Finding a media agency Preston trusts

Seek Social is a strategic and creative digital marketing agency in Manchester and Preston. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to small local businesses.


As a multi-skilled team, we provide our clients with a full marketing campaign – not just a website or social media content. As a business which started small, we understand your commercial needs, and take the time to understand your audience.


In an initial consultation with our team, there’s no pressure, we just want to see whether our services are a good fit for your project. You share what you’re looking to achieve, be it more followers or better conversion rates on your app, and we’ll find a solution.

Results-driven marketing

Our digital marketing services are always informed by results – we only implement a marketing strategy which we know will work. Branding and targeted advertising are two of our cornerstone services, along with SEO and website development. We offer an integrated marketing campaign, as we know that each aspect of your campaign needs to work in tandem.

Branding - increasing brand visibility

We work with you to identify the main selling points of your brand, including your core values and the qualities which your audience will want to see. Thinking about your audience’s needs and concerns is always a focus for our team, who build strategies which will engage your customers and increase your online visibility. We create posts, and write content, which encapsulates your company image, and sets you apart from your market competitors.

Brand strategy - consistency

Branding should be consistent across different channels, from your website to Instagram reels – studies show that inconsistent aspects of a sales funnel (i.e. the different steps your clients take on the way to making a purchase) can cause customers to leave the sales funnel. For example, if they click on an Instagram link in your bio, and are taken to an app with a different feel to your Instagram feed, customers are more likely to be confused and leave, rather than clicking ‘add to basket’.

One of the keys to a high conversion rate is making the right impression in your online content, and part of that is remaining consistent across platforms. Our creative team will work with you in building your online presence, through engagement with your followers, and/or through an effective SEO strategy (more on SEO below).

Design - logo and web design

Consistent branding doesn’t stop at the content and photos on social media – it also applies to the design of your website and logo. Our in-house design team can create a logo which captures your brand perfectly, based on what you tell us in your initial brief. We can offer a selection of alternative logos, so you can choose which best fits your brand – or work with you to fine-tune one design.

The overall aesthetic of your website is also crucial in building an online presence, as well as maintaining existing clients. Poorly designed websites, which are not easy to navigate, are brought down in Google’s rankings – the algorithm rewards websites that its users like. If your website hasn’t had a make-over in a while, or if you’re going through a rebranding process as a business, it might be time to reach out to our web design team.

Integrated marketing campaigns

A marketing campaign must be an integrated effort – you need to make sure your customers find your website (with effective SEO), and when they do, to scroll through the site and convert. Likewise with pay-per-click advertising – you need your audience to download your app, or click on the Google Ad, and then convert when they do.


Having an aesthetically fantastic website is one thing. Yet it’s no use if your target audience can’t find it! As a smaller or medium sized business, it’s likely you will need specialist advice if you’re going to secure high rankings in Google search results for the keywords that matter.

SEO (or search engine optimization) is basically the act of creating a website which Google will like, at the level of both the website functioning and the wording of your content. Keywords are the best known aspect of SEO, yet they aren’t the only crucial aspect of it. Alongside effective keyword choice and usage, there’s also your website speed (which Google heavily prioritizes in its search rankings) and use of backlinks. In short, your site must link out to other reputable sources online, such as topically relevant blogs and major sources, like official bodies and major news outlets.

Now we move to keywords. As a business, you need to choose keywords which can bring in useful web traffic from your lead sources. This means selecting phrases with the right amount of web traffic, but which aren’t too difficult to rank for – to attract potential clients and lead to increased sales figures. Keyword choice is a balancing act – the most sensible choices will depend on your individual company and its position in the market. While you are unlikely to rank for high-difficulty keywords – these rankings will go to the major brands – this doesn’t mean you should go after phrases with no traffic (after all, that would be pointless). An SEO consultant will look at your business needs, and suggest an effective strategy that will divert web traffic from your target audience.

Do you have a marketing problem?

If you’re struggling with any areas of your marketing campaign, from Paid Ads to engagement on Linkedin, we’re here to answer your questions. Our initial consultants are always about you – we want to see whether we’re a good fit for your needs.

Get your free website audit, or speak to a member of our team here. We’re looking forward to hearing about your project!