Stay out of the Spam Folder With Seek Social's Email Marketing Experts!

We’ve all had to deal with spam emails at one time or another, and yes, they are annoying. However, Seek Social know that a legitimate and well managed email marketing campaign is still a great way to reach out to customers of all types, and therefore is still a key part of your digital marketing strategy. From prospective new leads to familiar faces, even former clients who have drifted away from you – the right email marketing campaign can bring them all back into the fold.

You need to make sure that you are going about things in the right way though… Otherwise, your email marketing campaign can come across as spam, and that reputation will harm your digital marketing efforts. Fear not however – as Seek Social have developed a proven range of services designed to keep any email marketing campaign (and with it, your wider digital marketing strategy) on track. Presented in no particular order, the email marketing campaign management services offered by Seek Social are as follows:

All of the services presented on the right here bring something different to your email marketing mix, and do something unique to help it succeed. Seek Social can say this with confidence because we’ve been using these methods since we started the business – we know their capabilities well, and alongside our clients we’ve seen these methods in action and delivering great results.

We know what works in email marketing, and so that’s what we do – but that doesn’t mean we’re set in our ways or resting on our laurels. The Seek Social team don’t take anything for granted and so we’re always looking for new techniques, platforms or ways of doing things that might be more effective or bring even better results!

How We Help Your Email Marketing Campaign Succeed:

Of course, the most important component of any email marketing campaign is the emails themselves. In our expert graphic designers and copy writers, the Seek Social team has all the expertise needed to create awesome marketing emails… Want something that will look great on your audience’s screens? We can do that. Want text that will intrigue them, or get a recipient to act? Seek Social can do that too. Want both? No problem!

As with other areas of digital marketing, good preparation is key to success. Seek Social are on your side to make sure that the groundwork for email marketing campaign success is laid before any emails are sent. We’ll work with you to define what the goals are for your email marketing campaign, decide what metrics are important to us, and what digital marketing analytics tools we’re going to use as part of this service.

Even a small business’ contact list grows really quickly, to the point where managing it becomes a task all of its own. As experts in email marketing, Seek Social are happy to take some of the weight off your shoulders here and manage the contact list(s) for you – freeing you up for more important things like running your business, or coming up with more email marketing campaign ideas!

As we mentioned above, not all of your customers are the same. Adopting a ‘horses for courses’ approach can therefore work wonders in many areas of digital marketing, and email is no exception. Without ‘pigeon-holing’ your audience, Seek Social can help you define and arrange them into groups and subsets, with an individual email marketing campaign that’s been specially created to appeal to that group, or achieve a certain result… You could have an email marketing campaign dedicated to recapturing lapsed clients… Or one aimed specifically at millennials… Basically, if you can identify a demographic, Seek Social can speak directly to them via an email marketing campaign!

The most obvious example of this is having an email signup form added to your website. However, Seek Social know that there’s so much more that can be done to get your website, your CRM and your email marketing offering working together. The more these three elements work in harmony and compliment each other, the greater chance you have of an email marketing campaign – and indeed your wider digital marketing strategy – being a success. Our team has the expertise you need to make that happen, and put your business one step ahead of the competition.

As with other digital marketing services that Seek Social provide, the final step is to measure the success of your email marketing campaign, so that we can adapt and optimise our approach for future campaigns, and get the best results that we can for your digital marketing strategy, and your business as a whole!