Your Message, Your Way, Perfected for an Online Audience

Seek Social believe that at the heart of each digital marketing strategy – and indeed every business – should be a core message or ethos that is a business’ ‘brand’. We seek to infuse each piece of content and each design that the Seek Social team create as part of our various content marketing services with your individual brand to make it truly yours. However – having done it ourselves we know that the process of finding your brand is something of a journey of self-discovery for your business, and in addition to our content marketing services and digital marketing expertise, if you need the Seek Social team’s help to guide you along that journey than we’ll be happy to oblige.

Unlike other digital marketing services that Seek Social offer – SEO or social media marketing for example – the headings below don’t really depict a ‘process’ from start to finish, rather an individual task that a Seek Social expert can perform to help you define and sculpt your brand as a whole. Some clients come to us with very clear ideas for each of these individual pieces of their brand, some have no idea at all, but most find themselves somewhere in-between. Wherever you may be though, it’s no problem to the Seek Social team – our experts, and the content marketing services they provide will endure that your brand and your digital marketing content are depicted just right. Read on to find out exactly how we can help…

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on the site, the way we’ve set up our team and our office means that everyone has access to everyone else as and when they need it. Just like this helps our developers and our creatives co-operate on things like new websites, it also helps within our creative team too. Our content writers and graphic designers can work together easily to make sure that your brand and your content not only match any brief that you’ve given us, but work together to convey a single cohesive message – in short, making sure that everything’s saying what you want to say, how you want to say it, with the digital marketing expertise and creative flair that you can only get with the Seek Social team!

More About Our Content Marketing Services:

Your logo is the visual representation of your brand, its physical form if you will. As such, it needs to be easily distinguishable and identifiable. And of course, a bit of style and design flair doesn’t hurt either! As part of the Seek Social suite of content marketing services, our graphic designers can either work with an existing mark or idea from you as the client, refresh an existing design, or come up with something completely new – the choice is yours!

This is typically one of the first content marketing services to be taken care of by the Seek Social team. It involves creating the overall look and feel of your project – be it anything from an individual advertising campaign to an overall business identity. We will be guided by having talked to you, and having found out what values you want to portray and what makes your business tick. From there, we’ll work together to create a message that you love, and that we know will work as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

The way you express yourself in your digital marketing or site content needs to be explored too. How you want to ‘come across’ to your audience needs to be nailed down, and that public voice needs to work in harmony with the other elements of your brand as a whole. However, this is just one more service that Seek Social can provide as part of our wider range of content marketing services.

Another string to the Seek Social content marketing services bow, having a great tagline to work alongside your logo and your written digital marketing content really can do wonders for brand recognition, and with it, your digital marketing efforts and business as a whole! You can trust Seek Social to craft a cracking catchy clincher, composed to conquer the competition – and once again, it all comes as part of our content marketing services.

In order for the visual components of your brand to be recreated over and over with consistency and success, the same colours, fonts and other ingredients need to be used each time. Seek Social can help you determine and define exactly what these standards are as part of our suite of content marketing services, thereby helping to ensure a cohesive look and feel across both print and digital marketing media.

This is important for building what is known as ‘brand equity’, and creating and developing your brand identity. When you choose our digital marketing and content marketing services, Seek Social can help you perfect the art of staying on brand and on message, and avoid posting that ‘you the person’ likes, but that might hurt ‘you the business’.

Once the journey is complete and your brand identity has been fully established, the final piece of ongoing assistance provided by Seek Social as part of our content marketing services involves supporting you in remaining true to that brand identity – making sure that you deliver a cohesive message with all aspects of it, and that everything works together to move in the direction you want.