Social Media Marketing on Facebook – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

Social Media Marketing on Facebook – 6 Top Tips for 2020!

Our expert social media marketing team are back once again with even more expert knowledge! Following on from last week’s post concerning Instagram, this week the leading digital marketing company in Bury shed light on the definitive social media platform – Facebook. So, if you want advice from a social media agency UK businesses can trust, come with us now as we hare our six top tips for doing business on Facebook in 2020!


A backlit wall decoration of the Facebook wordmark, mounted on a textured wall.1) The Basics of Social Media Marketing

These activities should really be matters of best practice for any decent digital marketing company. Nevertheless, they bear repeating because they are so important. Firstly, don’t forget to include a call-to-action or question with your social media marketing content posts. This will help to drive audience engagement with them. Secondly, remember to tailor your posting times to match when your audience is actually online… An analytics suite like diib can help you do this. And lastly – take it from a leading social media agency UK clients believe in – it’s okay to re-use posts or content that have been successful in the past! Work smarter, not harder!


2) Social Media Marketing Lead Generation Via Messenger

This is a great new addition for social media marketing and lead generation in 2020. You or your digital marketing company now have the ability to create ads that lead to your Facebook Messenger. Once there, the people that clicked answer a short but tailored ‘questionnaire’ of sorts that serves two purposes.  You can find out if they’re a viable lead, and the prospect can find out if you’re a viable partner. However, in the eyes of Seek Social – the best digital marketing company in Bury, don’t forget – the best part is that you can even integrate this questionnaire with your CRM!


3) Calibra on Facebook

Calibra is a digital cryptocurrency wallet that is a subsidiary of Facebook. It will be rolled out on the social media platform, as well as on WhatsApp, in 2020. For anybody involved in the cryptocurrency scene, this is big news… As a social media agency UK business owners can trust we’d advise caution until this platform proves itself. We’d also offer a reminder that by using calibra you’ll be at the mercy of the ever-volatile cryptocurrency market. However, if Calibra and cryptocurrency grow and fare well, this digital marketing company knows that they may well open up many new business and ecommerce opportunities via Facebook!


4) Post Format Changes Affecting Social Media Marketing Content

White and blue buttons featuring facebook logos and the 'like' icon scattered on a white surfaceSomething of a public service announcement next. In 2019 Facebook made changes to its appearance that affect how your social media marketing posts display on mobile. Especially if you’re re-using content, it’s important to bear this new layout in mind… On important difference is that the aspect ratio has changed, so your images may no longer fit as they did before. More importantly though, you now only get three lines of primary text (down from seven).

As we’ve said before, Seek Social are a social media company UK and international clients count on to get their social media marketing content and strategy right. And given these changes, the advice of this leading digital marketing agency (and our expert social media marketing team) is as follows. Firstly, don’t post anything without checking that it displays in an acceptable manner… And secondly, amend copy where necessary to make sure that the key information is present in the first three lines. This makes sure that it gets seen no matter if people open your post fully or not.


5) Convert 2D images to 3D photos

The Seek Social team have seen these in action already and we’re sure you have too. If you have then you’ll know just how eye-catching they can be. Many’s the time we’ve thought ‘did that picture just move or was it me?’ as we scroll through our feed. Take it from Bury’s best digital marketing agency, as a social media company UK businesses can trust for good advice… The ability to draw eyes to your content – however you do it – is a really powerful tool in social media marketing, and 3D photos have a knack for doing just that!


A person browsing Facebook on a laptop, holding their smartphone at the same time.6) Posting Facebook Stories on Instagram

As a social media company UK and global companies turn to for great social media marketing, Seek Social know this essential truth. You NEED to get all the mileage you can out of every piece of social media marketing content you write. The main method for doing this is re-using content, and that’s essentially what this feature – currently being tested by Facebook – does. Exactly what the possibilities will be here we don’t know, as the feature is still in development and hasn’t been rolled out to the userbase. However, factor in the ability to buy direct from Instagram as we mentioned last week, and on paper this could be huge for social media marketing! So without a doubt, this digital marketing agency can’t wait to get to see and grips with it!

And there you have it – six awesome tips to help you get your Facebook social media marketing right in 2020! To get some help putting all of these to use, or some more personalised advice, call the Seek Social team on 0161 761 1800 anytime. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Manchester’s top digital marketing agency on social media… So feel free to message us anytime on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram too!