There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to use when you want to advertise your brand and engage with your target audience. It’s a great way to reach a wide audience, including people who may be interested in your products or services but haven’t heard of you before. Think about it – if you have an ad for a product or service on Twitter, people will see that ad and then click through to your website where they can purchase from you directly. That’s how powerful Twitter paid ads (and PPC in general) can be.

Reasons why Twitter is a powerful platform for advertising

Reach: Twitter’s global audience of 328 million monthly users and 400 million tweets a day make it an ideal platform for reaching your target audience through Twitter paid ads. 

Cost: With a cost-per-click (CPC) of less than $1,  Twitter paid ads allow you to reach a large number of people at a very low cost. Plus, there are no minimum spend requirements or long-term contracts to sign.

Targeting options: With more than 100 targeting options available in the US alone—and more being added every day— Twitter paid ads enable you to  create highly targeted campaigns that reach only those interested in what you have to offer.

Engagement: The average time spent on Twitter is approximately 17 minutes per day, with some accounts having over 10x engagement rates when compared with Facebook or Google+. Even better? It’s really easy for your customers (or potential customers) to engage with you directly through @mentions and Twitter chats!

Customer service: With the help of certain apps and third-party tools, you can use Twitter as another channel for customer service by setting up direct messages or private replies. This allows your followers easy access to answers about products or services they need help with while eliminating back-and-forth email questions between sales team members trying their best not to get overwhelmed by inbox overload!

Twitter Advertising With Seek Social

Twitter paid ads are effective because they are highly targeted. You can target users based on location, interest and demographics, and you can also target users based on behaviour, device and language – different combinations of each of these options can work well for almost any business trying to find their target audience on the platform.

Twitter is great for helping you connect with your audience because it allows you to be creative with your messaging but also gives you the ability to reach a highly targeted audience  that fits your ideal customer profile with promoted tweets.

Our Twitter Paid Ads campaign objectives can include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to your website and generating leads
  • Increasing engagement with followers and fans
  • Promoting a product or service
  • Generating more website conversions

Example targeting options for Twitter Paid Ads include:

  • Geo-targeting to reach people in specific countries, states, cities or even ZIP codes.
  • Demographics like age, gender and education level.
  • Interests you’re targeting (like travel or sports).
  • Behaviours like “shopping” or “travelling” that you can target based on what users do online (for example, when they visit certain sites).

You can also target connections on Twitter who are already connected to your account—or someone else’s if you have access to their account—to promote a Tweet to their followers too!

The two main formats for Twitter paid ads are as follows:

Promoted Tweets: the promoted tweet is a tweet that you promote in order to gain more followers or get more engagement on your account – and perhaps not surprisingly it’s one of the more widely used methods for Twitter advertising. You can choose from the standard format, or create custom ones by choosing the copy and images that best represent your brand and message. With these Twitter paid ads, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience than the people who are currently following you – so this type of ad is great for businesses looking to expand their reach or gain new followers.

Promoted Accounts: if you want more people following your business’s official Twitter account, and seeing your Twitter paid ads, promoted accounts will help with this. Such accounts promote your content’s presence on Twitter by increasing engagement with potential customers through recommended content from other accounts – and in addition to increased Twitter advertising performance you should also get increased visibility on search results pages too.

How much you pay for every click on Twitter paid ads  is called bidding. The more you bid, the higher your ad will show in search results and the more people will see it. You can adjust your bid at any time to increase or decrease how much money you are willing to spend per click.

How much does Twitter charge for each impression of your ad? That’s called pricing and it varies depending on who sees the ad and where they’re viewing it from (e.g., mobile vs desktop). For example, if you want to target males over 35 who live in rural areas with an interest in camping but don’t want them seeing your ads on mobile devices, there is an option with Twitter paid ads to set up specific targeting criteria so that only certain users see them (and therefore pay less for impressions).

How Our Twitter paid ads management services help you succeed

We maximise your ROAS

Customers are more likely to buy from you if they see your product or service on their news feed. If you want to get in front of the right audience, we can help. Our Twitter paid ads  management services will help you achieve higher conversion rates with our tailored campaigns and highly effective targeting options.

We’ll make sure that every single one of your adverts is served to its maximum potential by creating a campaign that uses the right hashtags, images, and text for each target audience. This means that instead of spending money on impulsive clicks (which aren’t always good for business), we’ll provide users with detailed information about what makes them tick so they’re more likely to convert into paying customers.

We reach your target audience on Twitter

Twitter paid ads  give you the power to target your ideal audience. We can assess your audience’s activity and focus your campaigns on people who are interested in, or have recently shown interest in, a specific topic, product or service.


If you’re looking for an effective way to target your audience on Twitter, we can help. Our team of experts has a proven track record in running successful PPC campaigns for our clients and can assist you with Twitter advertising as well as all your other digital marketing needs from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer, or check out some of our other services – such as web design & development, graphic design, content creation, or search engine optimization!