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Navigating the highs and lows of digital marketing can be arduous if you have no expert team by your side. Seek Social is the top digital marketing agency in Bury that deliver high-quality solutions and services to boost your brand’s online presence. We provide a positive experience for you and a boost in brand visibility as soon as we get to work.

Results-oriented Digital Marketing Solutions Bury

Seek Social is your source for robust digital marketing campaigns that maximise return on investment (ROI) for your company. Our team has designed and managed several compelling campaigns that saw success in the market.

When you seek our services, you will be made privy to top-notch strategies that cover everything needed for online marketing. We work to reach your targets and be the partners that make your goals a reality.

Why choose our digital marketing agency?

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Forward thinkers

As digital marketers, we work to create campaigns that optimise your ROI and bring positive growth to your brand. Our team provide you the expertise and knowledge to get you to where you want to be in the future.

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Unboxed creativity

Our digital marketing agency Bury thrives by upholding ingenuity in everything we do. We provide strategies that lead in quality and creativity, giving campaigns a unique twist to stand out in the market.

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Sustainable results

We know that your future can only be secured when we work on keeping your brand relevant in years to come. Our team takes care of your investment in digital marketing by delivering campaigns that work all the time.

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Problem-solving capabilities

As a digital marketing company in Bury, our work includes scouting potential issues and snipping them before they do damage to your campaign. We employ critical thinking in every step of the way to provide the most fitting solutions to issues that may arise.

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Performance metrics

Waiting for digital marketing campaigns to work is like expecting rain on a desert. Our team applies a proactive approach by routinely monitoring and measuring performance metrics. When we say our strategies work, we mean it.


Committed staff

Our Internet marketing agency Bury is a team of experts who are dedicated in taking your brand to the next level. We are updated in trends and trainings to ensure every strategy is up-to-date. We’re here to assist you towards your goal.


Honesty and Integrity

Our aim as a company is to build a partnership that grows on trust and transparency. We remain honest in all our dealings and give you facts and figures rather than assumptions. With us, you get open communication lines every time.

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Competitive Pricing

We don’t sell short on digital marketing solutions because our team will provide exactly what you need. You can have access to reasonably priced packages that includes services you require; nothing more and nothing less.

Key features of our Online Marketing Solutions

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a crucial strategy in digital marketing that cannot be skipped because it delivers organic site traffic that spells success for your brand. Our team will usher you through the process of designing a solid SEO approach to take help you excel search engine page results (SERPs).

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Paid Media

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are the short-term solutions that increase website traffic and lead generation. We will create a customized PPC campaign to complement our SEO efforts. It will ensure that your digital marketing strategies are efficient in delivering brand growth.

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Graphic Design

Our online marketing agency has a group of creative graphic designers who can produce unique graphical content. We are knowledgeable in combining your preferences and our vision to curate unique content that blows your target audience away.



In branding, you have to be detail-oriented to make sure that every content point to your brand. Our digital marketers are skilled at forging a branding process that fits your company perfectly. We’ll establish your name in a unique and creative way.

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Social Media Marketing

With social media consumers increasing by the day, your brand will benefit from creating strategies that accommodate these online platforms. We provide social media services to create campaigns and promote your brand to improve user engagement.

webpage design

Website development

Your website is your brand’s virtual store and it’s an excellent venue to persuade visitors to become customers. Seek Social helps to design user-friendly website that will introduce your brand to your potential and existing clients.

Our digital marketing strategy for you

The secret to dominating the digital marketing arena is to harmonize several key strategies. The hurdle is to make different activities work together to achieve the goal. You can avoid this with our full digital marketing package.

Page Optimisation

Meta Tag Optimisation

Page Speed Enhancement

Image Optimisation

Anchor Text Optimisation

Brand Awareness

Social Media Promotion

Content Development

Informative Videos

Robust Ad Campaign

Technical SEO

Crawl Analysis

Content Indexing

Mobile Optimisation

Google Ads Management

A/B Testing

Landing Page Optimisation

Bid Management

Google Shopping Ads

Remarketing Ads

Google Display Ads

Dynamic Ads

Paid Social

Mobile Search Enhancement

Schema Markup

Site Responsiveness

Image Compression

Local SEO

Google My Business

Citation Building

Local Listing


Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Ranking Analysis

Shared Content Research

New Links Tracking

Content Development

Credibility and Authority Building

Conforming User Intent

Quality Content Creation

Seek Social, Your Agency Towards Digital Success

Our digital marketing firm Bury has received countless praise for providing robust services and solutions to many companies in the city. Our team can perform an impressive makeover for your virtual persona to get the spotlight on your brand.

Whether you need a specific digital marketing service or require the full suite, Seek Social is the agency you can trust to deliver satisfying results.

Happy Clients

SEEK-SOCIAL-SEO-AGENCY-liverpool-Brigid Maddison

Brigid Maddison

Keeping an internal team to look over our SEO campaigns wasn’t an option as more work was coming in. The idea of hiring an SEO agency to handle our campaigns came in and we landed on Peter and his team. Ever since, conversions are increasing, our brand’s image has improved tremendously. Thank you, Peter and your team!

SEEK-SOCIAL-SEO-AGENCY-liverpool-Waddington Lorna

Waddington Lorna

The good thing about SEO firm Birmingham is that even if you’re an SEO greenhorn like us, they’ll not tire in giving you the best of what they’ve got. We loved their transparency. Our business is now a top local brand, thanks to Merlin and team!

SEEK-SOCIAL-SEO-AGENCY-liverpool-Ebony Love Walsh

Ebony Love Walsh

If you’re like us with no SEO background, your best hire would have to Seek Social. They know everything there is to do with the technicalities and we’re very satisfied with the results they provide. They made us more competitive in the market in such a convenient way!

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