Seek Social is a full service social media marketing firm that businesses across the UK trust. As a preliminary point, what do we mean by ‘full service’? Well, the Seek Social team is made up of a range of specialists in different fields relevant to digital marketing, who all work in tandem to deliver the ideal result for your problem or goal. Our team includes data scientists, web development and web design professionals, alongside specialists in social media marketing, online advertising, content creation and more. We work together so that all the different aspects of your marketing strategy (branding, website graphics, social media management, content creation, SEO) fuse together well and work as one cohesive unit, because we know that successful digital marketing is a collective effort.


First, you need a great website or app, and that means having first-rate visuals and written content. Secondly, but no less crucially, you need to be seen by your target audience, and this means ranking highly on Google search results, and/or using the right marketing strategy on social media. As a multi-skilled social media marketing firm, we don’t compromise on anything; optimizing your Google ranking for instance, doesn’t mean that as a consequence we have to spend any less time getting your brand image exactly right in our visual and written content creation.

A Results-Driven Process For Your Marketing Strategy

At Seek Social, we don’t base anything on a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’. In our office, guesswork is not an option. This is because Seek Social was started by data scientists, and so as a social media marketing firm we follow a fixed data-driven process in everything we do, from creating your website, to generating more leads for your business, to social media management designed to increase social engagement. We have the data to prove that our marketing strategy works, and our clients can tell you for themselves.

Our process is as follows;

  1. We identify what your problem or goal is.
  2. We perform a detailed analysis as to why that problem exists.
  3. We define the best way to achieve our goal
  4. We create a solution to your problem, or a plan to reach your goal.
  5. We present our ideas to you and walk you through it all, making sure you’re happy with it.

We always present facts and figures to back up our proposal. In fact, our advice is to never trust a social media marketing firm that doesn’t – because the data is out there to be studied and used, and not doing so could cost your business big in the long run.


What Is Your Goal?

If you are a new business just starting out, you will want a fantastic website with high quality graphics and images, which draws in your potential clients. Alternatively, as a growing or established business, you might want to refresh a tired website that isn’t hitting the mark with your target audience anymore. While here we’re talking primarily about our services as a social media marketing firm, Seek Social is also home to the most talented web developers and designers in Manchester. Our web development and design team also follow a defined and effective web design process similar to the one described above, and that lets us create quality websites, web stores and custom features at a fast pace. We can even develop bespoke features should you want or need them. Coupled with fully optimized content and good SEO, your website can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers per day. 


As a preliminary, the Seek Social team will analyse your competitors, and find out what your website needs to do in order to beat them. With this in mind, we begin the first step of our proven process for web design, which is: 


  1. Website Content Strategy. We draft the basic design of your site, so that our team can create a fantastic piece of web design.  Having a content creation plan in advance helps the SEO process and overall marketing strategy. 
  2. We set to work creating your website, adding any custom features if appropriate. 
  3. We monitor the success of your website and make any amendments as needed.

Being Seen By Your Target Audience

Once you have an amazing looking website, you need potential customers to find it. Any reputable social media marketing firm should know its SEO, since SEO is actually part of your marketing strategy. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of securing a higher rank (ideally first page) on Google and other search engines. Search engines have software which ‘reads’ your web content to see what it’s about. This software picks up on given phrases that people search for, and notices how many times these are mentioned in a given webpage. The more mentions of these phrases (alongside other things), the higher your page ranks. These phrases are called ‘keywords’, and at Seek Social, we have an in-depth knowledge of both keyword research and search engine and web analytics.

As with everything we do as a social media marketing firm, we follow an SEO process that delivers results for our clients – and that process goes as follows:

We perform a full evaluation and audit of your site. This means we can find out what is and isn’t working.
We work out how we can make progress for your website, app or social media channel.

The SEO experts at Seek Social have in-depth knowledge of all of the aspects of SEO that your business needs for its digital marketing campaign. We have an unrivaled track record in SEO work, having achieved great results for our clients (including Fortune 100 company, mokanix) over the years. The figures in our case studies speak for themselves.

Capturing (and keeping) Your Target Audience's Attention

Once you have a fantastic-looking, well- optimized website that your customers are going to click on, you need them to stick around and engage with your content. How your business portrays itself in its content is key in your digital marketing efforts. As a full service social media marketing firm, we take care of the content creation side of marketing as well as the technical aspects.

Branding is vital; it’s how you connect with your target audience, both initially and in the long term. Every successful company has a ‘brand voice’, or ‘brand image’; that is, a collection of ideas associated with their business, which resonates with their target audience in some way. Let’s take Starbucks, probably the world’s most famous coffee brand, and one of the most successful branding stories ever. Starbucks’ brand identity is centered around a ‘home from home’ idea, that it offers a relaxing place in between home and work where you can enjoy coffee and the atmosphere. They have been highly successful in communicating this idea to the general public, so much so that 2013 neuroscience research showed that customers would be willing to pay more for Starbucks drinks, should the company raise prices. This just goes to show the power of the Starbucks brand identity in their customers’ minds. There’s no reason you can’t do the same – especially if you enlist the help of our clever creatives at our social media marketing firm.


A Social Media Marketing Firm You Can Trust

Seek Social actually began primarily as a social media marketing firm, focusing on social media management, before it branched out into other areas. The fact that we’re still here, and that we have grown to be the full service digital marketing team that we are, shows that our marketing strategy works. Social media marketing (SMM) is a fantastic way to connect with large numbers of potential clients, but as with any other ecommerce marketing technique, it takes skill to get right.

Our tried and trusted SMM process is as follows:

  1. We begin with a full audit of your social media content, to identify any problems or areas for improvement.
  2. Next, we discuss with you the metrics for progress, and what your goal(s) is/are.
  3. Thirdly we develop a clear strategy to achieve that goal, and create the content that will put that plan into action.
  4. Finally, we evaluate the success of your social media channels, identifying if and how something needs to change. If any aspect of your digital marketing efforts aren’t working for you, then reach out to our friendly social media marketing firm based in Manchester; we’re always at hand to tailor a solution for your specific business.