TV & Video Advertising

When people think of advertising, one of the first advertising channels they think of is TV advertising. This is a double-edged sword as it helps to make TV advertising highly effective, but with that effectiveness also comes competition, and a high bar in terms of the quality that’s needed if you want to make it to air.

That being the case, it’s wise to enlist the help of a specialist TV advertising agency to help ensure that any TV ads you create are high quality, while still getting your message across effectively to your target audience. Seek Social is the North West’s leading TV advertising agency, and we can help you do exactly that – also ensuring that you get the most out of your advertising and production budget, and that your ROI on each ad and campaign is maximised.

How are we going to do that? Read on and let the team at our TV advertising agency tell you!

The Different Types Of Ads

Of course, not all ads (or ad projects) are the same – ads can have different goals, and of course the people commissioning them will have different tastes, expectations and budgets that need to be respected. However, Seek Social is confident that no matter your needs, as the top TV advertising agency in the North West, we can create something great that meets your brief.

What we do create for you however will depend on the end goal of the ad – the thing that it is designed to do (or to get the audience to do). There are many different end goals, and hence many different types of ad, but our TV advertising agency will look at some of the most popular in the column to the right:

A Note on PSA's

Public Service Announcements are something that we’ve seen a lot more of since the pandemic started, and yet again they are different from product or event ads. Some may not even call a PSA an ad, since their purpose is not to ‘sell’ but to ‘inform’.

However, on television such announcements are usually seen in the commercial breaks between programmes – so they must deliver their message in the same way as a standard commercial ad, and be bound by the same constraints.

That’s what makes having the expertise of a TV advertising agency like Seek Social useful in these cases. We know how to get the eyes of a TV audience on your announcement, and get you all-important message across in a way that they’ll remember.

You don’t need the help of our expert TV advertising agency to know that product ads are probably the most common type of video ad that we see on our screens today. The very first TV ad on the UK was a product ad (for toothpaste, believe it or not!) and they’ve been going strong ever since.

As we’ve mentioned above however, that makes for strong competition in this area, so you’ll definitely want the support of Manchester’s top TV advertising agency on your side to get your product noticed… And that’s not because your product isn’t great, it’s just that the sheer volume of product ads out there means it really is that easy to get lost in the shuffle… Join forces with us to avoid that!

Sales ads are slightly different from regular product ads in that they are usually time-sensitive, and may have certain eligibility criteria that need to be stated in the ad itself. As such, these become elements that must be worked into your ad, and ‘worked around’ to an extent.

Add in the extra pressure of needing an ad that works as quickly as possible, getting people interested and in store before the sale is over, and it’s hard to see why the help of an expert TV advertising agency like Seek Social can be of great assistance!

Brand awareness ads are different from regular product ads in that there isn’t necessarily a product to make the centre-point of your ad. Instead, brand awareness ads are focused more on selling the values and principles that your brand stands for, to the demographics your brand is most interested in selling to.

The themes in play here can be quite abstract and difficult to portray accurately, so help from a TV advertising agency can again be a very useful thing to have on your side when creating a brand awareness ad.

Sometimes though, the ‘thing’ that you’re selling isnt a product, it’s an event of some sort – and if that’s the case then TV ads and the help of a TV advertising agency can definitely help you get the word out there about your event and drive interest.

It’s true that events can be tougher to market than physical products – and that’s largely because your selling something that isn’t ‘a definite thing’ yet – there’s always scope for change. Participants might pull out, the weather might not play ball, people who are interested might not be able to attend on particular dates – but still, you can trust a top-quality TV advertising agency like Seek Social to help you navigate these potential issues and create a top-drawer ad in the process!

Here, we’re talking about your standard TV commercial. We’ve all seen them, but Seek Social are also sure that there are some that you remember better than others. Our goal is to make that kind of impression upon your audience, and because we’re a Sky advertising partner, you can be sure that the staff at this TV advertising agency know how to do so successfully!

YouTube is where TV, Social Media and Advertising meet. You need to know about all three to truly be successful on this platform. Thankfully however – because we’re a full service digital marketing agency as well as a TV advertising agency – when you choose to partner with Seek Social you can count on top-level support in each of those areas!

Twitch is a lot like YouTube in technical terms – but the audience can be a lot more niche. Twitch is the go-to platform for video game streaming, so if you’re marketing a product aimed at gamers, or the demographics that contain a lot of gamers, this could be a really lucrative platform for you.

Video advertising can of course also be used on social media. The main issues here being that each platform will have it’s own specifications for video in terms of things like resolution, display size, even total video length. As such, these limitations or expectations will have an impact on how you shoot your footage or present your message – thankfully again, because we’re a leading digital marketing agency as well as a TV advertising agency, Seek Social can help you navigate these challenges without issue!

Different Platforms

Not every piece of print media is a flyer, and likewise not every piece of video-based advertising can be the same. Different audiences have different tastes and in order for your advertising to be successful you need to adapt to those tastes – and quite literally ‘give the people what they want’. Fortunately, our TV advertising agency knows these platforms really well. We can adapt what we do to what the audience expects, and help your ads be successful!

What Are Your Goals?

‘What an advertisement is meant to do’ quite understandably also has a big effect on it’s content. We’re sure you didn’t need a TV advertising agency to tell you that – but that’s the easy part. The tricky part is knowing what to present to your audience in order to get them to do the thing you want them to do. That’s where having the help of a top-quality TV advertising agency can really help you out, and you can trust the Seek Social team to get the message right and drive conversions for your business!

If you’re looking to make more sales, then the focus will be either on the capabilities of your product, the problems it solves, or any special sales offers that mean people can buy it for less.

Sometimes people just aren’t ready to buy though – and yet even if that’s the case you can still market successfully to people by offering something for a small fee (or even free), that will remind them to come back to you when they are in a position to make a purchase. Something like a newsletter or membership scheme works great here – but again because you’re not dealing with a specific ‘item’ to extoll the virtues of, marketing these can be tricky. However, you can trust Seek Social to get this right for you!

With engagement, the focus is on getting people to talk to you – on social media we might pose a question and ask for responses in the comments to achieve this, or on TV we may provide a phone number and invite people to call in. Either way, the most important thing is to be inciting a response from your audience – and that’s something Seek Social are confident that we can achieve.

Here, we’re even further towards the top of the sales funnel – targeting people who may not have an immediate need for your product, but to whom it may be useful in the future. Essentially here we want to put you ‘on someone’s radar’ so that the next time they need your product, they consider you.