Email Marketing Services By Industry Experts

Seek Social is a proven and trusted full-service digital marketing agency boasting years of experience when it comes to creating, implementing and managing effective email marketing campaigns. On this page you’ll learn more about our email marketing services and how they can help you succeed.

Why Should You Invest In Email Marketing Services?

Email is one of the oldest methods used to market to online audiences, but even today it’s still one of the most effective digital marketing tools out there. Like partnering with the Seek Social team, it’s tried-and-tested, and it works – even in the more internet-savvy world of today. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that any digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include email marketing is incomplete, and any business using such a strategy could be missing out on many different opportunities to market their product, service or brand, or to make sales.

Why Does Email Marketing Still Work?

The beauty of email marketing is that you have a great deal of freedom to personalise your marketing content – the benefit of this is that you can craft something that really resonates with the recipient and piques their interest. In addition, with emails, you can deliver that tailored message straight to the right people, and at the most opportune time – increasing your chance for lead generation and conversions.

What You’ll Need For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

These days sending an email is easy, but not unlike how social posts for social media marketing can be very different from the ones you send on your personal account, effective marketing emails can be quite different to the emails you might send to friends, family or work colleagues too. The good news is that the Seek Social team have in-depth knowledge of these differences and requirements, and we’ve used that knowledge to develop a comprehensive suite of proven, effective email marketing services. Here’s some more about the support we can provide:

This is one of the cornerstones of our email marketing services because well-written copy can make a huge difference to the quality and effectiveness of your marketing emails, and push your marketing efforts to greater heights. From the subject line, to the content, to the call-to-action (CTA), every element needs to move the reader effectively and motivate them to act on the email they’ve received.

Seek Social’s writers and graphic designers know just how to create marketing emails that fit your brand’s identity well – both in terms of the ‘look and feel’, and the tone of voice and words used. Because they have these skills, our team of professionals can put together emails that get your message across to the reader well, but which also fit in with (and are clearly part of) your brand’s online and offline presence.

The email marketing campaigns we build succeed because we carefully divide the people we send emails to into various categories – for instance according to a range of demographic data, contact activity, and other relevant criteria. This way, we can tailor the emails we produce more towards the various different wants, needs, and preferences of each group and give each group an email that’s been crafted to resonate with them. Why do we do this? Because it makes it more likely that the email will resonate with the people that receive it, and that they’ll be compelled to investigate further.

At Seek Social, we rigorously measure the performance of every email marketing strategy we create. We make this part of our email marketing services because we know that data doesn’t lie – it can only tell the truth, and the truth is what’s needed in order to make changes that will improve performance.

To identify this truth, we collect data on a range of different email and digital marketing metrics over time from many different platforms – including using advanced software, social media and website analytics, and other sources. Our team then use their data science knowledge to interpret that data, identify the important insights and takeaways that lie within it, and adjust our email marketing services and tactics to achieve superior campaign performance.

Our email marketing services go beyond simply creating the message. Once your reader opens the email, it treats them to easily digestible digital marketing materials that they will find informative and useful. It could be in the form of blogs, videos, white papers, quizzes, case studies, or even offers and discounts.

Not everyone is going to have a need for your product at the time you email them, alternatively they might have an immediate need, but not have the time to deal with it at that point. The good thing about email marketing – and the email marketing services from Seek Social – is that you can catch up with these clients periodically by sending a new marketing email to their inbox. This is known as ‘remarketing’, and it’s an effective reminder for the recipient to take a look at what you have to offer. In addition, if one of your emails catches them at a time when they can act on their need, and it spurs them to do so, then you’ve ‘recaptured’ them too, and potentially recovered a sale that may have otherwise gone unmade.


This is why when we’re providing email marketing services, we typically won’t produce just one email – we’ll produce a series of 5-10 or more, comprising an initial email and then a series of ‘reminders’ designed to catch the folks that don’t act on the first one.

Why Choose Seek Social To Provide Email Marketing Services?

We’re Client-Centric

Our email marketing agency banks on originality and flexibility when tackling campaigns. The Seek Social team can adapt the email marketing services we provide and the campaign approaches we use based on client needs and preferences.

We Have Extensive Experience & Expertise

We invest time and effort into ongoing personal development and gaining ever more experience for ourselves, so that we can deliver the very best email marketing services to our clients.

We Offer Competitive Pricing

Seek Social is transparent in our pricing, and we ensure that all solutions are cost-effective for our customers. You can expect no hidden fees or upselling from us because we started life as a small business – so we know how valuable money is, for entities of all sizes.

We’re Strong Problem-solvers

We are a group of critical thinkers with a keen eye for detail and a passion for preparedness. Because of those qualities we’ll do our very best to identify every potential problem that may come up when you partner with us for email marketing services, and have a solution at the ready.

We’re Dedicated To Your Success

Our firm is passionate about reaching goals for our email marketing customers, and our committed team will be there to manage and fine-tune your campaign effectively – putting it in a position where it can lead your digital marketing efforts to success.

Best Practices for Effective Email Marketing, As Used By Seek Social

To make the most of your email marketing efforts, it’s important to follow best practices that drive engagement and conversion. Personalisation is key to connecting with the people on your mailing list on a deeper level, so as we’ve mentioned above Seek Social will segment your audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviour towards the email they received, and tailor your content accordingly.


Our email marketing services don’t stop there though. In addition we’ll also conduct ‘A/B tests’ to identify which subject lines, calls-to-action, and content formats perform best with your audience, and use the insights gained to continually refine your approach. Additionally, wherever applicable we’ll also ensure compliance with email marketing regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM to protect your reputation and maintain trust with subscribers.

Integrating Email Marketing with Other Channels

Our email marketing services are most effective when integrated seamlessly with other marketing channels, such as social media, content marketing, and CRM systems. By coordinating your efforts across multiple channels, you can amplify your message and reach a wider audience.

For instance, you might share your email content on social media platforms to extend its reach and encourage engagement, and use email to drive traffic to your website or blog for further interaction. Similarly, integration with CRM systems allows you to track and analyse customer interactions across channels, enabling more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns in the future.

The Relationship Between Email Marketing and SEO

While email marketing services and search engine optimisation (SEO) may seem like two very different disciplines, they are more interconnected than meets the eye. Email marketing can complement SEO efforts by driving traffic to your website, increasing engagement metrics, and fostering brand loyalty.

By including relevant links to your website within your email campaigns, you can encourage subscribers to visit your site, thereby increasing traffic and potentially boosting your search engine rankings too. Additionally, by providing valuable content and encouraging social sharing, email campaigns can generate backlinks to your website, which are a key factor in SEO success.

The Relationship Between Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Individually, email marketing services and social media marketing services are two powerful tools for engaging and connecting with your audience. However, don’t forget that when used together, they can further amplify your message and drive results even higher. By integrating your email marketing with your social media efforts, you can extend the reach of your campaigns and encourage cross-channel engagement.

To do this, you might share your email content on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and encourage followers to subscribe to your mailing list, or you could include social sharing buttons in your emails to make it easy for subscribers to share your content with their networks, increasing visibility and engagement.

The Relationship Between Email Marketing and Content Marketing

Email marketing and content marketing go hand in hand, with email serving as a valuable distribution channel for your content. By incorporating relevant and engaging content into your email campaigns, you can provide value to your subscribers and nurture relationships with them over time – and that’s something that our email marketing services can support you with.

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, infographics, or ebooks, delivering high-quality content via email can help to educate, inspire, and entertain your audience, ultimately driving engagement and conversions. Additionally, by repurposing and repackaging your existing content for email campaigns, you can maximise the reach and impact of your content marketing efforts.

Advanced Features and Techniques in Email Marketing Services

For those looking to take their email marketing to the next level, the good news is that Seek Social’s email marketing services also offer a range of advanced features and techniques designed to enhance the results you see. These include:

Dynamic Content Personalisation

Dynamic content personalisation allows you to deliver highly relevant and tailored content to each subscriber based on their preferences and behaviour.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities enable you to divide your audience into smaller, more specific segments for more targeted and effective messaging.

Behavioural Content & Automation

Behavioural triggers and automation allow you to send timely and relevant emails based on specific actions or events, such as abandoned carts or milestone anniversaries.

How Various Business Types Might Use Our Email Marketing Services

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses can leverage our email marketing services to drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and reduce cart abandonment. Strategies such as personalised product recommendations, targeted promotions, and automated follow-up emails can help to nurture leads and encourage repeat purchases. By integrating your email marketing with your e-commerce platform, you can track customer interactions and behaviour, enabling more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

B2B Businesses

B2B businesses can also benefit from Seek Social’s email marketing expertise by using email marketing to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions. Lead generation has always been a big part of our success as a business, and email marketing nurturing strategies such as drip campaigns, personalised content, and targeted offers can really help to move prospects through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. Likewise, Account-based marketing (ABM) techniques allow you to target specific companies or decision-makers with tailored messaging and offers, increasing your chances of success.

Nonprofit Organisations

Nonprofit organisations can use our email marketing services to raise awareness, solicit donations, and engage supporters online. Campaigns focused on storytelling, impact updates, and calls to action can help to inspire donors and volunteers to take action and support your cause. In addition, by effectively segmenting your audience based on variables such as interests, donation history, and engagement level, our email marketing services can help you deliver more relevant and personalised content to your supporters – content that is more likely to resonate with them.

Small Businesses and Startups

Effective email marketing services can be particularly valuable for small businesses and startups with limited resources and budgets. Cost-effective strategies such as content marketing via email, social media integration, and referral programs can help to drive growth and generate leads without breaking the bank. By focusing on building relationships and providing value to your subscribers, you can cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base that will support your business for years to come.