Seek Social: Your Web Design UX Specialist

UX is possibly the main determining factor in the success or failure of a business website, and for top-quality customer experience in web design UX, UI and web development, businesses all over the globe turn to the experts at Seek Social. Read on to find out why!

What is UX?

When it comes to web design UX us a term that’s commonly heard, both within the industry and when dealing with clients. As such, we here at Seek Social are well aware of what UX is (or is not), but we know that not everyone who’s interested in our services will be in the same position. No need to worry though, as we’re more than happy to open this page by sharing knowledge with you.

Quite simply, UX is an abbreviation of ‘User eXperience’. In turn, ‘User experience’ is the sum total of the services and capabilities offered to a user by a site, and how ‘well’ it delivers those capabilities. To offer good UX, a site should make it possible for users to do anything they might reasonably expect to do online as a customer (or prospective customer) of that business, while also making sure that those action are easily found, and quick intuitive to complete.

The Realtionship Between UX & UI

Another term that you’ll hear used quite often alongside UX is ‘UI’. A ‘UI’ is a ‘user interface’ , and while in web design UX and UI are two different things, they are closely related. Why is this? Because the user interface is what visitors use to interact with your site and navigate around it, so it is also a big part of how you deliver your UX.

Web Design UX Considerations

One of the key first pieces of information that the Seek Social web design team will want to learn concerns the devices people use to access your website. If we can establish which is more popular between mobile or desktop devices, we can then prioritise the needs of that platform as we proceed further into your web design UX project.

As a result (and as we mentioned on our UI page) it does certainly help us if a client can look into this before a web design UX project starts. What’s more, if you’re familiar with Google Analytics, then you’ll know that this information is available on that platform. However, it’s not a prerequisite to access our services at all, and no matter whether Mobile or Desktop proves to be more popular, the Seek Social team are equally happy to design mobile-first, or desktop-first – it’s not an issue for us.

The reason why we’re so interested in the devices used to access your site is because different devices have different screen sizes. Knowing what screen sizes we should be working with is important to your web design UX project because the screen dictates how much real estate a designer has to work with, and along with screen orientation (portrait or landscape) and readability/visibility concerns, screen size will heavily influence a designer and the layouts, colours, fonts and sizings that they want to use in your project.

 All of these elements matter to your web design UX project because- while it might not seem like it initially – they do all contribute to UX, and this is why our designers will be bearing them all in mind (and the interplay between elements too) as they work.

Its hard to say for certain what these will be at first – every web design UX project is different, and they might depend on the software we’re using, the nature of your business, pre-existing development etc. but its almost certain that there will be other technical constraints in play too. For instance, designing for mobile does impose more limitations when compared to desktop, but our team of designers is well versed in rising to meet such challenges when they show themselves, and finding great creative solutions or workarounds. In addition, those extra rules can actually make it easier to come up with a good design by narrowing down the viable options a little more.

As they’re working on your web design UX project, the Seek Social team will of course bear in mind your existing or intended or intended branding and any guidelines that you have (or want to) put in place. Whatever the end product of our designers’ work may be, when you partner with Seek Social you can be sure that it will have been created with the upmost respect and consideration given to your business and its image.

We work primarily in Adobe XD, (adobe’s dedicated UX/UI development software) but we are certainly familiar with other platforms like Figma, or even Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and we’re comfortable working in those if you prefer.

Seek Social's UX Design Process

The first step towards a good UX involves thinking about your clientele and target audiences – since they’re the people that will be using the site – so that’s where the Seek Social team starts. We’ll put together a user profile for each different kind of person that we can expect to want to use your site. These profiles serve to inform our initial designs, as we’ll cover next…

Once the profiles are created our designers will set to work creating their initial designs for your project. They’ll be trying to come up with something that each user profile we’ve identified will like, while also respecting your branding and any guidelines that you’ve given to us.

Seek Social are more than happy to share work that’s still in progress, in fact we love to do so, because whether a design is ‘finished’ or not, any feedback you give us helps us get close to what you want. As such, if you want to see what we’re working on as part of your web design UX project at any time then please do ask. Likewise, when a design has been finished we will send it to you for review, feedback and (ideally) signoff.

Once we’ve created something that you’re happy with and we receive that signoff, we’ll move on to the next step – applying that design to the display sizes that matter to you. This stage sees our team create draft designs for each of the screen orientation and resolution combinations that matter to you. When they’re complete once again we’ll send these draft layouts to you for final signoff, and if we receive it, it’s on to the next step!

At this point the designs for your web design UX project will be finalised. We’re happy with them, more importantly so are you, and now’s the time for our developers to get to work and apply that design to your site – either by creating new pages or by updating existing ones.

Our team will do their very best to make it happen, but unfortunately we can’t promise that everything will be 100% perfect right out of the gate. Just like when constructing a building, with web design UX projects – and websites in general, in fact – there is also a ‘snagging’ phase to take care of where our team will put right anything that’s not quite as envisioned. after the snagging phase then your site will also require ongoing maintenance – but this is something else that Seek Social can provide via one of our support packages.

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