Meet Liverpool's Web Development Experts!

Often overlooked or mistaken for web design, web development is a key component of any good, useful online business experience. Good quality web development is something you’ll certainly need if you’re going to make your brand a success online – so join the experts at Seek Social today as we explain all things web development Liverpool!

What is Web Development?

As we’ve mentioned above, web development and web design are NOT the same thing. So, the first thing to do is to define what web development is – and who better to learn from than the team behind the best web development Liverpool can boast, the professionals at Seek Social.

Put simply, web development is all the actual back-end and coding work that goes into building a website and making sure that it does its job correctly. Drawing parallels with building a house, the tasks break down as follows: All of the construction plans and drawings would come under web design, as would the painting and decorating, carpet fitting etc.

The equivalent to web development would be the actual construction work itself – building the walls, installing the doors, windows, plumbing etc. In short, all of the work that actually makes your house capable of being a house.

What makes Seek Social the home of the best web development Liverpool can boast?

A big part of what has made Seek Social the leading provider of web development Liverpool has to offer is the sheer passion and enthusiasm of our team. They love composing code that will create something amazing, they love overcoming the unexpected challenges that rear their head during testing, they love the sense of satisfaction and making someone else happy when a new site or digital marketing tool is delivered and it’s just what the client wanted – and they love every step in between too.

Of course, passion alone won’t propel you to become the leading provider of web development Liverpool locals will find the area… You have to know what you’re doing too. Each member of the Seek Social dev team has a range of skills and qualifications that compliment and support their colleagues well – we’re also set up in a way that provides redundancy, so your project isn’t beholden to, or overly dependent on a single member of or team.

These days almost any type of business can advertise and sell online successfully. However, the web development skills and platforms that enable that is just one part of ‘digital marketing’ – and Seek Social aren’t just the home of the best web development Liverpool can boast, we’re also a leading full-service digital marketing agency too – so we can also help you with Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, and more!

However, we also know that what clients are looking for first and foremost isn’t versatility or passion, it’s results – be they sales, customers, leads, or someone else. Thankfully though, we’re proud to say that the data-driven approaches used by Seek Social have proven themselves in real-world deployments, and we’re confident that our methods can get you the outcomes you want.

What Solutions can Seek Social build?

A Seek Social eCommerce website is designed from the ground up to sell your products and services. We’ll use a range of advertising and digital marketing techniques (and of course, the best web development Liverpool can boast) to get audiences that matter to you into your product and read to buy, and then we’ll make sure that it’s easy for them to do so too!

A Seek Social corporate website is ideal for publicising charity events, occasions, things that you want people to know about but that might not necessarily have a product to sell. Even though these sites might not have a storefront, we can still use all of our digital marketing and web development know-how to get people to the site and gain exposure across other platforms too! 

A landing page is the crucial ‘bridge’ that leads from a Google results page to the pages you want to see high traffic. An effective set of landing pages can be invaluable in capturing extra traffic and bringing it to your site, but creating one requires a mixture of web design, web development and SEO knowledge – and that’s three things that Seek Social can provide!   

It’s one thing to get people onto your site, but as the leading provider of web development Liverpool has to offer know only too well, making it easy for that traffic to ‘convert’ into a lead, a sale, a repeat customer is another matter entirely. For that, you need to create a smooth, hassle-free customer journey – and we can do that for you!

So, if you don’t see a good fit for your project here, why not get in touch with us via our ‘contact us’ page and discuss your needs with our team directly – we may well still be able to help you!

What Platforms do Seek Social use?

The team behind the best web development Liverpool and her businesses can count on knows WordPress inside out. This highly customisable & easy to use Content Management System may have started out as a blogging platform, but thanks to the vast array of plugins, a massive development scene and sheer versatility, today it’s suitable for almost any type of site or business.

Our years of experience working with this staple of digital marketing world mean that we understand what WordPress can and can’t do, as well as it’s comparative strengths and it’s weaknesses well – not that we let those limitations stop us though, as you’ll see below.

The Shopify eCommerce platform is one of Seek Social’s ‘go to’ tools when we’re creating websites that need to incorporate a web store. Like WordPress, it’s versatile and can work well for nearly any type of business.

No matter if you’re selling actual physical items, digital items that the customer downloads after purchase, or things like concert tickets (which could be printed or accessible online) – Shopify is highly likely to be of use to you… Even if your business is based around a more abstract ‘product’ such as a service, trade, knowledge or expertise – Shopify’s still got you covered. That’s one of the reasons why we love it, and why it often features prominently in our work offering the best web development Liverpool can boast!

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin – and as the provider of web development Liverpool’s businesses trust we can tell you – it’s a key component when it comes to setting up a web store on a WordPress site.

WooCommerce is open-source, so anyone can edit it – including the staff at this very web development company. This is great news for clients because it means the team behind the best web development Liverpool businesses will find locally have everything we need to create 100% bespoke e-commerce or digital marketing solutions – built from the ground up to meet your exact needs.

If you want to run an online webstore alongside a traditional brick-and-mortar store, AND you want to manage it all using the same tech platform then – speaking as the home of expert web development Liverpool locals depend on to deliver results – Magento may well be the platform you need.

Like WooCommerce, Magento is open source – so the Seek Social team essentially have free reign to come up with creative solutions to the challenges that your business faces, and show off our skills as the leading provider of web development Liverpool and her businesses trust. Lastly, Magento is adaptable, and you can choose a platform that’s tailored to the size of your business. No matter if you’re a local SME, a large national or international brand, or anything in between – there’s a Magento package that’s right for you.

We’re also very proud to say that we’ve built up a great relationship with the development team behind ‘Aero’. This is an open-source eCommerce platform which includes a large amount of pre-built solutions – providing users with functionality that can be plugged in and work with a minimum of fuss. Solutions like these can certainly help those new to web development get started, or an elite team like ours get a store up and running quicker. The fact that Aero is open-source also means that anytime your brief calls for something that Aero haven’t thought of (and the team behind the best web development Liverpool has to offer need to develop it ourselves as a result), we have everything we need to do so.

Custom Coding - Including HTML5 & CSS3

When you want your site to have a look that’s unique to your brand and its online home, Seek Social’s knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 will help you achieve that goal. As providers of elite web development Liverpool and her businesses can rely on to make them stand out from the crowd, our dev team have the skills needed to get around WordPress’ (very few) weak points to create and implementing almost anything that you can imagine. In addition, because we keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments, we can do all of this without the need for overly-elaborate or messy code – which makes modifying things at a later date easier too!

And plenty more besides...

Just because we use the tools listed above most frequently doesn’t mean that we don’t also know how to develop using other platforms – for example WP bakery, or Squarespace. So don’t rule us out if you haven’t seen us mention the thing you want (or need) just yet. If that’s the case, then the best thing to do is get in touch with us and tell us about your project. You’ll find all the details you need to do that on our ‘contact us’ page, and you can count on us – as the team behind the web development Liverpool and her business trust – to be honest and upfront with you about how well we feel we can deliver what you want to see.