What Makes Us the PPC Agency Liverpool Trusts?

Marketing requires business owners to use every available strategy at their disposal to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI). With an expert PPC agency on your side, it’s possible to achieve the results you want to see from your paid search marketing campaigns with even minimal input from your side. The team of digital marketing and PPC professionals at our marketing agency can take complete control of your PPC campaigns, and ensure that you get the most out of each one.

Why You Should Choose Us To Helm Your Next PPC Campaign

We're Google-Certified Digital Marketing Professionals

Our PPC marketing services are offered by professionals, trained and certified in Google Ads and SEO. Our PPC marketing team has the expertise and industry experience to handle all your paid search campaigns across all the major platforms – not just Google Ads – and help you achieve your goals. We can create marketing campaigns that enhance your PPC ads and website visits.

We Offer Budget-Conscious Advertising

Without proper planning and implementation of strategies, any form of advertising can be very expensive, and a daunting task for any business. With our PPC services on your side however, you can rest easy knowing that your digital marketing budget is being used wisely, and in a way that’s designed to bring you the results you want.

We're Strategic Planning Experts

A sound PPC marketing strategy is one that endures both your content and ad campaigns remain relevant even as the market changes around them. We can create flexible search engine marketing strategies that include room for expansion or change, to meet new challenges or market trends. Our team works hard to stay up to date with the ever-changing search engine algorithms and guidelines, so that we’re always best-placed to present your brand with viable conversion opportunities.

We Deliver Comprehensive Reports

With our PPC services on your side, you can rest assured that you’ll always be informed on how your Google Ads – as well as any other other paid social media marketing or search engine advertising campaigns – are doing. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, and you’ll receive up-to-date reporting on each of the activities and digital marketing services that our PPC agency is providing to you. We conduct a transparent approach to our data-driven marketing processes by sharing detailed reports with our customers every step of the way.

We Know How To Target The Right Audience

It doesn’t matter if it’s Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or any other kind of PPC campaign – it will fail if it is not aimed at the right audience. We ensure that all our activities are aimed at the right target audience, and we do this with the help of thorough audience targeting and research before rolling out a campaign. Our PPC agency also carries out ad content management as well as strategic placement of your ads so that they’re spotted with ease by your audience.

The Work You Can Expert To See From Our PPC Experts

Our team has the expertise, creativity, and tools to provide your business with top-notch PPC support, and they pour all of that knowledge and effort into the following tasks with the aim of delivering maximum ROI for your business.

A PPC agency in Liverpool must know that Google ads (just like the other forms of paid ad out there) can only yield the best results if they’re bespoke. ‘Cookie-cutter’ solutions don’t work. Our team is highly skilled in carrying out intensive A/B testing to ensure that each of your campaigns plays an essential role in solidifying your strategy. We make use of intelligent software to help us provide your business with quantifiable insights so that your campaigns deliver results.

It is estimated that up to 95 percent of all purchases will be carried out via eCommerce platforms by the year 2024. Our Google paid advertising campaigns present you with a sure-fire way of keeping your product listings appealing to your target audience, and gives you desirable ROI even when competition increases.

If you’re still doing your bid updates manually, it’s high time you realize just how time consuming that is. We have real, practical, hands-on experience with various bid management systems, and we have arrived at a solution that enables us to manage product bids in a highly effective way.

Your campaigns should not only focus on attracting new clients, but also on winning back those who left your funnel for some reason. The Seek Social team have an array of proven remarketing strategies which we utilize to entice those clients back to you.

Paid social media marketing – using Instagram ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and more – can provide a rich base of potential clients who can be converted into real customers, and eventually influence others into embracing your brand. We have proven strategies on-hand to help your business reach out to its potential customer base on social platforms, and as always, earn maximum ROI.

It’s critical to include PPC campaigns as part of your video marketing strategies. Our PPC services in this area focus on demonstrating your brand’s strengths through video campaigns that incorporate PPC ads. Our PPC specialists can help your business craft compelling video ads to attract the attention of potential customers, and give them a clear picture of what your brand is all about.

You can make your website search engine friendly by utilizing Google’s dynamic ads. This feature helps search engines find the most relevant content on your website and return it at the top of the search results page, making it easier for potential customers to spot your product and services.

A sure-fire way of reinforcing your campaign is by utilizing Google Display Ads. This platform presents Google ads to your potential customers in a way that looks more like the traditional advertising methods of old – essentially they could be seen as ‘digital billboards or posters’. We have an in house team of skilled designers that can craft visual ads to capture your brand’s identity, and increase brand visibility even further.

Our Approach

Our pay per click advertising campaign management expertise – like the rest of the digital marketing services that we offer – are aimed at building your marketing campaigns and your online presence up to become a force to be reckoned with. Specifically as regards PPC management, our goal is to ensure that your business is easily recognized by your target clientele via your paid ads. Our team is always creative, passionate, and dedicated to ensuring your business gets results that you paid for in this area.

Strategy Creation

We focus on ensuring that your sales funnel aligns well with your campaign so that you can get the most out of your pay per click ads. We have a wide range of PPC strategies on hand that can be used as is where appropriate, or adjusted to provide a tailor-made fit your business model and earn you maximum ROI.

Keyword Research and Analysis

As experienced digital marketers, we’ve built a skill set that ensures your brand will get noticed online. We do this thorough keyword research and analysis, and we also look at what your competitors are doing – so we can take them on and beat them.

Paid Campaign set-up

Our PPC experts make it their mission to understand every aspect of your PPC campaigns in detail. Through this dedication they are able to handle every aspect of your campaign from beginning to end, including budget allocations and data analytics.

Tracking performance with precision

We understand the importance of conversion rates in PPC advertising. We track this metric and other aspects of your campaign meticulously, to ensure that you’re always up to date with the important KPI’s regarding your campaign’s performance.

Optimisation of Conversion rates

When clients are looking to enhance their conversion rates through more effective lead generation, our experts are the perfect team to ensure that this goal is achieved without putting undue pressure on the budget.

Review and Optimisation of your campaign(s)

Our team will carry out an intensive optimisation of your existing PPC campaign(s) so you can achieve the highest conversion rate possible, and again get the best ROI possible no matter if we launched a campaign or not. This optimisation work includes a thorough inspection of your campaign to ensure that everything is as it’s supposed to be, in order that it can yield more leads and sales for you.

Enhancing ROI/ROAS

Through our long-term experience, our PPC specialists have come up with plans and strategies that ensure your brand gets maximal returns on ad spend (ROAS) as well as ROI.


Pay per click advertising has a lot to offer your business that it can not afford to miss out on, including enhancing brand awareness, the generation of more leads, increased revenue, and the ability to stand out from the competition. With our PPC agency by your side, great campaigns are faster to set up and can return results in the short term.

PPC experts simply make the process of lead generation and sales conversions stress-free. They do this through tested tools and techniques adhering to market standards. They also ensure that your PPC campaigns are optimised and that performance is tracked to help your brand meet its goals effectively. With our expertise in PPC campaigns, we can craft bespoke PPC solutions that best serve your brand and deliver elevated ROI.

The best strategy would be to incorporate both of these elements of digital marketing in your campaign. SEO is devised to give your brand long-term results with changing market trends. PPC on the other hand can be used to attain quick results. You stand a better chance of acquiring more conversion rates and maximised ROI if both are used at the same time, alongside each other.