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Dennis M

Full Stack Developer

Dennis M

Here at Seek Social Dennis is a key member of our development team. He’s what’s known as a ‘full-stack’ developer, which means that he has the skills and knowledge necessary to take on any aspect of web development or web design work. Whether it’s ‘front-end’ work on the parts of the website that visitors see, or ‘back-end’ work on the technology that actually makes a website work as it should, Dennis can do it all to a very high standard.

The knowledge, expertise, and general aptitude for learning needed to be a full-stack developer is immense, but Dennis again, is more than up to the job. In fact, before coming to Seek Social Dennis earned a university degree in a field unrelated to his current job, and then learned everything you need to know to be a fully Microsoft-certified web consultant on his own time. We feel that really demonstrates Dennis’ drive, sheer intelligence, and of course his passion for I.T. and computers – a passion he’s had since he was young.

When asked what he likes best about his job with Seek Social Dennis cited the fact that in his role, there’s a new challenge every day. Whether it’s a new problem to solve or improvement to make, it always has something new to teach you too – and being the guy who gets to put the solution into practice, he never misses out on them. So, when you team up with Seek Social, you get access to all those pieces of technology – big and small – that Dennis has amassed over the course of his 7 years in the industry, as well as a man with the skill and work ethic to get any web design or development job done well.

Away from Seek Social Dennis likes to swim and hike, but when he’s not indulging those hobbies you may well find him in a comedy club somewhere, as he also performs stand-up comedy when the opportunity presents itself!

Want to get in touch with Dennis or the rest of our team? Reach out to us using any of the contact details on our ‘contact us’ page – or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via FacebookLinkedInTwitter, or Instagram!