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Are you seeking the best social media marketing company in NewCastle? End your search and start a new journey with Seek Social, the leading agency that has the expertise and experience to boast in digital marketing. We will help you grow online!

Seek Social is your number one choice when you need compelling social media campaigns for your brand. We design innovative solutions in marketing your product or service. We know how to leverage trendsetting and trendspotting to hit your targets in different social media platforms.

How We Qualify

Our social media services NewCastle are prized, earning honours from prestigious award-giving bodies like SME News and Best of Bury Awards. We present our qualifications that shape our pride as a top social media marketing firm in the field.

Social Media Solutions NewCastle


If you want a significant boost to your marketing efforts, Facebook is a great platform to start. Have Seek Social set you up with a highly visible Facebook page and rake in new followers daily. This site has billions of users, and your next paying customer could be just one click away.


Twitter is home to a diverse group of users with varying tastes and preferences. It’s easy to reach the right audience if you have professionals to help you. Our social media managers know how to use Twitter to promote your brand to your target followers.


Our social media optimisation agency NewCastle is adept at using Instagram as the visual platform to highlight your product or service. We have creatives who can design eye-catching multimedia and content that presents your brand identity and voice to the world.


LinkedIn is the haven of career-driven individuals, helping them form valuable connections in their profession. You can take advantage of this specific demographic by having us build a LinkedIn campaign. Our social media firm NewCastle helps you connect with users who matter.


Pinterest boards are visually attractive, which is why millennial customers prefer this platform when shopping. Tap into this platform’s special appeal by implementing strategies brought to you by our team. We’ll create an impressive board for your brand!


Ensure that your content for Youtube is a hit for viewers when you let our creatives design them for you. We can strengthen your online presence and increase followers by delivering compelling Youtube ads that users can’t help but click.

Our Social Media Services NewCastle

The Seek Social specialists are armed with skills and experience to deliver the best solutions for your unique social media marketing campaign.

Our team performs comprehensive auditing of your existing social media strategies to determine whether they are delivering the right results. It allows us to set the best targets and build a priority list to enhance the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

After the thorough audit, we will discuss how we can achieve our shared goals. We determine the key performance metrics to look out for, ensuring that every activity we implement is working in your brand’s favour. These metrics will shape your strategies.

As a social media growth agency NewCastle, it is our job to design the set of activities that will help you reach targets efficiently. We plan how your content should be presented, setting the tone to match your brand voice. Our team will build the best campaign for you.

The Seek Social team proudly delivers creative and compelling content that you can use for your social media strategies. We make blogs, multimedia, and other shareable content that provides ideal results. We can enhance your online presence with the right content.

Your company can start selling right away with the use of different social media tools. Our team know how to leverage social selling to drive more following and sales. Our social media optimisation agency NewCastle can set you up with a social selling strategy that works!

Social media influencers have become impactful in brand campaigns because their followers love to try the brands they promote. We have wide network of influencers who will add value to your different strategies. They will help you enhance your social engagement.

To ensure holistic online growth, we will introduce paid ad strategies to your campaign. This tool helps you get more clicks in different platforms, improving brand awareness. Our team will make ads that bring more micro-conversions and value to your investment!

Events get people to talk about your band, and it’s high time you include it in your campaign. Seek Social creates interactive experiences that highlights your services or products. Our social media firm NewCastle reels the crowd in to increase your following.

Social media is alive 24/7, which is why it’s crucial to be consistently active in key platforms. Seek Social provides a dedicated account manager that handles your profiles to increase your online presence. Our marketers prioritise your social media growth!

How We Deliver Success

Seek Social can help you navigate social media marketing and gain significant following using our tried and tested techniques. We maximise your company’s return on investment (ROI) by offering these solutions.

Community growth

Our social media agency NewCastle can nurture the engagement you need from the right audience.

Analytics and Insights

Metrics tell when your campaign’s performance is worth the investment.

Social PR

We have a vast network of partners and influencers to help you promote your brand.

Content Marketing

We offer bespoke content marketing services to improve brand recognition and authority in your niche.

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