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Bury’s frontrunning Social Media Marketing Firm is ready to take the reins of your brand’s socially- inclined advertising campaign. Seek Social believes in the business value of connecting to people and hearing what they have to say.

Streamlined Social Media Marketing Services Across Relevant Platforms

Facebook marketing UK


Facebook is the world’s biggest social network, with billions of active users daily. It’s a highly influential platform that can become one of your virtual avenues for business. That’s where we come in—Seek Social provides a consistent, long-term Facebook marketing commitment that you can trust.

Twitter marketing and management UK


Twitter provides a great opportunity to meet people who might be interested in your products and services. It’s an ultra-simple platform with no minimum ad budget, and our Social media marketing agency UK experts know how to make it work. With us, lead generation and increased ROI and ROAS are all possible on Twitter.

Manchester instagram marketing service


Instagram, as a visual platform, is one of the best sites to boast creativity and ingenuity in advertising. Our team of graphic designers can curate your Instagram page that suits your identity. We don’t only highlight your branding but also shows your dedication in representing your business in the best way.

Linkedin Marketing service in London


Advertising in LinkedIn involves winning the auction against other ads that are targeting a similar demographic. Our Social Media Marketing Company can create a LinkedIn advertising strategy that will bring you closer to professional clients. We optimise every ad to ensure that you win a spot that delivers maximized ROI for your brand.

Pinterest advertising Service Manchester


Pinterest is the top platform for millennial shoppers. Users can easily discover products and services through Pinterest’s Promoted Pins, and it’s something that boosts your brand visibility and recognition. With the help of our designers, Seek Social can create a board that introduces your brand to the world.

Video Marketing agency: promotion on youtube


There’s no arguing how huge Youtube is across the globe, making it a great place for advertising. Youtube ad is a social media marketing service that we offer, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunity this platform grants to business owners. We’ll make sure your ads stand out amid the competition.

Ranked #1 Social Media Advertising Agency UK Offers These Services

Social Media services: Marketing Audit

Full Social Media Marketing Audit

Similar to how we begin our Search Engine Optimisation process, the first step for Seek Social when we start working with a social media marketing client is to carry out a full audit of their existing social media content to see what’s working, what isn’t, and the impact of their current social media marketing efforts on the wider digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Solutions: Defining Goals and Metrics

Defining Goals and Metrics That Matter to Us

Following the audit, the Seek Social team will sit down with you and discuss what exactly it is that you want to get out of your social media marketing approach. Taking on board what you tell us, together we’ll decide upon a set of metrics that matter to us, that will indicate whether or not we’re succeeding in our social media marketing and digital marketing goals.

Uk social Media company: Developing a clear strategy

Developing a Clear Social Media Growth Strategy

After defining what we want to accomplish together, the next step is to decide how to do it. What platforms will we use? What ‘voice’ will that content use, how often and when do we post for maximum social media growth? Will specific platforms use a particular type of content or market to a certain demographic? All of these questions tackling specific details of the content will be answered at this stage.

Social Media growth service

Social Selling

One of the remarkable things about digital marketing is that you can market and sell to people in one fluid motion, all in the same place. To achieve this, though, you will need a social selling set up so people can buy direct from Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Seek Social can provide this through the solution we choose together, which is the best one for you!

Social Media experts: influencer management

Influencer Management

Our Social media agency UK has a network of influencers we can tap to enhance your brand’s
visibility in the digital world. Some users turn to social media influencers to find products or services that are worth using. They add more value to your campaign, effectively engaging other people to take notice of your brand.

Paid social media campaigns

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Seek Social believes that a well-strategised paid social media campaign can set the tone of your digital advertising. We will boost awareness of your products and services while also allowing better micro-conversions. We’ll take care of the how’s of paid campaigns in different platforms—you only need to watch how it helps your business grow.

Social Media posting service

Create Engaging Content to Enact That Strategy

This is the point when the awesome creatives do their thing. The content writers will write some example posts, and our graphic designers will compose some images to go along with them. You will get a preview of the content before any of it is posted. This is where our social media posting service begins before we proceed with the monitoring and optimization parts.

Social media optimization service

Event Management

Interactive content, such as events, can pique the interest of users regarding your brand. Through our events management service, we can create hype for your brand that entices people to experience what you can offer. Social media is the answered prayer of event planners, and it’s our job as digital marketers to ensure that you arrive at a jam-packed venue very time.

Social media monitoring service

Dedicated Account Manager

Social media marketing is a full-time gig, which is why Seek Social is keen on providing a dedicated account manager for your campaign. You will have your go-to person who takes a genuine interest in your social media strategies and does what is best for your brand. We will be more than happy to build a long-lasting relationship with you as our client and friend!

Service Areas for Our Award-Winning Social Media Optimization Services

As a Social Media Agency UK, our team of experts have made several satisfied clients across the country. We are based primarily in Bury, although our reach has extended beyond the Greater Manchester area. We have helped pursue successful social media management, monitoring and optimization campaigns for businesses in Manchester, London, Essex, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Bristol, Birmingham, and more.

Happy Clients

Graham Evans

Wow !! What can I say about Paula and the team at Seek Social. They are my now “Go To” company for any SEO or social media issues I may have. Knowledge 10/10 Professionalism 10/10 Ease of understanding 10/10 Friendliness 10/10 Trust me don’t bother shopping around just give Paula and the team a call or why not just inbox her here. Looking forward to much more interaction with Paula and the team. 

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Louise Cullen

I worked with Paula and her team to produce social media graphics and headers for a B2B campaign. The work produced was exactly what I was hoping for - beautifully designed graphics that fit our brand. Communication was smooth and timely with regular updates fitted to my schedule. I would 100% recommend Seek Social and would be more than happy to return to them for future projects

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