However, with our Facebook advertising agency behind you a team of experts takes care of everything, for you, with a dedicated account manager in control. From blog posts to Facebook ads (and a whole lot more), we can do it all, so keep reading and we’ll show you how our team can deliver results, all while making life easier for the owner of an online business!

Every business owner wants more leads and sales.

Facebook ads are a great way to generate leads and sales. You can target specific audiences, get more people to your website, build your brand and increase engagement with your current customers.

You deserve your slice of the Facebook Pie, and our Facebook advertising services can help you get it.

You’ve heard Facebook is a great place to advertise, and it is. It’s one of the most effective tools for marketing your business. You can post videos, photos and text updates that will reach your target audience at no cost to you of course but on top of that there are specific Facebook adverts, which are paid, but which also occupy key advertising space on the platform’s pages.

But what if you want something more targeted? What if you know exactly who your audience is, but they aren’t all on Facebook? That’s where our Facebook ad agency comes in! We’ll help you get the exact results you need from this amazing platform.

Seek Social is an experienced Facebook advertising agency.

Seek Social aren’t like most other Facebook advertising agencies. We are based in the UK and work with clients all over the world, but of course many other Facebook advertising agencies could say that too. However, we have been in business since 2016 – that might not sound like a long time, but in the world of digital marketing it is, and not many other agencies can say the same. That experience includes time spent as a small business, so when working with small businesses today, we understand the challenges that they face first-hand.

Our sheer amount of experience is one of the reasons why so many people trust us as their Facebook marketing partner: we’re one of the most experienced Facebook ads (and digital marketing) firms out there.

Seek Social's comprehensive Facebook marketing service.

We manage our clients’ Facebook marketing campaigns. We make sure to target the right audiences, at the right time. We understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve with your Facebook ad campaigns, so we can help you reach customers in a meaningful way.

So why do we do this? Well for one thing it makes life easier for our clients! But also because when done well Facebook marketing can be an excellent way to drive sales, and convert users via things like email sign ups too – it can even help you with lead generation!

Our service provides more leads and sales while making life easier for clients.

Our Facebook ad strategies can help you get more leads and sales as we’ve mentioned above, and help you make the most of your ad spend by teaming expert marketing strategy knowledge with top-notch content creation and optimisation skills. If you want to be hands-on and work alongside us on your ad campaigns then we’re happy to work that way – but similarly if you don’t want to you don’t have to – you can just turn things over to us and watch happily as your return on ad spend (ROAS) increases. Our service makes life easier for you by essentially handling the social media aspect of your business for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters: running a business and making sales!

Our Facebook advertising agency provides digital marketing support that works - and not just in the world of Facebook ads!

Seek Social isn’t just a Facebook advertising agency – in fact we are a full-service digital marketing agency, which means that the support we provide is not limited to Facebook ads. We also provide PPC campaign management across multiple platforms and marketing channels, including Google ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads too. We specialize in helping businesses boost their online presence through a number of different services, including:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Web design & development

Graphic design & content creation support

Email marketing campaign support


If you’re looking for a new way to market your business, FB ads and the wider world of digital marketing could be a great option for you – and in more and more cases they’re becoming a definite must-have. The support of an expert Facebook advertising agency like Seek Social can help you reach the right audiences on Facebook, driving more traffic to your website and earning you more business as a result. And don’t forget that with our advertising agency you can also get a raft of other services in addition to Facebook ads management, all from the same place and the same expert team. So don’t wait – pick up the phone and get in touch with the north-west’s premier Facebook advertising agency today – or of course reach out to us via Facebook messenger or our Facebook business page – before your competitors do!