Why Quality Content Writing Services Matter In Digital Marketing

Faithfulness To Your Brand

The Seek Social team believe that at the heart of each digital marketing strategy – and indeed every business – should be a core message and set of values. Those elements make up a business’ ‘brand’, and we’ll speak more about how we can help you define and uphold them on our branding page.

It should come as no surprise then that the words you use on your site, social media channels, and in any piece of printed marketing content are very important, both in shaping your brand and representing it well to others. That also means that the quality of any content writing services that you partner with are important to your business’ authenticity, it’s faithfulness to the brand that you define.

Target Audience Appeal

Of course, it’s highly likely that both potential and current customers are potential or current customers because they like your brand in some way. This is one reason why it’s important that any provider of content writing services – including ourselves – should stay close to any established voice or style that you may have (unless told to make big or fundamental changes to it by the client).

Even when a project calls for us to stick close to an existing style however, there are ways in which good content writing services like ours can boost your marketing efforts to new heights. Through making sure that writing devices like ‘Call-to-Action’ (or ‘CTA’) are used in the right places, or making sure that the key features of any product or service are highlighted in just the right way to appeal to your target audience, we can improve how your marketing copy resonates with them without sacrificing any of the things that they liked about you in the first place!

Search Engine Optimisation & Online Visibility

So, we’ve seen how these content writing services are the thing that ‘makes you sound like you’ – but they’re also just as important for search engine optimisation too. Google and other search engines’ primary method of determining what a given page on your site is about, what search terms it is relevant to, how it compares to other pages that are also relevant to those terms, and therefore where it ranks on the results pages for those terms – is to read the content on the page.

That being the case, what you write and how you write it can have a big, direct impact on how many people know about, and visit your website – itself potentially having a big effect on your business’ success.

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Content Types That Our Content Writing Services Can Produce

Here we’re talking about things like blog posts, in-depth case studies or event reports etc. – anything that you want people to ‘sit down and read’ from start to finish. In addition, when we write them, we’ll write them in accordance with proven SEO writing principles – so the finished piece will be ready to rank well for a relevant keyword too.

Here we’re talking about longer-form webpages that may be home to a lot of information on a given topic, but which likely won’t need to be read word-for-word. Something where a visitor may be looking for a specific section or detail – an FAQ page, for example. Once again though, we’ll optimise the page for a relevant SEO keyword so that it’s ready to rank and draw traffic from that keyword once it goes live.

These would be pieces that are designed to go online, but about which there’s only so much that can be said – a ‘contact us’ page for example. Nevertheless, since they’re intended for an online audience we will again optimise them for a suitable SEO keyword, to make them as visible and ‘find-able’ as possible online.

Anytime you need social media posts created for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform, our content writing services can be called upon to create them. They won’t be SEO optimised, but they will be on-brand, eye-catching, and primed to earn engagement from those that see them!

The great thing about content writing services from Seek Social is our adaptability. All our writers really need to get started is a basic brief telling us what to cover and the type of document you’re looking for, a target word count, an SEO keyword (if you have one / if needed – though if not, don’t worry, we’ll find one), and a deadline.