Getting You to Rank Well Where it Matters Most

To those not in the know, the concept of ‘local’ search engine optimization, and hiring a ‘local SEO service’ might be something completely new, and something that seems at odds with the global nature of the internet. However, the digital marketing and SEO professionals at Seek Social know that the truth is quite the opposite.


Indeed, partnering with an expert local SEO service is a great first move for any company that’s embarking on their very first SEO project as a client, as well as new startups or sole traders. We’ll get into the reasons why further down the page, but as with on page and off page SEO, the work needs to be carried out by someone that knows what they’re doing – or it’s all just wasted time and effort.


Thankfully though, that’s where Seek Social come in. Our in-depth knowledge of all things SEO also makes us your local SEO experts – so no matter what you want to rank for (or where), we’re confident that we can get the job done!

The Different Types of SEO Explained

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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the art of amending and refining a given webpage’s content to ensure that search engines can understand its topic and message easily, and rank it highly for appropriate search terms. Click here for more details on how our team of trained SEO professionals can help you make sure that every piece of content and page is ranking well and working hard for you!

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E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is the art of ensuring that the items you sell online are more visible, and Seek Social are E-commerce SEO specialists. We can make sure your various store pages rank well on search engines, that all of your products are correctly categorised, and easy to find and buy both on your store and on search engines. For more details, click the button below, or to learn more about E-commerce in general, check out these links from TechTarget and Amazon!

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is about improving your site’s standing on the wider internet, the opinion that search engines have of your site, and as a result, where they rank it in their listings. For more details on how the experts at Seek Social can help make sure that your site keeps its good name, and uses it to rank well, click here!

Regular SEO Services vs. Local SEO Services - What’s the Difference?

The first thing the digital marketing and SEO experts at Seek Social want to do is establish the difference between ‘local SEO’ and ‘regular’ or ‘global SEO’. You see, in addition to the main ‘global rankings’, search engines also maintain ‘local’ rankings which are limited to more specific geographical areas. These local rankings are shown when Google (or your search engine of choice) feels that they may be more useful to the person running the search than the global rankings – for instance, if the search engine knows where the searcher is, or if it sees from the search terms used that they’re looking for something in a specific place or area.

The difference between local SEO and regular or global SEO therefore is this: Where a standard global SEO service simply seeks to move a website up the default global search engine rankings, a local SEO service seeks to move a website up the local rankings that are relevant to the site or its parent business – for instance the local rankings for a given town, city, or wider geographical area.

Local SEO in Practice

As a provider of quality local SEO services, Seek Social know that those working on local SEO have a number of different ways to let search engines know that an SEO or digital marketing strategy is targeting a specific place or area, and we’ve outlined those below:

As the Seek Social team mentioned in our main SEO page – keyword research is something that our digital marketing professionals will do whenever they start any SEO project. When it comes to local SEO services though, we know that there’s a certain type of keyword that we’re looking towards when conducting our research. We’ll put special emphasis on finding keywords that include an element of geo-location – something to tell search engines that you’re looking for results specifically in the geographic location or area that you’re targeting.

The ‘on page’ work that needs to be done when providing local SEO services is really no different from the on-page work that you’d do for regular/global SEO. Because the key difference is that you’re using a keyword that includes some sort of geo-location specifying your target area, the hard work for a local SEO service really comes in the keyword research stage. However, in order to ensure best results you do still need to entrust the work to someone with the skills and knowledge that it takes to do on-page work well, and again that’s something that you can turn to Seek Social for.

When it comes to off page SEO as part of a local SEO service package, again Seek Social know that there are things you can do to signal to search engines that you’re targeting a specific area. In this case, our team of digital marketing professionals can prioritise making sure that directory backlinks are created with quality directories in the target location, that the relevant contact details are clear and consistent across all sites where directory backlinks are created, and making sure that any off-site support content we create makes reference to our target area as part of the keyword.

Why You Need Local SEO

Having a local SEO expert like Seek Social on your side can be really beneficial for businesses of all sizes – but as we said in the intro, that’s especially true for SMEs or startups. Why is that? Well, because you only need to have the best SEO in your local area to rank highly, it could well need less time and resources to rank well locally than in the regular global rankings.

In the global rankings, you may be forced to compete with true giants in your sector, who may have vastly more resources to dedicate to SEO and the quest to rank well on a global scale. By choosing local SEO, you wouldn’t sacrifice any visibility in the places where it really matters to you, but you may well save some resources by not trying to rank in places that don’t really matter to you.