you need to make use of what we’ve created on your own.

However, of course the Seek Social team do understand that even after comprehensive digital marketing training, accidents can happen and things can break. So, we want to stress that we view training as a supplement to any technical and maintenance support you might contract us for. That means that even after your digital marketing training is complete, if something goes wrong the Seek Social team will still be on hand to help you straighten things out.

Put simply, our team can train you in any of the digital marketing fields we work in, we can work in any field that we provide training for, and we’re equally happy doing both. So, if you’d like to turn things over to our team of professionals to get the ball rolling on your project and make sure that all the prep and setup work is handled well before you take over after training, we’re more than happy to oblige – for us it’s about providing the solution that works best for you as our client.

Typically digital marketing training from Seek Social will be provided in-person at your place of business, but we can also provide training over the phone or via an online meeting room platform. We can also train you in person at our office if circumstances demand it. Below you can find more information on all of the different areas and platforms that Seek Social can provide digital marketing training for. What’s more, we can provide this digital marketing training as a stand-alone product too, so if you’re looking to meet staff training or CPD requirements, Seek Social can also help you in the following areas:

A Look at Our Digital Marketing Training Courses:

This constitutes most of the digital marketing training days the Seek Social team attend, and it’s where we show our clients how to use, and get the most from the digital marketing solutions that we have created for them. Bespoke Business Training from Seek Social can incorporate whole courses (or elements of them) from our digital marketing training portfolio, so the exact content can’t really be nailed down here – but one thing’s for sure… When your bespoke training course finishes, you’ll be well prepared to fly solo with your Seek Social digital marketing solution!

A lot of the work Seek Social do – and therefore a lot of the digital marketing solutions we craft – are based around the WordPress platform. As a result we have amassed the knowledge necessary to provide you with a WordPress course as part of our digital marketing training offering. We can offer this as stand-alone training as we’ve mentioned, but depending on the platforms and tools used to create your Seek Social digital marketing solution, WordPress training may also form a key part of your Bespoke Business Training too.

Search engine optimisation is a continuous ongoing task. To maintain and improve your ranking, you will need to take over SEO maintenance tasks from the Seek Social team after project handover. Fret not though, as SEO training is something that Seek Social provide as part of our range of digital marketing training programmes. Depending on the nature of your project, SEO training could also form part of your Bespoke Business Training – but again, for CPD and staff training purposes Seek Social can also offer this training as an individual course.

Much like SEO, setting up and managing Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns is an ongoing task. Again, it’s something that you will need to take over from us when project handover happens, but again, it’s something that Seek Social can prepare you for. Our PPC advertising training will go through the process of everything from writing a single ad to setting up an entire PPC campaign, and all points in between. The comprehensive PPC digital marketing training course from Seek Social will also teach you the art of reading your PPC metrics, so you can understand what parts of a campaign succeeded, which parts failed, and why…

Using social media for business is not like using social media in your private life. However, this digital marketing training course from Seek Social will help you understand how the two differ. Your Seek Social trainer will also tell you about the differences between the major social media platforms and the people that use them – enabling you to better target and speak to your business audience. Finally, we’ll let you in on some tricks of the digital marketing trade and again, how to read, understand and use the analytics data at your disposal to improve your digital marketing strategy.