Introducing Our Web Development Services & Approach

On this page we’ll tell you more about some of the tools that the Seek Social team use most often in our day-to-day operations as a web development company, as well as what our talented team of web development professionals can create with them, and how all of these various websites, web stores, custom features and other creations can help your business to digital marketing success…

Our Partners

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How Do These Products Help You Succeed?

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have been the final push that shopping needed (if it even needed one) for the industry to realise that the future is online. Now, Seek Social aren’t saying that the days of brick-and-mortar stores are numbered – we’re merely pointing out  that the world now seems to have woken up to a new way of doing things.

These days, the vast majority of businesses need a solid online presence – the basics really are active social media platforms, and a well-made, well-optimised website with an online store – even if they also have physical sales locations too. The best way to get all of those is by partnering with a highly knowledgeable and highly skilled web development company that’s also a full-service digital marketing agency – a company like Seek Social.

As the staff at any good web development company should know – and as our web development and design team will tell you – an online store, coupled with online search engine and social media marketing really does open the doors to new and exciting opportunities. It exposes your brand and your business to a myriad of new audiences, and that in turn gets your product or service in front of thousands of new people every day – perhaps even millions if you go viral.

What Platforms Do We Use?

The team at Bury’s best web development company knows WordPress inside out. It may have started out as a humble blogging platform, but over time it has grown to become much more than that and has proven to be a highly versatile, highly customisable, easy to use Content Management System. Our years of experience working with this staple of the digital marketing world mean that we understand what WordPress can and can’t do, as well as its comparative strengths and weaknesses well – not that we let those limitations stop our web development company though, as you’ll see below.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform, and is one of Seek Social’s ‘go to’ tools when we’re creating a website that needs to incorporate a web store.

Why do the team at our web development company like Shopify? Because it works well for virtually any type of product – whether they’re actual physical items that need to be shipped out to the customer after purchase, digital items that the customer downloads after purchase, or things like concert tickets (which could be printed or accessible online).

As our elite web development company can tell you, on top of this, Shopify works just as well for businesses that don’t have a physical product too. So if you’re looking to sell your knowledge and skills, or run a business selling products where the customer needs to come to them – such as travel companies or those offering ‘experience days’ – Shopify can work for you!

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, and as our expert web development company can tell you, it’s one of the key pieces of the puzzle when it comes to setting up a web store on a WordPress website. In fact, we’ll bet that if you’ve shopped at five different webstores, at least one of them was using Woocommerce – and we make that bet because more than 20% of the world’s ecommerce sites use this plugin.

What’s more, because WooCommerce is open-source, anyone can edit it – including this very web development company. As the Seek Social team know from experience, this makes it easier to create bespoke ecommerce and digital marketing solutions that are tailored to meet your exact needs – no matter your brand, your business, or the product or service that you’re selling.

Magento is another alternative to WooCommerce and Shopify, which is written in PHP. The difference with Magento is that this platform also caters for physical sales too – so if you want to run an online store and a physical sales location AND keep everything under the same tech platform, then – in the opinion of our web development company – Magento could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Like WooCommerce, Magento is open source – which makes it easier for the Seek Social team to come up with creative solutions to meet the individual challenges that your business and your digital marketing effort faces.

The Seek Social team are also very happy to have forged a great relationship with the folks behind the Aero eCommerce platform. This open-source platform not only comes with a whole bunch of functionality ready to go (as pre-built turnkey solutions for your webstore and site) but again, because it’s open-source it means that when the Seek Social team need to create something bespoke to meet your needs, we can do so quickly and easily.

Seek Social are capable of working around the (admittedly very few) weaknesses of the platforms we use – and in the process creating and implementing advanced features that will work well on your digital marketing website. The fact that we’re up to date with the latest standards in HTML5 and CSS3 also means that we can do all of this while using cleaner code too – which makes it easier to implement changes later.

All of this means that the digital marketing websites and other solutions created by our web development company are born closer to the cutting edge of technology, and are easier to update and improve as that cutting edge moves forward. As a result of that forward-thinking approach you’re likely to get more longevity in the interest people show in your site, as well as its overall service life.

The platforms, tools and skills listed above are some of the ones that we use most frequently, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not also familiar with other web development tools and platforms too – things like squarespace, WP bakery and others. So if you have a specific requirement for your site that doesn’t match up with what we’ve talked about so far – don’t think that rules our web development company out… We may still be able to help you with your project – so why not get in touch with us today, let us know what your needs are, and our team will let you know honestly how well we’ll be able to accommodate you.