UK’s best Startup

Since the early days in 2015 (when the business was just two laptops on Paula’s kitchen table) Seek Social has certainly grown. These days, we stand ready to use all our expertise, digital marketing knowledge and networks to help any business that wants great digital marketing content, campaigns and online presence get the results they’re looking for.

Over the years we’ve been open we’ve helped everyone from SME’s to global Fortune 50 companies  come in line with the modern-day digital marketplace. Our digital marketing expertise can be applied to businesses of all sizes, and we want to help everyone get the most out of their digital marketing platforms. The Seek Social team also take pride in offering services that work for a price that is fair. Why? Because Seek Social believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to genuinely professional digital marketing services, and that nobody should be priced out of the market because of their size.

However, the Seek Social team do not believe in a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach when it comes to helping businesses grow, so each digital marketing solution we craft will be tailored to meet the client’s individual requirements.

Scroll down to meet us all one by one, or learn even more about the company. And of course, if you’d like to find out more about any of the digital marketing services that we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! You can reach us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page - or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


Meet The Seekers

Paula Braiden Seek Social

Paula Braiden

Paula’s the boss, and the Swiss Army Knife of the Seek Social office. Find out about how her wealth of design & marketing knowledge can help your business succeed by clicking here!


John Roche

Get to know Seek Social’s Business Development Manager John - as well as what makes his approach to his job stand out in the industry - by clicking here!


Dean Braiden

The data-driven genius of the Seek Social dev team, Dean’s ready to help boost your leads, PPC campaigns, and plenty of other aspects of digital marketing – meet him here!


Tom Brown

Learn all about Seek Social’s lead content writer Tom, and the skills he possesses that can help your business – as well as what makes him tick away from the office…


Luke Sharples

Don’t be fooled by those youthful looks… If your business needs a new website or development project, Luke is the guy you want at the helm – find out why here!


Huzaifa Ali

Huzaifa is a key member of our development team… Get to know how his skills can help your digital marketing dreams come true – and what he gets up to away from the office – here!


Years of Journey

  • 2008 - 2010

    The Very Beginning...

    Dean was working for a digital marketing agency servicing the U.S. , and Paula was freelancing as a designer at this time.

  • 2010

    Things Start Coming Together

    Dean earns his Google certification. He and Paula move back to the U.K. , with Dean becoming a  sales & marketing consultant, and Paula working as a corporate trainer.

  • 2015

    Seek Social is Born!

    Seek Social begins to operate, with Paula focusing on the business as a sole trader.

  • 2015

    Limited Company... Unlimited Potential...

    Seek Social takes a step forward, becoming a limited company.

  • 2015

    Making a Splash

    Dean joins Seek Social full-time in the summer, and a few weeks later Luke becomes our third employee! Later in the year Seek Social show real signs of success, making the final six at the Best Of Bury business awards... 

  • 2019

    Further Growth & Consolidation

    Tom celebrates the New Year by joining the Seek Social crew on January 2nd. In May, we move into a great new office at Lester House in Bury and again, Seek Social reach the final six at the Best Of Bury business award. We don't win, but a short time later Seek Social is names as "Most Outstanding Digital Marketing Firm Of The Year, 2019 - North West’ by SME News!"

  • 2020

    New Faces, New Places...

    A new decade brings a new home and two new faces, as January sees Seek Social move into our own building at 19 Broad Street in Bury, and welcome John & Jodie to the team. We’re also nominated as ‘Newcomer Of The Year’ at the Apprenticeship Connect awards, …and the rest is yet to be written…


Our Core Values



Client Testimonials

Mike Newman

The team at Seek Social went far beyond both the original brief and scope of the project to deliver a truly bespoke platform. Their imaginative approach to delivering often complex solutions has created everything that we asked for and we would recommend their technical wizardry and understanding of client needs without hesitation.

Narrisa Mandol

Hiring someone over the Internet is not the easiest task. Everyone wants to jump on a call with their sole goal being to get you to part with your money. This is why Paula's approach as a digital marketer is so refreshing. She is interested in learning as much as she can about your business. That knowledge empowers her to do an insightful analysis which she uses to devise a strong strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Alicja Chartlińska

Seek Social LTD helped me to solve few issues with my website. Fast and good contact, very developed skills. Highly recommended!

Lucile Segalen

After looking and encountering various SEO agencies for my company's urgent needs, Paula contacted me and came up with a cost-efficient solution according to the brief remote meeting we had. The audit is now done: the results were presented in a very clear way and the work was quickly & well-done. A few days after, we are moving all of our digital matters to Seek Social (website support + SEO) because of their excellent client service, the quality of their expertise translated in their deliverable, and their love and passion for what they do. Best decision of the year so far! Thank you Paula for taking the time to listen to our project and we can't wait to start working on new ones with you and your team!

Andy Millard

After wading through numerous replies after posting on LinkedIn, several recommendations pointed me to Paula & Seek Social. It certainly pays to do your homework! Chilled and laid back yet professional, honest and very knowledgeable. Website & emails migrated from a previous server faultlessly whilst building and designing a new website which now has the "pazzam" factor when you open it. The whole team have been tremendous which is reassuring being a technophobe, you're definitely in safe hands with Seek Social. 10/10 - can't recommend these guys highly enough.

Justin Naylor

Knowledgeable, Kind , and helpful are a few of the adjectives I felt when working with Paula. She helped me with my resume with clear and concise directions.

Sam Gent

Paula and her team have been working with us for around a year. There work has always been second to none and the advice and support given is always welcomed. I highly recommend Paula and her team at Seek Social Ltd. A great company.

Hugo Tickler

Paula and the team at seek social were great from start to finish. I looked at lots of suppliers but they had a nice balance of skill, creativity and being cost-effective. As a video company, we are probably not the easiest client as we have certain visuals we like or dislike but we LOVE our new website and are starting to proudly show it off to our clients and social media channels. Will undoubtedly be back for future website & design needs from the seek social team.

Stuart Mitchell

Paula is an excellent communicator both with the written and spoken word. She has worked on the mokanix marketing strategy in conjunction with the rest of the Seek Social team and taken our business to the next level already. Her quality of work, insight into business and attention to detail are excellent. She has taken the time to get to know our business and continues to provide excellent support. Add to that a warm, friendly and funny personality, she is a joy to work with.

Melissa McMurdock

Paula is extremely knowledgeable in her chosen field! She took the time to explain her business and the process was really transparent which is what any new business owner welcomes! I would highly recommend Paula.

Roger Longden

I recently commissioned Paula to complete a full audit on our Twitter and LinkedIn activity as I was concerned we were not leveraging them fully and there were inconsistencies across the team. Paula did an excellent job on this. The data comprehensive and her conclusions justified. She was able to feedback to us and make practical recommendations so we make changes to our routines. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paula and her team.

Martin Lynch

I found Paula to be very professional and the standard of her work was great, I was impressed with the output, the cost also reasonable for the effort that she put in. I would recommend Paula.

Dale Hardman

Paula is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in digital marketing and social media content. Paula is a true master of her craft. After just 15 minutes of chat she knew exactly what I was looking for. Her vast knowledge and extensive experience in all marketing-related matter was clear from project one. And 12 month later we're still working on brand new campaigns together. Hitting further heights, reaching new leads and recording more profit.

I hereby highly recommend Paula and the rest of the Seek Social team for any future digital and social media marketing. I wouldn't use anyone else!! 

Eva Taffs

Paula helped me redo my c.v after 7 years of being in the same company and after being made redundant and trying to get a new job. She was quick, she listened to what I wanted and achieved this. I will definitely recommend.

Joe Rosenbaum

I have been working with Paula and the Seek Social team since mid-2018. They have been, and continue to be, a reliable marketing partner to me. Having launched a new business, I had prioritized marketing and sales - specifically SEO, PPC, and content development. Seek Social took me by the hand and has been showing me the way since day one. Their collective knowledge about digital marketing is beyond compare. More importantly. I've realized immense value due to their high-touch service and hands-on approach to our partnership.

Kieron Hill

We have been growing slowly for about 9 years, but recently we had to make a choice, become a business or remain as a group of freelancers. Happily we took the decision to become a business. It was then that we bumped into Paula who explained what Seek Social do. At first I was sceptical having invested in outsourced lead generation in the past with disappointing results. This time however I am absolutely delighted with the work they have done for us and we are busy signing up new clients after only a short period of time. They are always willing to adjust their approach so that matches our needs, and they genuinely get excited when my business grows.

Oliver Woods

We work on a project together with Paula and the Seek Social team. They are the driving force behind the adwords campaign and have been key in the client increasing their leads in a very tough market! The whole team are full of great ideas!

Paul Lloyd

Paula and her husband came to the rescue when we needed help with our web service. From the very first contact Paula was very friendly and most professional. The level of service we have received is first class. I would not hesitate to recommend Paula, Dean and Seek Social to anyone requiring their services.

David Embleton

Very happy with the service from Paula and her team. Agreed a tight deadline which was hit, very collaborative and a pleasure to work with. CV totally redesigned and much more "me". Thanks Paula.

Callum Byrom

Paula and her team at Seek Social did an amazing job redesign out Newtons of Bury website. They have also been managing our SEO for the site for around 6 months and we have seen amazing results

Matthew Kendall

Paula at Seek Social has turned our social media presence and soon email marketing around. A massive part of our efforts is highlighting the great work we do at Newtons of Bury it is thanks to this company the message is getting out there across all platforms! Thanks again. Matthew and the team at Newtons

Rolando Arriaga

I highly recommend Paula. She was very responsive, patient, professional and paid attention to detail in the creation of my logo. Very satisfied! I'll definitely be working with her on future projects!

Eric B. McLoyd

I recently started working with Paula Braiden and her team at Seek Social Ltd to revise my company logo. I viewed this is an important task since it was the foundation of my emerging brand. I quickly realized that Paula also understood the importance of this task and much more. One of the first things that blew me away about Paula and her team is their holistic approach. As an entrepreneur, I am always thinking about how one thing will impact the next and it has been refreshing to partner with a team who also thinks this way. The next thing that jumped out at me is Seek Social's superior customer service. I have dealt with several members of the team including Dean Braiden and Jordan Hutchinson and they have all shared my same level of concern with producing the best brand elements possible for my business. Paula and her team did such a great job with my company logo that I have now engaged them to create my website and a custom email signature. I now consider Paula and Seek Social Ltd my "go to" marketing/branding resource. I highly recommend Paula Braiden of Seek Social Ltd for your marketing needs as she is responsive, a great listener and able to coordinate the necessary services throughout the rest of her team. Additionally, it is very clear when working with Paula that she will do whatever it takes to deliver as agreed upon. Lastly though and the reason why I will continue to be a client is the fact that Paula cares about my business as much as I do.

Jacqueline Darkwa

Paula and her team worked on redesigning our website as well as handling the design of our company brochure. Paula and the team at Seek Social were very hands on from the start and understood what we were looking for- and were not afraid to point us in the right direction! A lovely woman and an expert in her field, it was a great pleasure to work with Paula. We are very happy to continue using Paula and the Seek Social team for all our SEO/Website needs and couldn't be more highly recommend.