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Doors 2 Go

Kitchen Supply Store

About Doors 2 Go

Doors 2 Go is an e-commerce kitchen improvement company that sells kitchen units, kitchen door replacements and kitchen drawer accessories. They started with minimal advertising efforts prior and had a goal of generating traffic to their e-commerce shop.

Their Goals

Partnering with Seek Social, the Doors2Go team wanted to:

– Generate Traffic and Sales to their e-commerce shop
– Achieve a better than average CTR for paid advertising. (3.5% average)



(Cost per click)


Average no. of sales per month


Allowed Client To Scale To 22k monthly Budget from 9k

The Solution

We executed a Google Ads Strategy on the Google Search Network where we segmented out their offerings by style and colour. We were able to generate a consistent 20 sales per month with a small ad spend budget. Furthermore, these sakes ended up turning into larger purchases 6 months down the road as the customer journey dictated a sample purchase followed by a whole kitchen reno.