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Alongside good web content for your site or social media, good imagery, and good website design that delivers good UX to the customer, another integral part of any comprehensive (and successful) digital marketing strategy is the use of paid online advertising. Make no mistake, this can be a huge business opportunity for businesses looking for increased traffic, decreased CPA, lead generation and all round chances to make sales and earn revenue.


Seek Social are a full service digital agency, so again we’re pleased to inform you that we can help you at all stages of an online advertising campaign – from initial setup through creation of your branded content, setting your search engine marketing campaign live and managing it for you, all the way to post-campaign analysis using official statistics and data from your platform of choice, and understanding of the data gathered. The digital marketing experts at Seek Social have the skills and knowledge that you need on your side if you are to really harness the power of paid online advertising, and maximise its returns and impact on your digital marketing efforts…


As with other areas of digital marketing, Seek Social follows a step-by-step process when handling paid search ads and other forms of PPC. Again, this process is tried and tested, and proven to work well – and you can learn more about that process below…

Our Partners!

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A lot of people have heard of online paid advertising, but knowing about PPC ads and being able to make them work and really pay off for your business are two different things. Fortunately for our amazing clients, the Seek Social team includes multiple fully Google-certified PPC experts with proven track records, and a large collection of successful, profitable campaigns behind them.

Much like our SEO and social media marketing services, PPC with Seek Social begins with a thorough audit of the current situation. Do you already have ads in circulation? How are they performing? Where and when are they performing, and could they be doing better? Our initial audit will tell the Seek Social team all of this, informing and helping us develop the strategy that we enact on your behalf.

You’ll find further details on each of the steps in our process further down this page, but if you have any questions or queries that aren’t covered there then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask. The Seek Social team see educating people about the potential of digital marketing as a perk of the job, so we’ll be happy to take some time and explain anything that you want to know!

Which paid media channel should I advertise on?

Which online advertising channels and platforms you should be using to market to your target audience (or audiences) depends on your brand and of course your brand. However, you do have several options…

If you’re looking to position your brand towards the more ‘professional’ end of social media marketing, Facebook and LinkedIn are the places to be. Brands who want to appeal to a more mature audience or portray a more mature and professional brand may find more success here.

These are the more light hearted social media advertising channels. Brands who seek to attract a younger target audience or whose brand identity is more light-hearted or witty may find more success here.

Youtube is a bit different since everything is video based. We’re sure that by now you’ve seen your fair share of YouTube ads just like we have, and as such you’ll know that both serious and light-hearted ads are used here, with the differentiator being the company running the ads and their marketing material – as makes best sense in their marketing strategy. In short, provided that you have the budget to run video ads then it’s highly likely that you’ll find your target market here – and of course it is a key outlet for influencer marketing too, since it uses the content format most important to this type of marketing communication..

If you’re looking for results at a lower cost, or if high return on investment is a must have, then Google paid ads should definitely be the centrepiece of your PPC strategy. These are the highly targeted ads that we spoke about earlier, the ones that appear alongside organic search results and which can be used for remarketing too. Over the years our experience running all kinds of Google search ads campaigns for clients as well as ourselves that experience (as well as our web analytics reports) show that this is the way to achieve those goals.

Learn More About Our Online Paid Advertising / PPC Support:

Initial Audit

Just like we do with the other digital marketing services we provide, Seek Social will begin work on your online paid advertising with an adult and review of what you’re currently doing. As with the Seek Social team’s proven processes in other areas of digital marketing, this review helps us establish a starting point or baseline, and helps inform the next step in our online paid advertising process…

Keyword & Competitor Analysis

Once we’ve seen what you as our client are doing in terms of online paid advertising, the Seek Social team will get to work! Our SEO experts will begin putting together a list of popular keywords that will put your online paid advertising in front of people that want to buy what you’re selling. We will also go and take a look at what your competitors are doing in their ads. This could give us inspiration as to what we can change and improve with your online paid advertising, but that all depends on what we see at the next step…

Competitor Conversion Tracking

Conversions are the crux of online paid advertising. Your ads NEED to convert to be of any use to your digital marketing strategy. As a result, while we’re looking at your competitors, Seek Social will of course check to see if their ads are actually converting. Whether or not their ads are converting helps determine which aspects of what we learn from your competitors’ online paid advertising are examples to take on board, and which are showing us what not to do.

Campaign Setup

Once we’re confident that we have done our homework on your competitors, on your keywords. and what online paid advertising tactics will work best for your digital marketing strategy, Seek Social will lay the groundwork for you next successful online paid advertising campaign… From setting up accounts and signups for ad platforms and analytics tools, to establishing and allocating your advertising budget, and setting your bidding strategy – that all happens here.

Implementation & Conversion Tracking

Next up comes implementation. With all the prepwork done by our resident SEO and PPC experts, It’s over to the awesome creatives at Seek Social to pen the perfect prose to publicise your products. Once the ad copy has been written, we’re all set to go and will launch the campaign! Rest assured that Seek Social will hold our online paid advertising work to the same high standards as we did your competition too. We’ll be tracking to see if the campaign converts, and making changes as needed to ensure that it does – as detailed in the next step…

Campaign Review & Management

The Seek Social team’s work doesn’t stop once your online paid advertising campaign is up and running, either. At that point we switch into campaign management mode… We watch your campaign’s analytics data, and use our extensive PPC advertising and digital marketing knowledge to make sure that your conversion rate stays at an acceptable level. This could mean re-allocating some of your budget, tweaking your keywords as time goes on, or a number of other ad-related tasks.

Detailed Reporting

Both during and after your online paid advertising campaign has run its course, Seek Social will provide detailed reports on its performance. Using these reports, you will be able to see at a glance just how and where this campaign helped your digital marketing efforts, and by how much. What’s more, these findings can help you (and us) refine the approach, methods and tactics used in your next online paid advertising campaign, so it can perform even better!

Online Paid Advertising Training

Last but not least, Seek Social also offer training in online paid advertising. Be it on-site at your premises, online over a meeting platform, or on the phone, we stand ready to teach you everything you need to know in order to make a PPC and other online paid advertising methods pay for your digital marketing strategy, and your business as a whole!

For more information and advice on paid online advertising, online ad strategies, and how to make pay-per-click advertising work for your business, like and follow Seek Social on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, or why not check out the Seek Social blog for even more helpful tips, and maybe even a guide or two?