Find a Marketing Agency Newcastle can trust

Seek Social is a full-service digital marketing agency who understands the needs of businesses of all sizes. We provide a first class service because we are driven by data and results, using proven techniques which work. Though we are a multi-service team, we don’t compromise on quality or skill in any of our areas. Each of our consultants has extensive training and experience in their specialist area(s). Read on for our advice on finding digital marketing success.

Social media management

Social media presence is crucial for the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses. Content marketing is an important aspect of your advertising efforts  – it’s how you connect with your target audience and gain their trust. Find an agency who takes the time, and has the expertise, to understand your brand image and convey this across your Instagram, Linkedin and/or Tiktok content. Here are Seek Social’s tips for finding a skilled creative team who can produce first class content:


Strategic thinking. Good marketers will know your competition and have a strategy. They look at what your target audience wants, and make sure your posts deliver this.


Consistency. Good marketing teams know that having a consistent voice throughout your posts, and across different channels, is key when it comes to securing high conversion rates. Prospects tend to leave the sales funnel when something throws them off about a brand, e.g. a page on the app whose overall ‘vibe’ doesn’t match that of the Instagram page which brought them there in the first place.


Engagement. Engaging with your client base is how you gain their trust, and win real followers. Purchasing fake followers doesn’t lead to conversions for your business; at worst, it can damage your online reputation, as a sudden surge in followers is a red flag for the Instagram algorithm, which disables accounts on this basis.


Timing. A good digital marketing agency will post the right content, at the right times, to provide maximum opportunities for engagement with your customers. The right times to post will depend on your industry.

Website development

Alongside a good SEO strategy, an attractive, easy-to-use website should be the cornerstone of your advertising efforts. The Google algorithm places significant weight on website speed and functioning, as well as ease of use. Keyword research and content optimisation is of course important – otherwise you won’t rank for the terms you need to rank for – but keyword usage alone is not enough to achieve quality leads.

A business website needs to load quickly and impress its client base when they arrive on its pages. The design needs to be clear and easy to navigate, so users are inclined to scroll through the site and convert in some way. The linking structure – how the pages link to one another, and to other sites on the web – is also scanned by search engines, and factored into their ranking assessment. Sites with good linking structures are rewarded, while broken backlinks can bring you down in Google’s search results.

The takeaway message here is that maintaining your website, and providing a good user experience on it, is crucial. Gaining web traffic on a poorly designed site will only lead to high bounce rates, as customers quickly leave when they can’t find what they want. Get in touch with the Seek web development team if you need a new website, or your current site needs a refresh. Be forward-thinking – consider how your site is meeting changing customer demands. If you’re unsure, our team can advise you on this if you raise a query with us here.

Driven by results

Our digital marketing consultants are obsessed with results. We like them because they prove to our customers that what we’re doing is working. For each of our services, from SEO to pay-per-click ads (PPC), our team will use defined metrics to find out what your starting point is, and track the success of your campaign as it progresses. We’ll make sure you see success – if we notice that something isn’t working at any point, we’ll talk you through it and adjust our strategy. That said, the Seek team uses proven methods that we know deliver results, so we don’t think our initial plan will falter.

Whenever you consider hiring a marketing  company, you should always ask how they plan to achieve their results. They should be mentioning measurable techniques, e.g. using graphs or Google analytics. If they aren’t clear, then seriously consider whether their services are effective. You need a consultant who is efficient and motivated, who can gain positive results month on month. If an agency can’t show how they plan to do this, be cautious.

Business growth

The ultimate goal of any digital marketing campaign is business growth. You want to grow your social media presence and broaden your reach online, in order to achieve more conversions and increase your income. This means finding a company who listens to your business objectives and needs, and sees opportunities for growth. Good marketers will see gaps in your current marketing effort, and implement a social strategy which addresses this. For instance, this could involve choosing a metric (e.g. number of app downloads), and tracking these over a period of months, to assess the performance of a given PPC strategy.

If you have any questions about web development, social media marketing or SEO campaigns, see what our team can do to help your business. We always look forward to hearing about your goals, and how we can help you to achieve them.