Seek Social - The Top Digital Marketing Agency in Preston

In the modern business landscape every business needs to include Digital marketing practices in their marketing strategy. When done right it can be an incredibly effective way to earn your next customer or client, but in order to attain results like that you need the help of industry professionals like the Seek Social team – read on and we’ll show you how we can help!

Outstanding Results from the Top Digital Marketing Company in Preston

As award-winning digital marketers, the Seek Social team delivers remarkable campaigns that will catch the eye of your target audience. Thanks to their wealth of real-world experience, our experts can develop digital marketing solutions that are customised to your business, and designed to boost not only your online presence but improve your sales, too.

We work to impress and exceed your expectations, and we are confident with our expertise as the leading digital marketing agency in Preston, and indeed all of Lancashire. With laser focus and accuracy. With our strategic planning and management services on your side, your digital marketing campaigns will be on the path to digital success.

Why Seek Social?

We're looking to the future

Seek Social knows how to shape your future in the virtual market. Our team are innovative forward thinkers who work to secure your growth and sustain your competitiveness for years to come. The techniques we apply maximise your return on investment (ROI) and enable consistent conversions on a wide range of digital marketing platforms.

We're critical thinking problem solvers

Our experts are critical thinkers who know how to tackle issues before they create irreversible damage to your campaign. We are constantly evaluating every aspect of each strategy that we develop using the extensive range of resources at our disposal. This helps us to ensure that everything falls into place as it should as much as possible, and on top of this the Seek Social team are a proactive team that are always looking for solutions even for possible or hypothetical issues – so in the event that the unexpected happens, we’re best placed to resolve unforeseen issues quickly and efficiently.

We deliver long term results

We work to secure your future by setting long-term goals that guide and promote your online growth. Seek Social is an advocate of brand longevity, and we are ready to help you stay competitive and relevant in your industry for years to come.

We work with honesty & integrity

As your digital marketer, Seek Social is committed to building a lasting relationship strengthened by transparency. We do our very best to keep all our lines of communication open as much as possible, and be as available to our clients as we can be. We also work hard to answer queries and concerns promptly, because we do not want to leave you waiting for answers. We’ll also provide you with regular updates regarding your tailored strategy, and explain what everything means and how we’re helping your digital marketing efforts.

We employ data-driven campaigns

All phases of our work are backed by data recorded about the real-world performance of your campaign. We provide our clients with genuine facts and figures regarding performance and because of this, the takeaways from our reports are more relevant and next actions that we propose are more likely to be effective. In addition, our team routinely monitors and measures every part of your strategy to keep track of areas that are working, and areas that aren’t.

We offer limitless creativity

Our digital marketing agency promotes creativity in every aspect of our work, and your campaign. We know how to think out of the box and come up with fresh ideas and solutions that you cannot find anywhere else, and which will help you stand out from the competition while also delivering results. Effective strategies that pull in the attention you deserve – that’s what we deliver.

We are a dedicated team of experts

Our digital marketing company in Preston is home to a team of highly intelligent individuals who value professionalism in all projects we undertake. We are entrepreneurs, and as such know the struggles that our clients face. Our goal is to help you achieve short-term and long-term targets in the most sustainable way possible, and we do so using knowledge, expertise, and good old-fashioned hard work.

We offer competitive pricing

The digital marketing services Seek Social offer to businesses in Preston are high-quality and competitively priced. Our strategies are designed to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and keep your brand relevant in the Preston market in a sustainable way. We don’t make a habit of upselling or overspending, so with us, your digital marketing budget is in safe hands.

The Essential Digital Marketing Solutions Preston Needs

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a core activity in digital marketing – it’s a service that we provide to the majority of our clients, and the one that provides the most organic growth. As part of this service the Seek Social team works hard to curate an optimisation process that is unique to your brand, and deliver sustainable long term results with our proven SEO processes.

Email Marketing

In a similar vein to the PPC support described above the Seek Social team can also help you in all stages of email marketing campaign management. From initial research and planning through content creation, mailout scheduling and post-campaign performance analysis – we can do it all, and stand ready to offer you expert email marketing support.

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers are adept at creating remarkable visual content for your brand. We are a creative bunch that know how to integrate your brand’s identity and values into multimedia elements for your site and ads.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses are steadily learning that social media is becoming increasingly useful in unearthing new clients. Online platforms are indeed a very powerful tool in digital marketing, because it’s where you can best increase the level of recognition that your brand has – and with us, your brand will sparkle on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Paid Media / PPC

Our online marketing agency in Preston knows that paid media campaigns can provide quick wins that dovetail well with the long-term results provided by our SEO strategies. This service sees us manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns, ensuring increased site traffic and increased lead generation for you.

Data Science

We’ve mentioned before that all campaigns Seek Social manage are data-driven, and there’s a reason for that. Our team includes a number of highly-experienced data science professionals who pore over every platform, every metric, and every reading to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are performing to their best at all times.


Brands are easy to create but challenging to sustain. Luckily, our team has the skills necessary to create a cohesive branding strategy for your business. We will help you stay relevant in the market by ensuring that your brand stands out on any platform.

Website Design & Development

The website acts as an online storefront for your business, and as such needs to be presentable and user-friendly. Our developers and designers can enhance your pages and make it more interactive, enticing your target audience to know you better.

Lead Generation

Any business that cannot locate new customers is in trouble – whether they’re operating online or off. However, with Seek Social’s lead generation expertise behind you, you never have to worry about where your next lead is coming from. Our unique blend of technology and online engagement skill keep those sales opportunities coming your way.

The Essential Digital Marketing Solutions Preston Needs

A winning strategy in online marketing is borne from harmonising a range of different activities, including the following:

Page Optimisation

Meta Tag Optimisation

Page Speed Enhancement

Image Optimisation

Anchor Text Optimisation

Mobile Search Enhancement

Schema Markup

Site Responsiveness

Image Compression

Google Ads Management

A/B Testing

Landing Page Optimisation

Bid Management

Google Shopping Ads

Remarketing Ads

Google Display Ads

Dynamic Ads

Paid Social

Brand Awareness

Social Media Promotion

Content Development

Informative Videos

Robust Ad Campaign

Technical SEO

Crawl Analysis

Content Indexing

Mobile Optimisation

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Ranking Analysis

Shared Content Research

New Links Tracking

Credibility and Authority Building

Conforming User Intent

Quality Content Creation

Local SEO

Google My Business

Citation Building

Local Listing