Why You Need Help with Global Search Engine Optimisation

Global search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most significant aspects of your website’s overall digital marketing strategy. It is imperative that your customers can easily access your site and its content, and one of the best ways to help them do so is with a high ranking on search engines – in fact, it’s been proven that if you can get onto page one of the search results – especially on Google, the world’s leading search engine – you receive a huge boost in search traffic, and along with it, potential leads and customers too. However, if you do not maintain a strong global search engine optimisation strategy, getting to page one of the search engine results pages can be almost impossible to achieve.

In the global online market and in the eyes of search engines, content is king.

The global online market is a crowded place, and if you’re trying to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, it’s imperative to have a strategy that includes SEO. The good news is, there are many different factors that go into an effective SEO campaign. One of these factors is content—probably the most important factor in any marketing campaign today.

In the world of digital marketing and search engine optimisation we have a saying: “Content is king!” But what does it mean for you? Content has been a buzzword since the dawn of the internet, but only recently has its importance become clear across all industries – from SEO to e-commerce, and beyond. Content is critical when considering how people engage with brands online because content serves as both an opportunity for increased brand awareness and sales conversions, amongst other things.

Content can be anything from blogs, articles and other web pages to videos, e-books and infographics – but whatever it may be, in order to get maximum ROI from your search engine optimisation efforts, we recommend that you ensure that this content is well written and well optimised. At the same time, don’t forget that your content is the foundation of your brand, and thus it is important to ensure that you also have a good quality content strategy in place, so that you portray yourself how you want to be portrayed at all times, and get your message across in just the right way.

What else must be considered in a good global SEO strategy?

Global search engine optimisation is more than just writing new content, optimising it and posting it. No matter where you are in the world, there are certain things that must be considered for any good global SEO strategy. These include:

Finding relevant keywords is one of the cornerstones of good SEO, since the keyword is the heart of any piece of content. It has to be relevant and searchable on Google, but it also needs to be specific enough to sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of search traffic, so that you’re left with only those people who are most likely to want to click on your page if they see it in their organic search results.

This refers to situations where another website is linking to a page on your site. The number and quality of your backlinks help Google and other search engines determine how relevant and trustworthy your site is for a given search term. Get this right and it can be a real boost to your SEO efforts – but get it wrong and you can end up doing more harm than good…

You need a good mix of authoritative sites (big brands or big media outlets) and smaller sites with lots of traffic/followers who link back because they like what you do and want others to find out about it too. However, you need to make sure that everywhere that’s linking back to your site is ‘trusted’ in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. They know that there are bad-faith actors out there who get by by creating high-volume ‘spam’ backlinks that have little to no value for legitimate web users – and they don’t like sites that take advantage of those backlinks and other such underhanded tactics.

  • Your site’s interlinking page structure
  • The layout of your web pages
  • Your UI & UX
  • Your Images
  • The accessibility of your web pages
  • Site Speed

Global search engine optimization is not a one-time process.

That’s quite the list to work through, wouldn’t you say, especially since what we’ve talked about so far applies to every page of your website? Make no mistake though: even when you’ve worked through all the items on that list, you’re not done – and search engine optimisation is not a one-time process. As a matter of fact, once you get to this point, you’ve really only just started, and there’s a raft of extra tasks that need to be taken care of too.

First and foremost, right after a page goes live you need to update your sitemap and get yourself on Google’s ‘To Do’ list so that your new content gets indexed as soon as possible – any page is ineligible to appear in search results until this happens. Even after a page has been live for a while though, there’s still ongoing work to be done. You need to make sure that all of the links remain in working order and that they point to relevant pages, and you should always be thinking about (or working on) an improved version of the page so that when Google and the other search engines come to crawl your site again in two weeks or however long it may be, you have a new and even better page ready for them!

Good global SEO is not simply a checklist you can work through once and then forget about until the next time a Google algorithm update rolls around. In fact, if you really want to succeed with this type of SEO strategy, it’s crucial that you also keep on top of the latest algorithm updates, as well as trends and changes in content marketing so that you’re always producing relevant content for your target audience (and staying ahead of the curve wherever possible).

If there are any recent news stories related to your niche, if there are any new trends in web design or UI/UX design—anything at all that relates back to what it is you do or the things that we spoke about earlier that affect your SEO — you need to be taking advantage of them by including these references in your content marketing efforts as soon as possible (and preferably before anyone else does). If you don’t, someone else will – so by standing still when it comes to SEO, you’re moving backwards. Follow our advice though and, when people do begin searching for those topics online they’ll find YOUR website first because yours has been optimized well!

How Seek Social can help you rank higher in organic search results

Our team of experts can help your site move up in the organic search results thanks to our tried and texted global SEO process – a comprehensive service offering that covers everything from an initial audit and keyword research, through content optimisation and ongoing support, Here’s how we help you rank well on search engines:

An SEO audit is a systematic review of your website and its content, to determine how well it’s currently optimised for search engines. It’s important to carry out an SEO audit before starting SEO work because it gives us information about the current state of the site and helps us identify any issues that might need to be addressed.

SEO audits can be used to create task lists, allowing us to prioritise work effectively, and so regular auditing helps us carry out more effective SEO. This is because regular auditing allows us to monitor our progress, make sure we’re on track with our goals and that the work that needs doing is getting done, and in the most sensible order. With Seek Social it’s a complete, methodical approach, and the first step is completely risk-free. Get your free, no-obligation SEO audit from our team of experts by clicking here!

Our SEO experts can determine which keywords to target with your site. We’ll look at current traffic levels for the terms relevant to your business or industry, then brainstorm new ideas for content based on those terms.

Our SEO experts don’t just work with new pages, we can also optimize your existing website’s content and interlinking URL structure so that it uses keywords appropriately throughout the pages on the site, and so that good linking relationships are created between relevant pages. This will improve how highly ranked pages are in Google and Bing’s SERPs (search engine result pages). You should even see improvements in rankings for individual URLs that already rank well—such as your homepage, for example—but haven’t been optimized as they should be yet!

Thanks to our SEO auditing process, we can develop prioritised SEO task lists that will show you what to work on first to get the most bang for your buck. We can even work through these task lists for you and make sure everything’s done right too!

Lastly, we can also take care of the ongoing maintenance work for you, keeping things like your sitemap and backlink sources up to date, and making sure Google can’t forget about you!

Seek Social's other elite digital marketing services

In addition to all the principal types of SEO (Global, Local, and Ecommerce) if you’re looking for help with:

PPC & Email marketing campaign management

Social media marketing and online engagement.

Web design and development

Then reach out to the Seek Social team at your earliest convenience – either through our ‘contact us‘ page or social media on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. As one of the UK’s only full-service digital marketing agencies, we’re uniquely placed to offer all of these services under one roof, and give you all the digital marketing services your modern business needs, all under one roof!

The last word

Digital marketing has changed drastically in recent years and the global online marketplace is a complex, quickly evolving environment. The importance of having an excellent global SEO strategy and ranking highly on search engines cannot be overstated. If you can accomplish these things it will help ensure you make the most of your digital marketing investment and stay ahead of your competitors.

By choosing Seek Social as your digital marketing partner, you can enjoy all the benefits of an expertly crafted SEO strategy that will get you to page one of the search engine results for the keywords that matter most to your business, and in doing so it can take your brand to new heights.