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Seek Social have provided Search Engines Optimisation UK businesses can rely on for a long time now. We’re highly experienced in our field, but we know that many people – including business owners – are new to the world of SEO, and even digital marketing in general. You can learn more about our various other digital marketing services elsewhere on our site, while this page focuses more on our SEO work, and the top-notch service that you can expect as a Seek Social customer. Let’s take a look!

First Up - How Do Search Engines Work?

Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly working to understand which pages on the web are most relevant to each user’s query. They do this by analyzing the content of your page, as well as how many other sites link to yours and what those sites say about your page.

Search engines use algorithms (a series of steps) to decide what your page is about based on these factors and others, such as:

  • The words or phrases used in the text on a webpage;
  • How often certain words appear;
  • The proximity of certain words within a sentence or paragraph (for example, “laptop mouse” has more weight when it appears close together than if it were separated by several lines);
  • Whether any terms are underlined (for example, if you’re looking for computer mice then someone might place an extra emphasis on “mouse” when linking back);
  • How long people stay on a given site after clicking through from results like Google’s organic search or Bing’s image carousels.

The Benefits of Good SEO For Your Business

There are many benefits to having a website that is well optimized for search engines. Amongst those benefits you’ll find the following key takeaways:

  • You will get more traffic to your website.
  • You will have a higher organic search ranking.
  • This increased ranking leads to a greater amount of trust and faith in you from the people visiting your site
  • All of this increases conversions, sales, and revenue for your business.

Types of SEO

On-page and off-page optimization are the two means of implementing an SEO strategy, but there are also a number of different types of SEO strategy that you can use to improve your website’s search engine results ranking, depending on your goals. ‘Local SEO‘ using keywords including geolocation (e.g., “New York City dentist” or “dentist near me”) is one such approach, and can help boost visibility in local searches by using the geo-targeting feature on Google Maps and other platforms that use geotargeting technology (such as Yelp). ‘Ecommerce SEO‘ on the other hand, is designed to specifically help sites with an online webstore, by getting your product pages to rank well – meaning that when people google the products in your store, it’s your store’s product page they see at the top of the rankings, and not your competitors’.

Seek Social's SEO Service Offering

Auditing, Keyword Research & Prep

With Seek Social, SEO starts with an audit. This helps us to identify what your site is doing well and where there are issues. We will also use this initial audit to inform the development of your SEO strategy.


A key area of SEO preparation is keyword research. This is where we use our SEO knowledge and expertise to identify the key terms that we want to be picked up when your site is read – the terms that we want to rank for. This is an important part of preparation because it is at this stage that keywords will first be assigned to pages, and the keyword each page is assigned will affect how it is reworked and how it’s content is rewritten in the on-page optimisation stage.

Site Wide Tasks

There are two main tasks that affect the whole of your site that should be taken care of early on in any SEO project, and the first of these is a thorough check of your internal linking structure. The internal links on your website are like a roadmap to other pages on your site. If the information in one page is relevant to another page, you want people who visit the first page to be able to find their way over there easily. This can be done by using keywords, phrases and words that are related to the content of each page in your internal navigation bar or breadcrumbs navigation system. It’s also important that these links take users where they expect them too go – i.e., if someone searches for “dogs” and clicks on a link under dogs on your website, they should end up at another page with information about dogs rather than being taken back somewhere else entirely unrelated (like if they clicked on home first).


In addition to this however, you should also make sure that your sitemap is up-to-date and has been submitted properly with Google Search Console (Formerly Google Webmaster Tools) so search engines can better understand how your site is laid out. This helps crawlers find new pages faster because they don’t have as much work trying to figure out where everything lives. instead, everything is presented to them in a straightforward and easy to understand way – but only if you keep that sitemap up to date, and an accurate reflection or representation of your site as it currently is!

Page By Page Optimization

On page optimization is a process that involves making minor changes to the content and structure of your website’s individual web pages. There are a number of different elements on every web page that can influence how it performs from an SEO standpoint, so our team will go through each of your pages and undertake those tasks to optimise each page for it’s assigned keyword. This may involve changing some text, adding image tags and alt text or creating new internal links between pages on your site, as well as updating any meta data associated with them (such as title tags).


By undertaking these tasks individually, we are able to ensure that they are completed in the most effective manner possible; ensuring maximum impact with minimum effort!

Backlink Creation & Other Off Page SEO Tasks

Good on page SEO is a great thing for your site to have, but alone, it will not make for a successful SEO strategy. Off-page SEO also needs to be included in your strategy for it to be truly effective. Off-page SEO primarily consists of various forms of ‘link building’ – adding links to your site on other sites across the internet. This task of link building can be accomplished  in a number of ways as we just alluded to – including via business directory submissions, guest blogging, social media posting, and others.


However, it’s important to properly vet the sites on which you’re adding backlinks. Google and the other search engines do this, and they are able to tell highly knowledgeable, reputable sources of backlinks from poor ones. You need to be able to do this too, because the quality of your backlinks is one of the things that search engines look at when deciding where to place your page in the rankings.


With Seek Social on your side however, you don’t have that worry. Our team of experts are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to backlink creation, we can curate your backlinks effectively, and manage your ‘disavow list’ on Google to make sure that you’re getting the most positive influence from your backlinks as possible.

The Last Word

So, we hope that the paragraphs above have given you a sound introduction to the world of SEO and what it can do for your business. However, don’t forget that who is doing the work has a big effect on how any SEO campaign turns out. You need an SEO provider you can trust, and the Seek Social team would hope that our proven track record of success (which you can read more about on our ‘case studies‘ page) and our strict adherence to proven ‘white-hat’ SEO tactics and best practice gives you the peace of mind you need to contact us today and become a Seek Social client.

If you would like more information about any of our services or have any questions that you’d like to put to us, you can use our contact us page for that too, or reach out to us via social media, on  Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!