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Our social media marketing company in Blackpool is the answer to your quest for solutions to increase your following. Seek Social is the leading firm with proven expertise and years of experience in online marketing. We can help you leverage social media as an effective strategy.

Seek Social is your industry-leading agency that designs and delivers influential social media campaigns that introduce your service or product. Trendspotting and trendsetting are a language we speak, giving us the edge in creating unique strategies for your brand.

How We Qualify

Our social media services Blackpool are award-winning and highly praised for being original and out-of-the-box, making them more valuable in the virtual arena. Here are our qualifications that strengthen our pride as a premier online marketing agency.

Social Media Solutions Blackpool


Competing in the virtual arena means having a robust Facebook page with high visibility and authority. Our social media optimisation agency Blackpool knows how to win in this billion-user platform by designing compelling ads and increasing social engagement.


The diversified groups on Twitter can help you connect with users with the fitting taste and preferences for your brand. You can find the appropriate audience by researching and using the right keywords. We can also handle Twitter ads for you.


Instagram is a visual social media platform that helps you show the quality aesthetics of your brand. We can guide you in promoting your service or product on your feed creatively. We are the experts who can make your Instagram account distinctive and easily recognised online.


Career-driven professionals flock to LinkedIn to make valuable connections. If that is your target audience, you can take advantage of the tools in LinkedIn to increase your following. Seek Social is the social media firm Blackpool that can manage your LinkedIn strategy.


The novelty of Pinterest boards appeal to millennial shoppers, making it a go-to for social media marketers. We have the right formula that pushes your product or service to your target audience. Our Pinterest ad strategy will boost your digital marketing campaign!


Youtube is saturated with content creators, making competition stiff in this platform. Seek Social injects creativity in the campaign we create for you, helping improve your online presence. When it comes to Youtube ads, we know you to get the clicks you need.

Our Social Media Services Blackpool

Our team of experts possess the right skill set to deliver ideal solutions for every social media marketing campaign.

Our team of professionals implement a full audit of your existing social media strategies and determine which activities aren’t converting satisfactorily. We will then create a priority list to guide is in crafting the social media campaign that fits your needs.

After the audit, we will deliberate what our shared goals are and how we can best achieve each of them. We will match your preference with our expert insight to create a unique campaign. We identify performance metrics that will measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Our social media growth agency Blackpool will carve the best strategy that includes the right social media optimisation activities for your brand. We will identify key platforms and set the tone for your content, ensuring you can reach your targets effectively.

Seek Social is a leader in creativity when creating meaningful content for your target audience. We know how to build content that users will want to share, increasing your reach. We will create and modify content until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Social selling is now possible with platforms providing tools for users to buy your product or service right from your profile. Our social media optimisation agency Blackpool can set up your social selling strategy in Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Social media can usher brand recognition if you know how to leverage influencers. They can persuade their many followers to try the product or service they promote. We have an extensive network of influencers, helping you boost social engagement for your brand.

Let Seek Social set you up with paid social media strategies and watch how you can hit short-term targets effectively! We know how to create paid ads that increase brand awareness. Our team ensures that you get value for your investment and micro-conversions regularly.

Our firm is adept at organising events to help people discover your company. We design interactive content that allows users to immerse in a unique experience online. Our social media firm Blackpool is the right events management team for you!

Social media works 24/7 in digital marketing, and it presents opportunities you shouldn’t miss. We always have a dedicated account manager to create, revise, and update content for your different platforms. We have marketers who stay passionate in helping you grow.

How We Bring Success

Your success motivates us to do our absolute best in social media marketing. We help you maximise your return on investment (ROI) using these tried and tested solutions.

Community Growth

Our social media agency Blackpool can nurture the engagement you need from the right audience.

Analytics and Insights

Metrics tell when your campaign’s performance is worth the investment.

Social PR

We have a vast network of partners and influencers to help you promote your brand.

Content Marketing

We offer bespoke content marketing services to improve brand recognition and authority in your niche.

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