Delivering Digital Marketing Success, By The Numbers

These days, data in any form is a valuable commodity. It’s used by everyone from government to your local takeaway, and that’s because it can be a valuable tool for digital marketing and other business practices. However, in order for data to be the very useful thing that it can be, it needs to be gathered, entered, and handled correctly.

This Is where Seek Social’s range of data science services come in. These data science services will see our team of digital marketing professionals put their skills to good use either finding, entering or verifying information according to a brief that you give to us. So, if you need some help getting your data into shape, or if you want to build your data set correctly right from the start – get in touch with the Seek Social team today, and see below for more information on each of our individual data science services!

Seek Social LOVE data, because it’s never wrong, and always tells the truth. In a world where success can be measured in so many different ways, raw data in the form of numbers and other values can offer the clarity you need to get great results.

That love of data has led us to add a raft of data science services to our standard offering – services that you won’t find available at most other digital marketing companies, but services that we know (because we’ve applied them for ourselves and clients too) can help your business find success online.

From in-depth analysis of where your web traffic comes from and what people do on your site to database actions such as data completion (using the data you have to research and find the data points that are missing in a file such as a CRM database) to data validation (making sure that every piece of data has been entered into the file in the correct place, format, etc.) and data cleansing (removing erroneous, out of date, or otherwise broken entries to ensure that all of the data in your file is useful to you) – the Seek Social team’s data science knowledge can help your business in a number of ways.

For more information on how we do what we do in this area, or any of the various fields of digital marketing in which we work, feel free to contact us today!

More About Seek Social’s Data Science Services:

One of the data science services that Seek Social have provided for while now is lead generation. Specifically lead generation via LinkedIn. Here, our knowledge of data science services and demographics merges with our knowledge of digital marketing and social media engagement, allowing the Seek Social team to scour the worlds foremost online networking platform to find people that are looking for the services you offer.

As we find these leads, our team will add all of the relevant details to a Client Relationship Management file, which we’ll send to you once we reach an agreed date or number of records, or we can just keep it updated with new names and details – whatever works best for you!

Because we’re used to providing data science services, seeing large volumes of data doesn’t faze the Seek Social team. However, we know that not everyone is a seasoned data science or digital marketing professional, and that for some people it can be a bit overwhelming. Even worse, if you do feel swamped, it can make it even harder to retrieve the useful information contained within the data. If you find yourself in that situation though, there’s no need to panic. As part of our data science services Seek Social can turn our expertise in the area to retrieving that information for you!

And if you’re in the B2B sector, if you know what you need to know, bring that brief to us… Even if you don’t have any data, the digital marketing and data science professionals at Seek Social can get to work performing online research, and putting together the data and information you’re looking for.

No matter whether you need higher volume, lower detail data sets (such as an index of all businesses registered in a given place or area), or your needs call for us to drill down further and find more detailed information about specific entities – Seek Social and the team behind our data science services have the expertise to get the job done well!

Alternatively, it could be that you do already have a dataset, but that it’s in some way incomplete. Seek Social and our data science services offering can still help you, with our data completion service! Here, you supply us with a copy of your database, and our team will use the information that is there to guide our research as we find and input the data that’s missing. So, no matter how complete your data is (or isn’t), have no fear, as all you need to do is contact Seek Social!

Having a complete set of data is one thing, but it’s another to have a complete set of correct data. As a provider of data science services Seek Social know that sometimes errors just happen – it comes with the territory. However, those errors can have a big impact on the success of any digital marketing campaign or other activity that you’re using the data for. To combat this, Seek Social also provide data validation and cleansing as part of our wider data science services offering. Our team will use our expertise to weed out bad records, and make sure that when we’re done, your database is full of nothing but up to date, accurate data.