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If you are on the quest to solidifying your online presence, you need a reliable digital marketing team that knows search engine optimisation from inside out. Seek Social is a top SEO company in Bury that provides these services and more, helping you boost your reach.

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Our professionals can guide you towards a successful digital journey. We have received praises for our tailored SEO strategies and campaigns. As a search engine optimisation agency Bury, we work to increase your online following using proven expertise and techniques.

Acclaimed Digital Marketers

Seek Social is a leading SEO agency Bury. Our competent team has served the industry for years, guaranteeing our skills in optimisation. It is our passion and goal to help you reach your targets in the best and fastest way possible.

Why choose Seek Social?


Your future in digital marketing can only be secured if you have successful strategies today. You need SEO campaigns that help you stay relevant yet versatile. Our team ensures your strategies are apt for the current trend while also getting ready for the changes of tomorrow.

Creative pool of experts

Our search engine marketing agency Bury delivers bespoke solutions based on your niche. Seek Social is a talented bunch of professionals who know the do’s and don’ts of SEO. We have aided several clients and companies in digital marketing, and we can lend you a hand, too.

Metrics-centric campaigns

Our SEO solutions Bury are made to be measured. We monitor and evaluate key performance metrics to ensure consistent results. We customise strategies based on cold, hard facts, so that your digital marketing plan is well-structured and tailored for your needs.

Problem solvers

When we take on any campaign, we always put our thinking cap on and inspect for loopholes and challenges that can affect our success. Our team provides solutions for every possible issue before they can cause irreversible losses for your brand.

Our SEO Process

Growing Organically and Climbing the Ranks

Our SEO agency Bury combines several strategies and execute a stringent process to carve a desirable digital marketing path. Seek Social is adept at handling any campaign with success as the main goal.

Our SEO firm Bury assesses your existing optimisation strategies to know what needs to be added, improved, or removed. We take benchmark tactics and create a priority list of the SEO activities that goes well with your sales funnel and targets.

Keywords play an indispensable part in digital marketing. Our experts are efficient at performing keyword research and know how to analyse which ones will work best for your brand. We will also take competitor cues to better understand what keywords to avoid.

SEO requires a high level of technical expertise to be successful. Our specialists can optimise your digital marketing strategy and manage efforts within your website. We can curate SEO-rich pages that stay relevant and informative.

We provide a holistic optimisation campaign, which is why we also handle off-page SEO activities to guarantee your online growth. Our search engine optimisation agency Bury performs tasks such as link building and influencer outreach to build your digital path.

Our experts know how to generate leads using top quality content that defines your brand. We have a team of writers, developers, and designers that know how to highlight your products and services. We know how to drive site traffic and increase lead generation simultaneously!

Tapping into social media is the new go-to for digital marketing. Our team can create strategies that improve social engagement, following, and brand recognition. We know how to navigate different platforms and take you to a new level of social media growth.

To complement SEO efforst, we also ensure you get better local SEO rankings to give your brand more following locally. Our SEO company in Bury can use Google listings and targeted keywords to your advantage so you can reach out to nearby audience.

Our search engine marketing agency Bury implements core strategies like eCommerce and PPC to bring holistic optimisation to your brand. We help you achieve success by leveraging high-quality keywords and content, ensuring your return on investment (ROI) is maximised.

Google algorithm can dictate your search rankings. Our experts use it as a guide in building tailored digital marketing campaigns. Our strategies are matched with algorithm updates so that you are consistently high-ranking and relevant in your niche.

Our SEO Solutions Bury

General SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Content creation & development
  • Mobile SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Page Speed improvement
  • User experience & Social signal
  • Analytics and report creation

eCommerce SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • E-Commerce keyword research & analysis
  • Content marketing
  • On-Page optimisation for eCommerce sites
  • Link-building 
  • Technical SEO
  • Social media optimisation
  • Schema Markup
  • Competitive Analysis
  • CMO full report
  • Reviews indexing

Local SEO

  • Full optimisation audit
  • Local SEO keyword research and review
  • Local Pack for Google
  • Google My Business or GMB streamlining
  • Mobile SEO
  • Location-centric About Us page
  • Online directories optimisation
  • Reputation management
  • Content creation
  • Visitor and client data tracking

Be visible online

Seek Social is here to make your brand digitally competitive. Let’s find the right audience and increase your site traffic using our advanced optimisation techniques. Together, we’ll help you climb the ranks in search engines.

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