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Dean B

Director of Development & Data Scientist

Dean B

At Seek Social Dean is one of our two directors, and the leader of our development team. If your project involves any form of custom code, it’s likely that Dean will be involved at some point. He boasts an impressive in-depth knowledge of many programming languages, and he uses that knowledge to create awesome websites and applications.

Dean also has an unbelievable eye for data, and that’s something that can really work to your advantage. When you choose to partner with Seek Social Dean and his wealth of in-depth knowledge become a key asset that will help you succeed. He knows what all the numbers and metrics mean of course, but more than that he knows how to truly understand the larger messages that your analytics are sending you regarding your digital marketing, your customers, how they use your site, the PPC ads they like and the ones they don’t… The list goes on, but the point is, Dean can provide all the digital marketing insight your business will need, and if you choose to take advantage of data science support from Seek Social Dean and his expertise will again have a big role to play.

and yet there’s more… if you’re in need of leads, Dean’s the man to talk to there too. He’s developed a tried and tested method of drumming up new custom online and finding the people that need the services your business offers. Again, this is something that you won’t find anywhere else, but that can pay real dividends for your business!

Away from Seek Social Dean is a keen sports fan (particularly football and combat sports), and a gaming geek like the rest of the Seek Social team. Dean’s more ‘decks and dice’ than the rest of us though, while he does enjoy video games, his passion is Dungeons and Dragons, and he acts as Dungeon Master for a number of ongoing D&D campaigns.

Want to get in touch with Dean or the rest of our team? Reach out to us using any of the contact details you’ll find on our ‘contact us’ page – or if you prefer, drop us a line on social media via FacebookLinkedInTwitter, or Instagram!