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Implementing an effective marketing strategy entails using both long-term and short-term tools to arrive at satisfactory results. Pay per click (PPC) is one of the proven activities in digital marketing that can take you closer to your targets—increased site traffic and lead generation.
Seek Social offers excellent PPC services Nottingham that you can rely on to maximise your return on investment (ROI) at the quickest possible time.

Why Choose Our Google Paid advertising agency in Nottingham?

Number one ppc agency in nottingham


Seek Social is a top Pay per click agency Nottingham composed of professionals in SEO and Google Ads. We have the expertise and experience to tackle marketing activities thatbring your goals closer. Our team can create a campaign that ups your link clicks and site visits.



What you spend on digital marketing should be enough to get the results you want but not too much that it hurts your pocket. Our pay-as-you-go model for PPC solutions Nottingham can provide that much-needed savings for you. You get tailored campaigns at a price you can appreciate.

Targeted Approach

Targeted Approach

When we make paid ads, we make sure the right audience finds it quickly. We manage ad content and its strategic placement to ensure that potential customers can spot it right away. Our team can organise your paid ads to expand your reach and maximise your ROI.

PPC report for clients

Comprehensive Reporting

Our Google paid advertising campaigns Nottingham are designed to be transparent—we will inform you of the activities and results that transpire. We always update you with the facts and let you in on the campaign every step of the way.

create PPC strategies in nottingham

Strategic Plans

Our firmcreates strategies that can easily be tweaked to meet current trends and standards. We are up-to-date with algorithm updates and ad guidelines to ensure that your paid ads always convert. We help you stay competitive and relevant always.

Seek Social: Your PPC Company Nottingham

If you are looking to hire PPC specialists, our company has the expertise and tools to create high-quality paid ads.

AB Testing

A/B Testing

The right Pay per click Agency Nottingham knows that paid ads should be customized. Seek Social performs robust A/B testing on every campaign using intelligent software that solidifies the strategy. This vital tool helps provide quantifiable insights that shape a results-driven campaign.

PPC Specialists

Bid Management

Manual updates of product bids can be time-consuming and cumbersome. With us at the helm of your PPC campaign, you can worry less because we have a tried and tested bid management system that makes everything more comfortable to handle.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Nasdaq has reported that 95% of consumer purchases will be made via eCommerce by 2024. Optimizing Google paid advertising campaigns is one way of ensuring that your brand's product listings and promotions are eye-catching and frontrunning.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads

Our PPC Firm Nottingham include enticing every potential customer—even those who exited your website too soon. You can rely on us to provide a remarketing strategy that reignites their interest in your brand and brings them back to your page for much longer.

google ad campaign optimization

Google Display Ads

To reinforce your digital marketing strategy, you need to leverage Google Display Ads that act like posters or billboards that engage the audience. Our graphic designers are skilledat creating visual ads that capture the essence of your product or service.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

Opting in Google's dynamic ads targeting helps the search engine crawl your site and present a relevant search ad matching a user's query. This automatic feature can boost website traffic and online visibility, creating positive results for your strategy.

Video Campaign

Video Campaign

Video marketing is a vital ingredient of any PPC campaign that should demonstrate the strength of a product or service. Seek Social can help you create video ads that compel potential customers to notice and get a clearer understanding of your brand.

social media experts

Paid Social

Social media is where you can meet potential customers who can influence other people to patronise your brand. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow businesses to secure ad placements and reach the right user demographics.

Our Google PPC Agency Nottingham Approach

Seek Social is committed to building PPC campaigns from the ground up. We want your brand to be recognised for paid ads that boast originality and creativity. Our team always shows up to work with the best ideas and skills to make sure that you get what you pay for and more.

Strategy Creation

Strategy Creation

We align your goals with the sales funnel to ensure the clicks can successfully convert to a purchase. Our custom-tailored strategies can surely increase potential returns for you.

Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Keyword and Competitor Analysis

As digital marketers, we know how to reach your target audience effectively. We perform keyword research and analysis and use competitor cues to learn what makes a strategy successful.

Paid Campaign Setup

Paid Campaign Setup

Our PPC agency Nottingham will handle all elements of your paid ads from start to finish. We will also manage your analytics and budget allocation.

Accurate Tracking

Accurate Tracking

Conversion rates are a vital metric in paid online advertising, which is why we monitor your numbers and performance regularly.

ppc work plan in nottingham

Campaign Review and Optimisation

Seek Social optimises your campaign to maintain a high level of conversion. We inspect every aspect of the campaign to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

One crucial PPC goal is to increase your site’s lead generation and conversion rate. Our experts can help improve your sales without overstepping the ad budget.

Improve ROI-ROAS

Improve ROI/ROAS

To make sure that your ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS) are maximised, we build campaigns that consistently perform and convert.


Do we need PPC?

Pay per click strategies can help your business achieve brand awareness, lead generation, sales, and a lot more benefits. It's quick to set up and even faster to get short-term results, as long as the campaign remains optimised—and that is why you need Seek Social experts to help you set up a sound PPC strategy.

Why hire a PPC specialist?

Seek Social PPC pros are focused on delivering outstanding ROI by providing end-to-end PPC servicesNottinghamfrom creating to tracking and optimising the campaign to help you reach your goals effectively. As specialists, we apply industry best practices and years' worth of experience to curate the best strategy for your brand.

Which is better, PPC, or SEO?

Rather than thinking of SEO and PPC as opposing strategies, these two elements of digital marketing are better incorporated and aligned. While SEO can help you reach long-term goals, PPC can be leveraged to give you quick results. With both working at the same time, you get better conversion rates, lead generation, and eventually maximized ROI and ROAS.

Happy Clients

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Kelvin Ray Stevenson

The Seek Social team headed by Paula is one of the best hires we’ve had. They managed to help us get the brand recognition we didn’t have a year ago. Pay-per-click is best handled by experts and we have proven it exactly when they started creating our campaigns. We’re not going back to DIYs again!

Aries Ingless

You can’t find a PPC agency as adept as Seek Social, that much we can say. They managed our pay-per-click strategies with ease and we still wonder up to this day if we could’ve been this successful if we didn’t have them. Big thanks to this amazing team.

Olga Baker

We used to think that a small company like us in Nottingham had no match with bigger competitors, but PPC is a wonderful thing—more so that Seek Social is handling it for us. Thank you, Paula and the rest of the group!

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