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Optimising ROI via High-Value SEO Services

Search engine optimisation solutions Manchester can be the best way to expand your customer base, but there’s one catch—it has to be done by a professional digital marketer. With several facets, the right SEO Firm Manchester can build a holistic solution to maximise your returns to the fullest.

As a trusted digital marketing agency, Seek Social provides valuable technical and creative expertise for your company’s SEO needs. We can accelerate your digital transformation efficiently with us onboard.

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Top-ranked SEO Company in Manchester

Our track record involves years of experience in search engine optimisation. Therefore, Seek Social has unmatched digital marketing proficiency that you can’t find anywhere. As a reputable agency, we strive to support your company’s online growth, no matter the size or niche.

If you need an SEO firm that offers robust optimisation services, we are the top pick for your team!

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Lead Generation and Search Engine Optimisation Expertise

Driving website traffic is not the only thing that matters. Seek Social as a dependable SEO Agency Manchester can handle reputation management and lead generation, which are two vital elements in any digital marketing strategy.

Our agency has the gears for lead conversion through industry-leading SEO data analysis and execution. We have a unique process that can help bolster your level in the race.

Online Visibility Guaranteed with Seek Social

You can have a beautifully curated website, but what will it matter without an audience to appreciate it? Developing your digital competitiveness is crucial, and landing at the first page of search engines like Google is the secret.

It’s tempting to do a DIY of SEO services Manchester, but does it really work? For us, having a professional to guide you makes all the difference. We can manage the technical aspects of your content and iron out the details for a perfectly executed SEO.

SEO Promotion in Manchester: Seek Social Delivers


Looking forward while staying in the present is one of our skills as digital marketers. We know how to maximise your return on investment (ROI) by developing SEO solutions that are tailored for your business’ future. We offer you satisfactory results that lead to your growth.

Creative solutions

We are a team of experienced creatives who learned how to think out of the box to provide inimitable SEO strategies that work. Seek Social treads the path that no one has dared walk on, coming up with results that best showcase your brand values and identity.


Our SEO promotion in Manchester services include verifying performance metrics to ensure the right results. We design and re-mold SEO solutions based on actual data that help us improve each strategy. We want to deliver services that provide desirable results.


Our team of SEO specialists know that critical thinking is an indispensable element in optimisation. We evaluate every nook and cranny of a strategy to ensure that not even the tiniest of loopholes can affect the result. For every problem, we have the solution.

What is SEO?

SEO is more than just an acronym we mention at every turn to convince you to seek our services. We can’t stress enough how important it is for every business, and here’s why.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the vital process of improving your brand’s online visibility by getting your page to the first page of search engine results. It drives organic traffic, which means that a visitor discovers your page naturally, in contrast to finding your brand via a paid advertisement.

Search engines like Google or Bing will ‘crawl’ or scan your webpage to find essential information about your brand, including its relevance to keyword search terms.

When a page is optimised, it means that your website comes up in search results related to your product or service, which businesses can leverage for free.

What are ranking factors?

When it comes to ranking in search engine page results (SERPs), several factors need to be prioritised to ensure that your page is always at the top. However, these elements can vary from time to time, depending on the algorithm updates of search engines like Google or Bing.

Some of the common ranking factors include content, security, site speed, user experience, and link quality, among others.

Seek Social as a search engine optimisation agency Manchester allows your page to flourish in the online landscape by carefully designing an SEO strategy with all the ranking factors in place. We make sure that your page is relevant and accurate to search results, so you can enjoy higher website traffic and conversion rates.

Seek Social SEO Process

Boosting Your Ranking and Organic Growth

Over the years, we have learned as digital marketers that every business regardless of size, niche, or identity require an efficient SEO process to come up with the best custom-made solutions. Here are the elements of optimisation we apply to our effective strategies.

Technical Website Evaluation and Auditing

As your SEO Company in Manchester, we fully evaluate your existing website to enhance the things that work and overhaul what doesn’t. Through this process, we can benchmark the key strategies and build a better, personalised SEO design. Our services include organising a priority list to ensure all time-conscious efforts maximise ROI effectively.

Keyword Research and Analysis

What is SEO without keywords? In any optimisation strategy, keywords take on a crucial role that are likely to help you rank up search results pages. Seek Social is ahead of the game when it comes to keyword research and anaylsis. With our in-depth expertise, we’ll make sure that this SEO element is working against all odds for you.

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO comprises several moving components that technical experts best understand. This dynamic process has been studied and polished by Seek Social to give you the best on-page search engine optimisation. We are adept in creating an SEO-rich website, leveraging tools like content and multimedia to enrich the overall SEO strategy.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO goes beyond what strategies are being implemented on-page. Linkbuilding is an indispensable element of optimisation, and we’re here to take you through it. We will upgrade your website’s Authority by securing links in other trustworthy websites. It’s the virtual vote of confidence for your brand, and we’re here to ensure your links are high-quality and organic.

Content Development and Marketing

Don’t believe ‘experts’ who say content is inflexible once it’s up and running on the website. Seek Social writers and SEO experts know that content creation is a process and therefore can be developed to fit the current landscape. We are well-versed in producing powerful content that performs well in terms of lead generation and conversion.

Social Engagement

If you want to meet new people and find potential customers, the online platform is now the best place to do that. Our SEO specialists can enhance your brand’s social engagement by highlighting your products and services. We can drive more traffic to your website and help you become a hot topic and go-to brand in the virtual world!

Local SEO

Growing business within your locale can be done through SEO, but not many are aware of this technique. With Seek Social as your digital marketing experts, we can leverage all local SEO tools like Google listings, targeted keywords, geolocation prioritization, and more to rank up your brand’s relevance and authority in the local market.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation Services

Seek Social is a versatile SEO company in Manchester, with laser focus in the technical aspect of optimisation while also taking full advantage of other strategies like PPC and eCommerce. We have in-depth knowledge in optimising ad content and keywords that increase product or service value. We’ll ensure satisfactory returns on your paid advertising investment.

Google Algorithmic Updates

Google is a vital entity in any digital marketing effort, and understanding its algorithm is a process that SEO experts take the time to learn. Our professionals are agile in enhancing your top-ranking page to match the current algorithm and ensure that it doesn’t tumble from the ranks. We’re always a step ahead when it comes to Google updates!

SEO Solutions at a Glance

General SEO

Full SEO audit

Keyword research and analysis

Content creation and development

Mobile SEO

Technical SEO

On-Page optimisation

Off-page optimisation

Page Speed optimisation

User experience and Social signals

Analytics and reporting

eCommerce SEO

Full SEO audit

eCommerce keyword research and analysis

Content marketing

On-Page optimisation for eCommerce sites

Link-building and Social media optimisation

Technical SEO

Schema Markup

Competitive Analysis

Full Reporting to CMO

Reviews indexing

Local SEO

Full SEO audit

Local SEO keyword research and analysis

Google Local Packs

Google My Business optimisation

Mobile SEO

Location-specific About Us page

Online directories optimisation

Reputation management

Content creation and development

Visitor and customer data tracking

Seek Social SEO Strategy: What We Offer

Our SEO Firm Manchester offers tailor-made optimisation strategies that carve the best uphill pathway towards the top of search results. We create SEO-friendly content using our technical know-how to bring maximised ROI for your brand.

We offer a wide range of SEO services that go beyond stuffing keywords on your website. Our brand of optimisation is more than simply serving the usual—our customers receive specialised solutions courtesy of Seek Social!

eCommerce SEO

If you are handling a big eCommerce platform, planning and organising the SEO elements for every product can give you a big headache. We’re here to remedy that with our set of tools that make eCommerce SEO a breeze. We are experts in meeting the challenge of optimising and uniquely describing each product—nothing gets left behind.

Voice Search SEO

In today’s scene, voice search is becoming increasingly common as a text search. The likes of Siri and Alexa has made it possible for online users of all ages to find what they’re looking for by a simple click of that mic button. It’s said that voice searches will be the future of SEO, and our experts are already geared up for this prospect.

International SEO

The surge of international shipping and online work has made offering products and services across international borders a possibility. Seek Social can help you accomplish multinational recognition by upping our SEO efforts. With our technical expertise, we can deliver elements like ccTLDs and hreflang that are international elements of optimisation.

Mobile SEO

In 2020, the number of mobile users has ballooned to almost seven million. With such a massive fraction of people becoming more mobile-oriented, every business can find potential in converting these users to potential customers. Seek Social can help you effectively target the right audience through mobile optimisation strategies.

Local SEO

There’s power in having a solid SEO strategy that targets your local audience. We know how to craft a targeted approach that highlights your products and services to a specific area. After all, around 30% of mobile queries are location-based. We can help you appear on the top results for such searches and get a substantial following right from your locale.

Maiden SEO Plan

New websites require an organised and cohesive SEO checklist that should be followed to achieve positive outcomes right from the get-go. We curate a customised strategy based on your brand identity and values, and considers the current trends in optimisation. You might be a new competitor, but a Seek Social SEO plan will give you the edge you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need SEO?

SEO promotes your website without having to spend more than you can afford for the advertising budget. It helps your page secure a top spot in search engine results, improving the trustworthiness of your brand. SEO ushers organic search listing, which is proven to have greater dividends than paid search over time.

SEO Strategy—what does it mean?

Hearing the words SEO strategy can mean many different ways, depending on who you’re asking. For us digital marketers, an SEO strategy is a holistic approach to boosting keyword rankings, whether in Google, Bing, or other search engines.

It’s our job to grow your site traffic by effectively planning, designing, and implementing key optimisation services such as keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO audit, content creation, and more to craft a tailored solution for your brand.

How do I know that my Seek Social SEO strategy is working?

We don’t make a habit of leaving our Seek Social clients in the dark. Every step of the way, we make sure that you get all the information you need through regular reporting of each strategy we implement. We want you to know what goes on with your ongoing campaign and show you accurate and quantifiable results.

With us as your partner, we’ll help you see and understand the level of optimisation effort we render for your brand.

Why hire an SEO Specialist?

We do not recommend going the Do-it-yourself route for SEO because there are a lot of technicalities you need to incorporate to make any campaign successful. You need a search engine optimisation specialist who knows what needs to be incorporated, shelved, or modified to get positive outcomes all the time.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

Rather than thinking of SEO and PPC as opposing strategies, these two elements of digital marketing are better incorporated and aligned. While PPC can be leveraged to give you quick results, SEO can help you reach long-term goals. With both working at the same time, you get better conversion rates, lead generation, and eventually maximized ROI and ROAS.

What is White Hat SEO?

When we say SEO, we refer to White Hat SEO, which includes the best industry practices that conform to the rules and regulations of search engines. With this element, we ensure that your campaign is effective in terms of lead generation and site traffic growth. Seek Social only uses techniques that are unique yet meets the requirements and policies set by Google and other search engines.

Why did my page disappear from search engine results page?

There are several ranking factors that affect the performance of your page in organic searches. These elements change from time to time, which could also affect your staying power in the ranks. However, keeping track of algorithm updates and as well as making sure your content and SEO remains relevant ensures that you keep your spot.

This dilemma is the reason why you need SEO professionals to handle your campaign—and Seek Social is one of the best in Manchester you can ever find.

Our Other Key Services

Content Strategy Development

Crafting a sound content marketing plan goes a long way in attracting an audience and your future customers. Content also helps improve your page’s ranking. As your strategist, we can curate innovative, up-to-date content that effectively engages the target audience.

PPC Advertising

In business, search engines are your virtual billboard. With an effective Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign, you can increase your site traffic instantly. We know how to maximise your PPC budget and create compelling ads that every user would want to click.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing takes more than posting a status update and letting it get buried under a pile of other posts. When used right, social media can be the platform to develop and nurture valuable customer relationships. We help boost your online presence day by day.

Web Design and Development

There’s an ongoing competition on the web, and we want your brand to be front and centre of it. Our SEO Agency Manchester can upgrade the technical and aesthetic aspects of your website. We deliver fresh and custom-tailored solutions for your platform.

Graphic Design

There’s so much value to have with visual marketing strategies, and it’s our job to provide it for you. Our team of graphic designers in London helped create award-winning content for our clients. Images, videos, infographics—anything the eyes can see, we can illustrate.


With brands, the smallest details can make a lifetime of difference. Seek Social helps you build a lasting impression on customers through great branding, fostering trust, and meaningful connections. We’re your partners in securing your place in the market.

Happy Clients

Stuart Mitchell

Paula is an excellent communicator both with the written and spoken word. She has worked on the mokanix marketing strategy in conjunction with the rest of the Seek Social team and taken our business to the next level already. Her quality of work, insight into business and attention to detail are excellent. She has taken the time to get to know our business and continues to provide excellent support. Add to that a warm, friendly and funny personality, she is a joy to work with.

0 (1)

Louise Collen

I worked with Paula and her team to produce social media graphics and headers for a B2B campaign. The work produced was exactly what I was hoping for - beautifully designed graphics that fit our brand. Communication was smooth and timely with regular updates fitted to my schedule. I would 100% recommend Seek Social and would be more than happy to return to them for future projects.

0 (2)

Lucile Segalen

After looking and encountering various SEO agencies for my company's urgent needs, Paula contacted me and came up with a cost-efficient solution according to the brief remote meeting we had. The audit is now done: the results were presented in a very clear way and the work was quickly & well-done. A few days after, we are moving all of our digital matters to Seek Social (website support + SEO) because of their excellent client service, the quality of their expertise translated in their deliverable, and their love and passion for what they do. Best decision of the year so far! Thank you Paula for taking the time to listen to our project and we can't wait to start working on new ones with you and your team!

0 (3)

Sam Gent

Paula and her team have been working with us for around a year. There work has always been second to none and the advice and support given is always welcomed. I highly recommend Paula and her team at Seek Social Ltd. A great company.

0 (4)

Peter Northwood

I've been using Seek Social for a little over 6 months now and absolutely love what they are doing for the Inteligex business! We use them for SEO, PPC and Website Support/Development. Seek Social have reduced our customer CPA to the lowest we've ever seen, spun up a brand new website in less than a month and give step by step support on funnel management and conversion. I can thoroughly recommend Paula and her team, they are flexible, innovative thinkers and always have the best interests of my business at heart.

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