Social Media Marketing on Twitter – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

Social Media Marketing on Twitter – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

Close up of a black smartphone on a grey desk, next to a brushed steel laptop, the phone is displaying the Twitter sign up page.We’ve done Facebook…. We’ve done Instagram… So, now it’s time for the little blue bird’s time in the spotlight. Yep, this week Bury’s number one digital marketing company – Seek Social – take a closer look at Twitter. We’ll share the thoughts of our top-notch social media marketing UK team on the features to be using, and the opportunities available when marketing on the platform in 2020. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Before we do though, a quick disclaimer. As you might expect, throughout the various tips that our expert digital marketing company have for you today, ‘the basics’ of social media marketing that we talked about last week and the week before do still apply.


1) Using visuals in Retweets

We start things off today with quite a simple change. Nevertheless, it’s one that the team at this digital marketing company know is rather powerful. You see, we now have the ability to use visuals in retweets. How can you use this in your social media marketing though? Well, just like the staff at our full service digital agency will tell you… ‘A picture is worth a thousand words, and those thousand words are really useful when up against a 280-character limit’. So, why not use visuals like gifs, images, or video clips as reactions to the posts you retweet? You might get more expression into your retweet than text would allow, and you’d certainly make it more eye-catching too!


2) Conversation InsightsA MacBook on a modern wooden desk, displaying the Twitter logo in the center of the screen, against a black background

Conversation Insights is a new feature that lets you see who is talking about you, and the engagement buzz around your social media marketing content. Unfortunately right now it’s part of Twitter Media Studio, and that’s an invite-only feature. However the team at Seek Social – Bury’s best full service digital agency – know that this could be immensely useful for business accounts of all sizes. As a result, it’s our hope that Conversation Insights will become available to everyone at some point in the future. Even if it is not though, do not despair. As this digital marketing company knows that there are other tools on the internet that can offer similar insight into how your social media content is received…


3) You can now follow topics

True, this won’t help you actually produce social media marketing content… However, it looks to be a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse of your niche(s) on Twitter. If you can do that, you can ensure that your content is always a good match for the current mood in your niche. In turn, that should help make sure that your content is tasteful and comes across well. You can also jump in with timely social media marketing posts should there be any big news or developments to do with that niche. This makes your social media marketing topical, and – as the team at our digital marketing company knows – that’s great for increasing exposure and engagement with your content.


4) Post scheduling with twitter.comthe word 'Twitter' spelled out using Scrabble tiles on a wooden surface.

The potential need to keep several multi-platform accounts updated with new social media marketing content means that our full service digital agency enlists the help of third-party tools to do this… Of course we also know that you can already schedule posts using Tweetdeck if you want to. However, this feature (which was being trialled as of November) effectively cuts out that middle man. It should be great for smaller businesses or those with less experience on the platform, and as with Conversation Insights, this digital marketing company certainly hopes that one day soon we see it rolled out to everyone!


5) Display availability hours

This feature really has little to do with social media marketing content, but any business will recognise its usefulness. The staff at the leading digital marketing company in Bury aren’t quite sure why it’s taken so long to arrive, but you can now let people know when you’re typically most active on Twitter. This lets them know when they can expect a reply to an enquiry or complaint, buying time and building goodwill for you.


a white outline of the Twitter bird, against a cyan and sky blue gradient.6) Optimised & visually striking twitter handles

Our social media marketing team can tell you, some twitter handles are better than others for successful social media marketing. We’re not necessarily talking about what follows the ‘@’ symbol here either (although shorter is generally better). Rather the areas where you have more creative control, like your display name and profile pic. For the text, you want something short, accurate and memorable. The image is usually seen at a pretty small size, so you want something fairly simple in terms of design. Colourful images though are a great idea… Again, this digital marketing company knows that something colourful can really draw eyes to your content.

Our final piece of advice here would be to avoid the use of gimmicky, memey fonts… Stick with the Twitter default so everything’s nice and legible. However, these day’s there is something you can do to jazz up this area too. If you can find something appropriate, then in 2020 you can also use emojis in your screen name. Again they’ll draw eyes to your content, and if you need some help coming up with some awesome graphics too – feel free to get in touch with your leading digital marketing company – Seek Social!

And with that, another batch of six amazing tips for social media marketing come to a close. Our digital marketing company is confident that they’ll help you improve your twitter social media marketing in 2020. Nevertheless, if you’d like more personalised advice or help with putting our advice into action, just get in touch. You can call the team at the leading full service digital agency in the North West on 0161 761 1800, reach us by email to ‘’ or of course, on social media!