Alset Mobile App Display Promotional Branding

Alset -

First Free Mobile App For Bartering, Favours And Paid Goods & Services

Monthly Ad Spent - £1200

About Alset

The mission of the Alset app is to create a local community that extends globally by connecting individuals through the beneficial exchange of their gifts, talents and contributions.

Their Goals

Before partnering with Seek Social, the Alset team wanted to:

– Grow their brand online
– Increase app downloads through Facebook and Instagram ads.
– Decrease the cost per install on ad-driven downloads



New User App Installs


Increase in New Followers (FB & IG)


Decrease in Cost per Install

Alset Facebook post on mobile phone
Alset app download on mobile for app store and google play

Landing Page Optimization:

The Seek Social team has built versions of the Alset App landing page to ensure that we capture interest and drive app downloads from the website

Customised Assets:

The Seek Social’s design team creates custom platform posts, individual image ads, scrollable ads and animated videos that are used in the delivery of FB and IG ads and brand growth

Audience Optimization:

Creating, testing and updating the audience for the industries and countries targeted as core audiences and launch audiences