Social Media Marketing: 6 tips for Instagram in 2020!

Social Media Marketing: 6 tips for Instagram in 2020!

Our Instagram community is very important to the Seek Social team. Bury’s top digital agency want our Instagram page to be as big as we can make it. During our efforts to make that happen we’ve found and developed a number of techniques that you too can use to boost your own Instagram community, and your social media marketing potential on the platform. So, join your leading provider of digital agency services today, as we share some of our Instagram knowledge…


Pastel on Canvas sketch of the Instagram logo in black, with the trademark instagram colour gradient in the background.1) Recruit new community members

A top digital agency like Seek Social knows this key truth of Instagram… In order to continually grow your page and the social media marketing potential that comes with it, you need to be continually recruiting new members. The way to find new targets for client engagement is by using hashtags. Find out where your fans hang out and go there yourself, offering feedback and comments. Seek Social - the people behind the best digital agency services and social media marketing content in Bury – offer the following advice… Be honest, offer insight where you can, and avoid posts that are easily replied to with likes or emojis.


2) Engage & reply to comments thoughtfully

When dealing with your own page, top-quality social media marketing content can be a great hook to get people ‘through the door’ (And if you want some, give us a call – Ed). However, you won’t see many repeat visitors if that’s all you have to offer. You need to get out there and get to know your followers too.

The team at Bury’s top digital agency see social media as a busy bar. Each prospective customer is that dusky, mysterious beauty in the corner that’s caught your eye. You might want to introduce yourself, but say the wrong thing and it’s all over before it’s even begun. What would you do in that bar? Charge straight in, or take a moment, think about what you could say that would get them to say something back (sparking a conversation), and THEN make your move? Exactly.


3) Optimise your social media marketing content for marketing

This is really more a case of good marketing practice than anything else. Nevertheless, Seek Social – the top digital agency in Bury feel its worth the reminder. Quite simply, don’t forget to make sure that your social media marketing posts include a call to action and / or a question. As professional providers of digital agency services, our team know that without these things there could be little to provoke any action from the people that see the content. Without this interaction, your ‘social media marketing post’ becomes just a ‘social media post’ like any other.


Person looking at their instagram insights page on their smartphone, green leaves in soft focus in the background4) Share feed posts in stories

This is a long-requested feature in Instagram, and now it’s here! In our opinion, the ability to share posts as part of a story is almost made for social media marketing. Indeed, there are a number of cool ways to use this in your social media marketing offering. From sharing ‘#NoFilter’-style images from your newest and most satisfied customers offering a ‘real-world’ view of your products, to the ability to now plan for and create ‘hybrid content’… Stories designed to include posts, and posts designed to work well as part of a story. We know – as any decent provider of digital agency services should - just how useful this could be for some people!


5) Social media marketing video content on Instagram

The experts at the top digital agency in Bury know that Facebook’s recent move to put influencers and the products they endorse in the spotlight – via Brand Collabs Manager – could make IGTV a viable social media marketing alternative to Youtube… What’s more, elsewhere the new ‘Reels’ feature could do something similar for Music and other short-form video. This would take the platform back out of TikTok’s shadow. So, the advice of Seek Social’s social media marketing specialists is to watch this space. Especially if you’re an influencer or on the music scene, 2020 could be the year that Instagram video becomes one of your most important digital agency services!


A close-up of the enter key on a black keyboard, the word 'Enter' having been replaced with a shopping cart icon.6) Shop directly from the platform

From a feature that will benefit some, we close with one that should benefit every business on Instagram. Yes, for the last few months you’ve been able to buy products directly on the platform. This has started with a select few worldwide brands, but should the feature prove successful – and in the opinion of the top digital agency in Bury there’s no way it won’t be – we’d expect to see it rolled out to smaller retailers and eventually become available to any business that wants to use it. Finally, you can seamlessly integrate your Instagram social media marketing and the purchasing experience… And as Bury’s top digital agency, Seek Social know that the less hassle a purchase process is to complete, the more people are likely to go through it. Again… watch this space folks!

So there you have it, Seek Social’s six top tips for social media marketing on Instagram in 2020! Don’t forget though, if you want some more expert advice on all things social media marketing, web design, SEO and more, get in touch with the leading provider of digital agency services in Greater Manchester by calling 0161 761 1800, visiting our office at 19 Broad Street in Bury, or reaching out on Facebook, Twitter - or of course - Instagram!