Find your Feet in Digital Marketing at Bury’s Best Social Media Company!

Find your Feet in Digital Marketing at Bury’s Best Social Media Company!

We know it’s been awhile since our last blog, so sorry for the wait folks! The best social media company in Bury have been busy on a few top-secret projects that have had our content guys and SEO expert team really tied up of late. All will be revealed soon though… And of course we hope what we’ve been working on makes the wait for a new blog worth it. So, without further ado we’re going to pick up right where we left off. This week, we’ll tell you more about how the top digital agency Bury has to offer is helping the next generation of digital and social media marketing professionals get their start in the industry.Before we begin though… A quick reminder to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more great digital marketing insights!


Taking The Next Step – Work Experience & Internships

The top digital agency Bury can boast don’t stop the support they offer to tomorrow’sA group of people smiling at a computer screen. social media marketing professionals when they leave school either. Quite the opposite in fact. Our social media company has a great working relationship with a number of local educational and vocational establishments. Counted among them are Bury College, Radcliffe College, and a number of apprenticeship and training companies. As a result we are used to welcoming work experience students into the team. These work experience students not only get an education from the top social media company in Bury… They also make a real contribution to what we do for our clients.

They work with every member of our permanent team, too. For instance, they could be assisting our SEO expert group with keyword research or meta tag composition… They could be helping the graphics team compose branded images, or helping our web designers implement features onto websites… Anything the top social media company in Bury offer as a service, we can teach to our work experience students. And since Seek Social are the only full service digital agency Bury has at the moment, we’re the only people that can offer a complete look at the world of digital marketing, and what life is like working at a social media company, or in social media marketing as a career.


Out in the Community

It’s not just about on-the-job training, and learning how to become a successful social media marketing professional or SEO expert though. Indeed, the top digital agency Bury has to offer even manage to get non-I.T. students involved with our activities. You see, we love for our social media company to make a splash at trade shows and exhibitions, so we sometimes theme our appearances. It shows off our creativity, makes us stand out, and makes people remember us.

It doesn’t always happen, but when Seek Social do make a themed appearance we go the whole hog… We dress the part. We put together some props to bring it all together… And when we need a few extras to really flesh out the idea? We turn to the drama students at Bury College. We make it more than just a bit of fun for them though, as to appear alongside Bury’s top social media company interested students must be auditioned first. This introduces the students to a process they will need to become familiar with if they pursue a career in acting. It also helps them learn what it takes, and what it feels like to win (and lose) a part.


Apprenticeships – Fun For All Ages…

Once again though, Seek Social take the next step. We don’t just offer mentoring… We don’tA young professional standing in front of a boardroom just offer work experience… Indeed, when the time is right and the right individual crosses our path, Seek Social will take that person on as a full-blown Digital Marketing Apprentice.

An apprenticeship takes things to the next level. Our apprentices get a full-time paid position at the top digital agency Bury has to offer. What’s more, during your studies both we and your apprenticeship course provider will teach you the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry. At Seek Social, apprentices learn SEO from an SEO expert. They learn how to carry out effective social media marketing from the staff at the top social media company in Bury. They get to grips with all the tools, knowledge and skills that a digital marketer needs in the present day…. And plenty more besides!

Finally, age is no barrier to these opportunities either. Currently we have 2 apprentices in Luke and Tom… Luke’s 17, and Tom’s 34. So, you don’t need to be a fresh-faced young talent to earn a place at the best social media marketing office in the North West. You don’t need decades of relevant experience either… Just bring your passion and work ethic, and we’ll do the rest!