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Every digital marketing campaign should be supplemented with strategies like pay-per-click or PPC to hit short-term targets. These tactics are proven to deliver excellent results that enhance lead generation efforts and drive site traffic.

PPC is an online marketing staple, and our team of experts at Seek Social is ready to bring you the benefits of this proven strategy.

Why Seek Social?


Our PPC agency Blackpool is composed of Google Ads and SEO professionals. We manage your pay-per-click strategies efficiently and deliver the short-term success that’s worth your investment. Our experts are adept at creating suitable campaigns for your brand.


Digital marketing can be expensive for marketers who neglect return on investment (ROI). Fortunately, our PPC solutions Blackpool are affordable because you will only pay for services your brand needs. We customise strategies and help you save up for other marketing tactics.

Targeted approach

We deliver efficient Google paid advertising campaigns Blackpool straight to your target audience. Our approach to PPC is client-centric, helping you reach your potential customers faster. Our professionals know the best way to place your ads for better visibility.

Comprehensive reporting

Our campaigns come with transparent reporting regarding their performance and other key metrics. We provide our clients with regular updates to ensure honesty and integrity in every project. With us as partners, you will always be informed.

Strategic planning

You can win the digital marketing competition if you have the best strategies in place. We learn current trends and industry standards to ensure that your campaign is performing satisfactorily. We always create winning campaigns to keep your brand competitive.

Seek Social: Your PPC Agency Blackpool

Get customised PPC campaigns by hiring our best specialists. Our tools and experience allow us to curate high-quality paid ads for you.

Our pay per click agency Blackpool is adept at creating tailored ads that usher your success in the digital world. We do strict A/B testing using high-quality software to build results-driven campaigns. This tool is indispensable in making well-structured strategies.

Updating bids manually eats up time you can allot on doing other tasks. Our PPC specialists can do the job for you with our bid management system. Now, your paid ads will work in the background while you focus on other aspects of your digital marketing campaign.

Current purchasing habits include online shopping and eCommerce, and it will persist in the years to come according to Nasdaq. Having a Google Shopping ad strategy helps you boost your online marketing stats, ensuring competitive product or service listings for you.

Never worry about losing site visitors because our PPC solutions Blackpool can help you reel them back in. We know how to curate effective remarketing strategies for people who leave your page too soon. We will create a sure-fire ad that will make them want to click and stay.

PPC tools like Google Display Ads add a layer of ingenuity to your strategies. We help strengthen your digital marketing campaign by creating such ads that boost your brand’s online engagement. Our designers can build compelling ads your potential customers will find.

Google Dynamic Ads help your webpages appear more frequently in relevant searches. We can take advantage of this tactic by designing dynamic ads that catch the viewer’s eye. This tool is beneficial in strengthening your overall PPC campaign.

Valuable leads can make buying decisions based on the ads you publish. Our professionals leverage video campaigns to display your brand’s strengths and highlights. We inspire online users to explore what you can offer to them, getting them hooked with captivating videos.

Social media is home to users planning their next purchase, and one of them could be your client. We are skilled at handling paid social strategies that enhance your online engagement. The ads we push on Facebook, Twitter, and more all work towards boosting your visibility.

Our Approach

Seek Social builds PPC strategies that boasts creativity and originality. Here are our solutions for your bespoke pay per click campaign.

Strategy Creation

Our team observes a tailored process when it comes to strategy creation. We make sure that the sales funnel and goals are in line with each other.

Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Our PPC firm Blackpool performs stringent keyword research and take competitor cues to learn the makings of a successful strategy.
To ensure better results, our Google paid advertising agency Blackpool manages analytics, budget allocation, and other aspects of the campaign from start to finish.

Accurate Tracking.

Metrics are crucial in paid advertising, and it includes conversion rates. Our team monitors your statistics and performance regularly to ensure consistent results.

Campaign Review and Optimisation

We work to maintain top conversion levels for your campaign. We optimise strategies and keep an eye on them to make sure they run smoothly.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our experts are adept at gaining favourable conversion rates and lead generation for you. We will help increase your sales without going over the ad budget.

Improve ROI/ROAS

We maximise your return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) by creating campaigns that perform and convert at their best.

Reliable PPC Agency Blackpool

Pay per click is the best solution for short-term targets that eventually lead to higher sales and more micro-conversions. Seek Social is your leading agency that works with you to create PPC campaigns fit for your brand. Be one of our successful clients today!

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