Joe W

Full Stack Developer

Joe W

At Seek Social Joe complements the full-stack development team. With a knack for developing highly aesthetic websites, he’s also a competent developer with a grasp of the underlying back-end technologies that power a website’s functionality.

By bringing such essential skills to Seek Social Joe has quickly made himself an integral part of the Seek Social team as a development pro and problem solver. Having worked in the industry for 6 years, he has garnered a plethora of skills, skills which he takes pride in dispensing as he helps to resolve the web design and web development challenges that clients – as well as Dean, Luke and Dennis, his colleagues on the dev team – encounter. Joe is a firm believer in getting things right the first time and strives to achieve that in every situation. 

The levels of proficiency and prowess required for the execution of full-stack development are monumental. As a result, it can take a lot of people to earn their status as full stack developers – and when they do, there’s a often a lot at stake, a lot riding on their work. Regardless, since joining Seek Social Joe has proven that he has the skills and knowledge needed to always rise above expectations, despite also having graduated with a degree that’s entirely unrelated to the job. As his full-stack development career journey continues, it currently sees him on the path to becoming a Google-certified web developer.

Away from Seek Social Joe is a lover of nature, hiking, travelling, and road trips. When he’s not outdoors, he likes to chill with movies and documentaries.

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