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Boosting your brand’s worth online takes time, but it does not have to be painstakingly difficult. Seek Social is your top SEO company in Preston that provides outstanding optimisation solutions that will catapult your digital marketing to the next level.

Our firm won praises for providing top-notch SEO strategies and campaigns. Our team can help you increase your online presence using our brand of optimisation techniques and expertise.

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As a leader in SEO, Seek Social proudly highlights our years of service that ensures our proficiency in the industry. We are passionate about reaching your goals faster through a sound digital marketing plan that works best for your business.

Why Seek Social?


Our search engine marketing agency Preston keeps track of current trends and industry standards. Simultaneously, we also promote versatility and futureproofing in every strategy to ensure that you stay in the competition for many years.

Creative team

We are a team of creative strategists who bring fresh and original ideas to make your campaign unique. We provide high-quality SEO solutions Preston that are tailored to your niche, helping you reach out to your target audience efficiently.

Metrics-based strategies

Our SEO firm Preston identifies, measures, and analyses performance metrics to deliver data-based strategies that bring in positive results. We structure your campaign with facts and figures as building blocks to strengthen your digital marketing journey.

Problem solvers

Seek Social does everything in our power to resolve issues promptly before it causes bleeding losses to your enterprise. We are critical thinkers who inspect and evaluate every strategy for loopholes and provide quick solutions so that everything runs smoothly.

Competitive pricing

As entrepreneurs, we know how every penny counts in digital marketing. We never advocate upselling or overspending beyond your budget—we want you to get more value for less. With us, you can avail of affordable pricing for our services.

Our SEO Process

Achieving Organic Growth and Higher Search Ranking

Our SEO agency Preston incorporates several strategies in a campaign to obtain the most ideal results, namely organic online growth. Seek Social can help improve your ranking on search engine results by deploying optimisation strategies that work.

Our expertise as digital marketers includes in inspecting and auditing your existing website to find what areas should be enhanced or modified. We utilise benchmarking to create a priority list of SEO tasks your site needs to improve.

Keywords form a significant part of the SEO process. Our team can effectively identify and use keywords to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign and keep it competitive. We research analyse keywords that will work best for your niche.

Your digital marketing strategy needs technical expertise to deliver ideal outcomes. Our team can curate SEO-rich content and optimise your site to bring more attention to your brand. You can trust our experts to handle on-page SEO for your website.

Digital marketing entails managing not only website optimisation but off-page activities as well. We undertake tasks such as influencer outreach and link building to expand your presence online. Our collaboration can lead to brand growth.

Our professionals are skilled at creating and designing multimedia content that helps generate leads and spurs interaction with your target audience. We know how to highlight your product or service, letting the people know more about your business.

Tapping into social media platforms is one of digital marketing’s surefire way to meet new clients. Our strategies are made to promote social engagement and enhance brand recognition. Our SEO company in Preston can assist you in conquering online platforms.

Taking your spot at the top of local SEO rankings is crucial for your digital success. Our team can help you find high-quality leads within your locale with our optimisation services. We can leverage Google listings and targeted keywords to entice nearby audience.

Our SEO agency Preston brings in core strategies like eCommerce optimisation and PPC to expand your online growth. We are adept at maximising return on investment (ROI) using keywords and conent that effectively promote brand recognition.

Google’s algorithm can determine how you will fair in search engine page results (SERPs). It is an essential guide to making campaigns, which our team at Seek Social are experienced at creating. We ensure that every strategy is consistent with algorithm updates.

Seek Social SEO Solutions Preston

General SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Content creation & development
  • Mobile SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Page Speed improvement
  • User experience & Social signal
  • Analytics and report creation

eCommerce SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • E-Commerce keyword research & analysis
  • Content marketing
  • On-Page optimisation for eCommerce sites
  • Link-building 
  • Technical SEO
  • Social media optimisation
  • Schema Markup
  • Competitive Analysis
  • CMO full report
  • Reviews indexing

Local SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • Local SEO keyword research and review
  • Local Pack for Google
  • Google My Business or GMB streamlining
  • Mobile SEO
  • Location-centric About Us page
  • Online directories optimisation
  • Reputation management
  • Content creation
  • Visitor and client data tracking

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