Web Design With Seek Social

A top-quality website is an integral part of your digital marketing offering. Indeed, it’s often the cornerstone around which all of your other digital marketing efforts are based. As a result, Seek Social know the importance of getting your site (and the web design services that create it) right, and we’re proud to say that as with other digital marketing services that Seek Social provide there is a proven process behind our web design work, which we’ll share with you on this very page.

Seek Social follow four main tenets of Web Design, which guide the order in which we do things. Those tenets are ‘Strategy, Design, Develop, Deploy’, and they have helped us develop the following step-by-step process:

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The Benefits Of Choosing Seek Social For Web Design Services

Advanced Features

Seek Social usually work with the WordPress platform – we think it’s a great all-rounder that can create great websites for almost any purpose. However, we aren’t blinded by this, and we have no problem working with a number of other platforms, or likewise designing and developing advanced or custom features from scratch if we need to.

Website Maintenance

If you’ve got a website then it’s just a fact of life that sometimes things will go wrong in some way, and it will break or go down. Fear not though, as should this happen to your site Seek Social can also provide the support needed to fix it, as well as carrying out regular routine maintenance to improve your site and keep it in good working order.

We Do Hosting Too

Of course, before it can begin to contribute to your digital marketing strategy or meet the information needs of your customers, your site will need somewhere to reside on the world wide web. The Seek Social hosting server is the perfect place for your Seek Social designed site to call home.

In addition, don’t forget that when you choose us for hosting as well as web design services you get a one-stop-shop solution covering all the bases, and if you want any changes making, or new features adding to the site, our development staff will already have all the access we need to take care of it!

Seek Social’s Web Design Services & Procedures

When you partner with us for web design services, often the first thing we’ll do is go take a look at your competition. We do this to figure out what your new site will need to do in order to beat that competition, and how it will need to do it. Checking out the competition can also give our digital marketing professionals some inspiration, and suggest new ideas that maybe you or we hadn’t thought of… Ideas that we can then carry forward and implement on your site…

Once the Seek Social team know who and what we’re up against, the web design services that start to define what your finished site will be can begin. We’ll usually start this stage by planning out a basic structure for your site. At this point Seek Social will draft the basic layout of your site… Here we’ll think about things like the various different areas / sections that will be needed, the pages that might be included in each section, the content that will go on those pages, and which pages will link to each other within your site.

It’s important to do this now because in order to create a great piece of web design and ensure the smooth delivery of web design services our design and development teams need to know how many different page layouts they’ll need, and a basic idea of what each one looks like. On top of this, knowing what written content will need to be created ahead of time makes it easier to develop page layouts that will accommodate the information your site needs to provide well, and it is highly likely to ease the SEO process too when the time comes.

This is where the Seek Social web design team – the team behind the practical implementation side of our web design services – do their thing, and make all the prep work come together by actually building your site. Of course we do this in accordance with your original brief and any feedback you send our way during the design process, while also bearing in mind the features and functionality that your website will need in order to meet the digital marketing goals defined in previous steps.

Seek Social know that the user experience (or ‘UX’) your site delivers to the people that visit it matters. Google knows this too, and so user experience does play a part in determining your site’s SEO score and Google rank these days. Because of that, our team will bake everything you need to provide a great user experience into your site – thereby also helping your SEO efforts and your wider digital marketing strategy too.

The next step in the journey towards a great website is to integrate your CMS and any e-Commerce solutions or functionality that you want into your site. Adding these features can really help your website pull its weight with regards to your overall digital marketing effort, and that’s because these web design services are the ones that transform your site from a simple repository for information, to a place where visitors can actually buy goods and services too!

Our top-notch web design services don’t stop once everything is built, either. Once your site has been created the Seek Social team will get to work making sure that it runs smoothly, and delivers that top-notch user experience on all of the various different browsers and platforms that might be used to view it.

Once all of the kinks are worked out, it’s time for the site to go live! At this point, our team will migrate your new site from our private staging servers to your hosting server. We’ll do all of the setup work that needs to be done, and will set your new site live.