Seek Social's SEO Support Services Offering

We here at Seek Social are very proud of our SEO expertise, and our top-notch services that cover no fewer than five core disciplines – global SEO, local SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and e-commerce SEO. However, our expertise in the area also means that we know that competency in these core disciplines alone doesn’t make for a successful SEO campaign. There are also other preparatory tasks that should be taken care of before the SEO work proper begins, as well as ‘housekeeping’-style tasks that need to be taken care of as the work is ongoing and after it’s finished to ensure that you get maximum return on investment from your campaign.


The Seek Social team calls these SEO support services, and their importance to your campaign just can’t be underestimated. Without further ado then, let’s take a closer look at the SEO support services that we offer, and how they help your SEO campaign succeed.

Our SEO Support Services

At Seek Social we believe that a thorough audit is a critical initial stage in all successful online marketing strategies, and SEO is no exception. Before you hire us to carry out any on-page or off-page work we will audit your site, but we also offer stand-alone SEO auditing as part of our array of top-quality SEO services too. With us, you have the option to simply see how things are going from an SEO standpoint, with no obligation or commitment beyond that information.

You can rely on a Seek Social SEO audit too, since our audits serve as an in-depth analysis of everything that can impact your ranking – from the content on your website and how well optimised it is, to the quality of your backlinks, to how your site performs technically and how it’s laid out. We’ll look at all of these things (and more), and then compile the results into a detailed but easy-to-understand report that lets both us and you see what the issues on your site are.

This report can serve as a starting point for identifying how you can improve your site’s standing in the search engine rankings, and indeed if you go ahead and partner with us for SEO, we will use the audit to inform and help us develop your bespoke SEO strategy. In addition though don’t forget that even on it’s own, periodic SEO reporting can also help you see and track how your SEO standing is changing over time, and alert you to potential problems before they begin to be felt in full force on your site or within other areas of your business.

To get your FREE no-obligation SEO audit courtesy of the Seek Social team today, just click here and fill out the form. Likewise, good social media marketing and paid ad campaigns will also begin with an audit of the current situations. Click the relevant links to find out more about those areas of digital marketing, and how we can help!

Seek Social love to spread the word about good SEO practice and the benefits that SEO can have for your site and your business when it’s done properly. What’s more, unlike the competition we don’t try to avoid sharing our expertise with others and empowering them to take on SEO tasks themselves. Quite the opposite in fact – the Seek Social team offer SEO training for all aspects of SEO including key areas like on-page SEO, and content writing and optimisation.

The fact that almost any data point within a digital marketing campaign (including SEO) can be tracked, can be a real resource that helps you towards success. However, even as certified industry experts that we are today, we still remember what it felt like to look at all the readouts for the first time, and the feeling of overwhelm that can come with that. When you partner with Seek Social however, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. With us on your side, you have easy access to a team of analytics and data science professionals who will help you to understand what all the numbers mean across Google Analytics, Google Search Console and any other SEO platforms or dashboards that you may be using too, as well as alerting you to the all important messages that those numbers are trying to convey. In addition, we can also create custom reports for you that present all the key takeaways in a clear, concise and accessible manner, and which look great as well.

As part of a successful approach to SEO, you should be updating your content regularly to keep it fresh. When you do so you will either be publishing new pages or updating old ones, so you should also be making sure that your sitemap is updated and resubmitted, and that Google and other search engines are informed so that they can check out your awesome new page. This is important since search engines won’t change your position in the rankings until they’ve evaluated the new or updated page. With our SEO support services and our team working on your behalf though, you don’t need to worry about that, we’ll take care of everything for you!

By keeping track of what pages are on your website alongside its internal links and its external links, Google and other search engines can better understand the layout of your site, and how the pages (and the content on them) relate to each other. When done properly this will have positive effects on your organic rankings, since this information helps search engines understand what your site is about, why you are relevant for the keywords that matter to you, and why you are an authority on the topics relevant to you. An up-to-date, well maintained sitemap also constitutes an accurate description of your site, making it easier for search engines to find everything and stay up to date with the current state of your site.

Playing into the point above, a good internal link structure can be the difference between your site ranking well in Google, or not. This is because that structure – like the sitemap – helps a search engine understand the relationships between pages on your site, and thereby understand how the topics dealt with on each page are related, and what terms each page on your site should be ranking for. Lastly, let’s not forget the human element – an easy to understand site layout and uncomplicated backlink structure also helps the humans that visit your site to find what they’re looking for without hassle. Search engines take note of how humans behave on your site too, and so because of both of these elements, it is important to make sure that your site’s backlink structure is clear and easy to follow.

What benefits does good SEO have for my business?

More Web Traffic

In all kinds of businesses, a well thought-out, well-executed SEO strategy is proven to increase the amount of traffic that a website receives. This is beneficial to a business in a number of ways – first and foremost because web traffic is the online equivalent of people entering a brick and mortar store – the more people you have coming in the better. Beyond this, extra traffic can also help your SEO ranking and the results you’ll see from partnering with us too – and the SEO support services that we offer only help to maximise returns, and help you get the most benefit for your business from that increase in traffic.

More sales, or more uptake on your services

Because good SEO can increase the amount of traffic that your website receives, it can also increase the number of conversions you make – whether that’s people buying your products or services, or signing up for things like email newsletters or loyalty programs

More trust

A good Google ranking is a cornerstone component of a positive online reputation. This is because many people have an innate trust of ‘the system’ that delivers the modern internet experience. They trust the system, and they have a particular trust of Google as the ‘mainstream’ search engine that most people use. That trust also extends to the pages and sites that they see at the top of the Google search results, because ‘Google can be trusted’ and ‘Google wouldn’t steer them wrong’. As a result if your pages rank well, particularly on Google, the people that see them when they run a search are more likely to buy into your marketing message and believe that you’ll deliver a quality product or service too.

Greater discoverability and visibility

On the internet at least, people can be pretty lazy. That trust that they have of ‘the system’ and Google can extend to a kind of ‘Google knows best’ mentality, that sees people use what the search engine gives them rather than doing their own research. As a business though, this can be to your advantage – if you can rank in the top three for a term you’re much more likely to have your link clicked on, but even beyond this, if you’re towards the top of the rankings page it’s more likely that your name will be seen by a user picking from amongst the results. Even if they don’t click your link, if they learn your name they have at least learned who you are, and may recall you the next time they need a service you can offer, or tell their friend who’s in need of that service, and so on.

For more information on our SEO support services, to tell us about your project or to put any questions that you may have to our expert team then don’t hesitate to get in touch – you can do so via our contact us page, or through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn too!