Choosing the right social media marketing company in UK

There are so many digital marketing agencies out there, many of them promising the moon. How do you know which ones are reputable and can actually deliver results? Unfortunately, anyone can create a website and call themselves a marketer, but this doesn’t mean they are adept at increasing the number of quality leads on your site, or boosting your online presence, as the case may be.

Expertise and knowledge

Reputable digital marketing agencies are both qualified and use only organic marketing techniques. In terms of social media marketing, organic means implementing strategies which lead to more genuine followers, likes or views, i.e. not the purchasing of ‘fake’ followers. Buying fake followers might seem like a quick fix, but it can in fact seriously damage your business. The Instagram algorithm notices when a profile has a sudden, sharp increase in followers, and will see such pages as spam. This can result in your business Instagram account being removed, which can seriously harm your company’s reputation. It’s far more fruitful in the long term to build an organic following, using proven techniques like engagement, successful content marketing, and optimal use of hashtags, among other considerations.


As a trusted agency which began as a specialist social media marketing agency, Seek Social has extensive experience in delivering results for clients across a wide range of sectors. Our full-service team handles every aspect of a social media campaign, from an initial audit of your content, to monitoring analytics data and leveraging this knowledge to inform our marketing strategy, to creating sleek images for your TikTok or Instagram. We have dedicated professionals to handle each aspect of your marketing strategy, each having extensive experience in that area. Your content will therefore be of extremely high quality, which will make the right impression on your customer base. Social media is a very visual platform: people notice images first, so it’s important that these capture scrollers’ attention. Research shows that professional looking images and graphics gain more views and likes, so it’s worth enlisting the help of a talented creative team to create your posts.

Social media management

Alongside SEO, digital marketing is an essential way to increase the visibility of your business to your target audience. Picture messages are key on Instagram and Tiktok: people scroll quickly, and you need to pique their interest from the get-go. Hiring specialists to manage your social media feed is worthwhile for a number of reasons.

Firstly, your channel is being handled by experts in each area – professional writers, graphic designers and creatives with photoshop expertise, as well as marketing specialists to optimise conversion rates if you have an Instagram shop. Professional copywriters help to ensure your voice and overall brand identity are portrayed as you want, and remain consistent across all your platforms.

Secondly, enlisting a digital marketing agency gives you access to a wealth of knowledge. Marketing experts are up to date with the latest developments and features of each platform, leveraging cutting edge technology to implement the most effective marketing strategy, at no additional cost to you.

Optimising conversion rates

If you aren’t seeing the sales you want on an Instagram or Tiktok shop, it is definitely worth exploring why if you want to improve your conversion rates. If you want to boost your marketing strategy, looking at statistics is the way forward. Statistics enable you to establish a benchmark of your performance.

At Seek Social, our data analysts and pay per click experts can identify why you’re losing conversions. We’ll then suggest the best approach to increase ROI. There are a number of reasons why your sales figures aren’t what you’d like, and it’s advisable to consult marketing professionals to find out why. Our specialist team will look at the following key factors, among others:

  • Mobile-friendly visuals A brand’s ability to draw in buyers over social media requires creating a seamless experience that’s easy to navigate. You might be losing conversions if users don’t find it easy to move from A to B. Your landing pages on an app store should be easy to navigate and visually appealing. This is where our graphic design time comes in – we create bright, visually attractive pages, and decide on the best placement of imagery, copy and links.
  • Video promotions Product related videos are known to increase time spent on a given page and likewise conversions. Videos both showcase your product and capture your customers’ attention. Whether it’s an advertisement or just a creative display, video should be part of your social media marketing strategy.
  • Calls to action It sounds simple, but ensure you include a call to action in your social media bios. In-your-face ‘buy from us now!’ is unlikely to gain much traction, but a more subtle promotion of your product is often effective. It has been speculated that the Instagram algorithm is beginning to penalise ‘Link in bio’ calls to action, though there isn’t any definite proof of this. In any case, very obviously ‘salesy’ bios don’t seem to be very effective.
  • Look at the data (or, better, have our experts to do that for you!). Social media marketing metrics are like any other – optimising conversion rates means looking at your data. Making sense of the data and knowing how to leverage that insight to make smarter choices isn’t always intuitive – it’s advisable to enlist specialists who know how to do this effectively. Do you know which types of content achieve the most engagement, clicks and traffic to your website? By understanding these numbers, our team can adjust your content marketing techniques to improve your conversion rates.

In reality, improving conversion rates is a case of analysing and optimising over a longer period of time. New startups very rarely see overnight success from day one, but it’s certainly achievable far sooner with the help of a skilled marketing agency like Seek Social. Our advice is based on proven processes, including using the best hashtags for your brand, and monitoring the behavioural trends of your followers.

Analytics: Let Seek Social improve your sales

Our social media analytics service is led by data scientists and PPC specialists, meaning you can trust in our advice. All of our advice is based on data and tried-and-tested strategies – we don’t take chances or cut corners. See our client testimonials if you want an idea of how we’ve helped businesses in a range of sectors gain more leads.

Our analytics team can help you to understand why your top performing posts are successful on a given platform, or why less successful posts aren’t hitting the mark. We find out where your content is getting engagement, and when – so we can schedule posts at the most effective times.

If you’re interested in running a paid campaign, our PPC specialists are at hand to advise on this. Split campaigns are a useful tool for some businesses. Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to split test ads automatically, allowing you to run two versions of the same promotion simultaneously, and identify the more successful one.

Assessing your social media conversion rate depends on tracking it in the first place. If your campaigns aren’t faring well, the Seek team will identify what isn’t converting, and develop a plan to remedy this. We set measurable goals, and monitor their success over time. These objectives will be specific and achievable – we only promise outcomes we know we can deliver, as our clients can attest.

Consistent branding

Maintaining a consistent brand image across and between platforms is important for your conversions. The creative aspects of your channel – tone, images and colours, etc – should be consistent as your customers move through your marketing funnel, from clicking on a link through to making a purchase. It might not seem important, but sudden changes in messaging and imagery can confuse prospects, dissuading them from making a purchase. So, check the creative side of your promotions before they are posted.

Stay abreast of trends

Your client base will evolve in its habits and tastes over time. Gaining new customers and maintaining existing ones means staying up-to-date with industry trends, and the needs of your clients. Your online engagement can easily decline if you fail to keep up with your customers, and what they expect from your brand. Market research is essential in this vein; it’s crucial to know what your target audience are interested in, which topics are trending, and which types of content they are liking. Incorporating these insights into your marketing strategy will help you to increase your sales figures.

Next steps: develop a successful marketing plan with us

Don’t guess when it comes to marketing strategies, or hire an agency who aren’t transparent about how they plan to achieve what they offer. Improving conversion rates means adopting a data-driven process, which is bespoke for your particular business. Be wary of digital marketing services who promise overnight spikes in sales figures, or thousands of followers overnight.

Genuine results, such as increased leads and sales, are only achieved with an efficient, results driven marketing approach, which utilises analytics to set and achieve realistic goals. At this juncture, it’s also worth mentioning that each aspect of your marketing campaign is one component of the larger effort, which are all inextricably linked. Visual and creative considerations, like maintaining a consistent brand image and high quality visuals, are a part of your marketing funnel, as well as the more technical aspects.

Reach out to our multi-skilled team if you aren’t seeing the ROI you hoped from your social marketing efforts. Our consultants will identify where your target audience is losing interest, and work with you to develop a strategy moving forwards.