What are Off Page SEO, And Off Page SEO Services?

Off page (or ‘off site’) SEO work is work done to improve your site’s reputation in the wider landscape of the internet, and to give your site a better standing in the opinion of the various search engines out there. Off page SEO services are so-called because the work done for off page SEO takes place on pages and sites that are not actually part of the site whose reputation and ranking you’re trying to improve.


To put off page SEO into a more human context, the Seek Social team would liken it to networking or PR, but with search engines. The goal of off page SEO services and tasks is essentially to get your name out there and prove to the internet that your site ‘knows what it is talking about’ and can be trusted as a provider of good-quality, accurate content and information. We’ll tell you more about exactly how we do that later on…

Other Types Of SEO Include…

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On-Page SEO

Optimisation work that does take place on the site whose ranking you’re trying to improve is called ‘on page’ or ‘on site’ SEO, and like off page SEO services it’s something we can help you with. On page SEO itself involves a number of different sub-tasks and little details that all need to be gotten right to succeed – so click the button below to learn more about them.

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Local SEO

If your business is looking to market itself in a specific geographical area, then you need Local SEO. The team at Seek Social are experts in this area, and the people you want to guide and implement your Local SEO strategy. For more details on how we can help you be the biggest fish in your local pond, click here!

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Global SEO

Just as there is ‘Local’ SEO, there is ‘Global’ SEO. This is optimisation work carried out with the attention of attracting attention and traffic in general to your site, and when most people say ‘SEO’, this is what they mean. For further details on how our team of SEO experts can help develop guide and implement all aspects of your SEO strategy and get you climbing up the rankings – click here!

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E-Commerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is the art of ensuring that the items you sell online are more visible. Seek Social are eCommerce SEO specialists, and we can make sure your various store pages rank well on search engines, that all of your products are correctly categorised, and easy to find and buy both on your store and on search engines. For more details, click here!

Key Concepts Behind Off Page SEO Services Explained

What is a Backlink?

A key element in off page SEO is the ‘backlink’. A backlink is a link that leads to your site from another location on the internet, and much of off page SEO services are centred around creating these backlinks. However, a common trap that many people fall into with backlink creation is the belief that ‘more = better, and that’s all there is to it’ – when as the team behind our off page SEO services will tell you, that’s simply not the case. You see, each backlink has an inherent level of quality attached to it, based upon the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the page and site that it’s coming from.

What is Authority?

You can think of page and domain authority scores as measures of how much a given search engine ‘trusts’ a given site to be a reputable source of accurate information -‘an authority’ on the topic, as it were – and it’s these scores for your own site that our off page SEO services seek to improve. Building your authority is important because search engines like to use authority as a tie-breaker of sorts – between two similar pages on the same topic, search engines will usually rank the page with the higher authority above the other.

Approaching Off Page SEO Effectively

In the case of high quality backlinks (i.e. those from high-authority sources), the ‘more = better’ rule does hold true. However, just as there are ‘good’ backlinks, there are ‘bad’ ones too – also known as ‘toxic backlinks’, these bad backlinks will hurt your own site’s authority and SEO in the same way that a quality backlink will help it – so the overall goal for Seek Social with our off page SEO services is to (as much as possible) increase the number of quality backlinks leading to your site, and decrease the number of toxic ones.

The Off Page SEO Services Seek Social Can Provide

One of the ways the digital marketing experts at Seek Social can help you through our off page SEO services is by creating backlinks for you, and managing the backlinks leading to your site – creating quality backlinks and getting rid of toxic ones, just as explained above. There are a number of ways that we can do this too – including by adding your business details on the many reputable business directories out there on the net, by creating off-site blogs and taking advantage of any guest-blogging opportunities that present themselves, we can even use your social media platforms to create backlinks in some circumstances.

While you can control where you post backlinks leading to your site, you can’t stop someone else from creating a backlink by linking out to one of your pages from one of theirs. The issue there is that if their site is a low-authority site, they are essentially creating a toxic backlink for your site.

Thankfully, there is something you can do about this, by creating a ‘disavow list’. Google and other search engines take note of the backlinks on your disavow list, and understand that if a backlink is on this list you’re essentially saying ‘I didn’t do this, I didn’t ask for this backlink to be created and I don’t really want it – please don’t hold it against my site.’ That being the case, a properly maintained disavow list can go a long way to preserving your site’s hard-won good name, and the Seek Social team can do all of that work for you as part of our off page SEO services.

In order for a page to be included in search engine results, it needs to be ‘indexed’. That is, it needs to have been read by the search engine and deemed to meet their criteria for inclusion in their results. Search engines will read your content periodically, but any changes you make to a page will not be reflected in that page’s SEO ranking until the search engine reads the page again.

You can just wait for that to happen as a matter of course, but you might be waiting weeks if you do. For quicker results, it’s worth sending out an ‘indexing request’ (or ‘ping’) whenever you finish updating a page and the changes are live on your site. This puts you on the search engine’s priority to-do list. In turn, this can mean that your new page gets read (or re-read) much quicker than it otherwise would, that you see the results in terms of a higher ranking much quicker, and once again it’s support that we can provide as part of our off page SEO services.