surreal cereal bowl

Surreal Cereal

Keto-Friendly and Plant-Based Cereal

About Surreal Cereal

Surreal Cereal is a healthy cereal brand that came to Seek Social to test out Google Ads as a viable channel for e-commerce sales. Their current efforts on Facebook started to slow and they wanted to find a new sales channel. Their main KPI’s were overall sales as well as a CPA of 25 GBP.

Their Goals

Partnering with Seek Social, the Surreal Cereal team wanted to:

– Generate sales straight from launch
– Achieve a CPA of 25 GBP (CPA – Cost per acquisition)



Sales in 2.5 months from launch


CPA of


ROI (Return of Investment)

The Solution

We utilised both Google Ads Search and Shopping Campaigns to execute our SEM strategy. We tested various keyword segments from flavours to health based searches.