Full service is a term you hear a lot when it comes to digital marketing. But what does full service actually mean? In this article, the Seek Social team will go over what a full service agency can do for you, and why it’s important to work with one in the first place.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is made up of lots of smaller tasks and there are also various phases of an SEO project, from auditing and analysis through to strategy development and keyword research to implementation. You can see this as a funnel with many different stages you need to pass through before you can start seeing results.

Some ‘SEO companies’ outsource various parts of this work which means they don’t have full control over what has been done or why. These companies might have great marketing strategy knowledge and skills, but no technical knowledge, or vice versa – which means they miss something crucial along the way.

Seek Social don’t do that. With us every part of the work we do is handled by our in-house team – who not only know first hand what has been done but also why it was necessary – so if for any reason we don’t know something when you ask, then we do know exactly who to ask to get you the answer that you need.

Content Creation

If your website or digital marketing campaign needs text-based content, we can supply it. Whether you’re after a compelling blog post, a memorable social media post or a catchy tag-line for people to remember your brand by, our skilled team of writers will be able to deliver the goods. Even if you need something that is more specialised – for example if you’re looking for technical writing on behalf of a client with very specific requirements – then again we can help, as our content writing team also have highly developed research skills as well as a healthy amount of sheer creativity. This combination means that our in-house team has all the skills needed to write whatever kind of copy is required, and make it both accurate and engaging at the same time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves using promotional techniques to create awareness of a product or service within the social media space. The most common forms of this practice include posting about current trending topics and relating it back to your product or service news stories, creating ads for social media, and performing active engagement to create a buzz about your brand with existing customers and potential leads.

Social media offers a level playing field where anyone can easily share their ideas and opinions-and in fact it’s often those who don’t have big budgets for traditional advertising who excel at building their own audience through social networks. No matter whether you’re a big fish in your industry or a newcomer looking to make a big splash – Seek Social can help you reach your social media marketing goals

Web Design & Development

As with SEO, web design and development is in fact made up of several smaller tasks that all come together to create a whole project. Some web design or web development companies may choose to hand off any part of your work – and when they do that it’s like sending it into the abyss. They lose control of what is being done, when, or how – which may affect how that component interacts with the other elements of your project.

Again though, Seek Social don’t do that. With us everything is handled in-house: we know (or can ask) exactly what’s happening with your project quickly and easily; any problems are flagged up and worked on as soon as possible – no nasty surprises!

Graphic Design

It’s important to note that graphic design isn’t just about creating logos. Just as all digital marketing campaigns need written content, they also need eye-catching visuals to attract the attention of the people who see them. For that reason, graphic design is also one of the services we provide as a full service digital marketing agency.

You can rely on Seek Social’s expert graphic designers to create visuals that will work online; these could be visuals for social media posts, hero images for your main web pages, ad banners or even personalised elements for things like Youtube or Twitch channels and social media profiles. We can even help you with print media designs too!

Advertising Campaign Management

In the context of digital marketing, an advertising campaign is a series of ads that have been created to achieve a defined objective. These campaigns can be run on different channels – from google display ads that people see as they browse the web (the equivalent of an online billboard) through to marketing emails. Sometimes they’re tied in with paid search, which involves bidding on keywords so your ad appears alongside others as users search for something relevant to your product or service. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to all these terms; after all, there are dozens of acronyms floating around (SEM, PPC etc), and each channel has its own terminology too.

We advise against getting too hung up on this though, as what really matters is what the agency does for you and whether they can deliver results! The fact that we cover all forms of digital marketing means we have experts who understand each piece of the puzzle – from initial strategy development right through to post-campaign analysis – giving us a real edge over other agencies in this area. For a real world example of the kind of results that Seek Social can deliver when it comes to advertising campaign management, check out this case study on our work with Alpha Designs.

Analytics & Data Science Services

Analytics are the foundation on which modern digital marketing is built. Almost every area of the modern digital marketing landscape comes with analytics these days: websites, PPC ads, marketing emails, social posts…the list goes on. Analytics data is designed to show you in actual numbers how your website, your PPC ads, your marketing emails, your social posts and more are performing so that you can see if they’re truly working or not – but it’s not always the most straightforward of things to understand – and that’s why as part of our full service we offer analytics and data science services.

These services see our data science experts analyse your various analytics platforms, understand the takeaways and key messages regarding performance that you need to know about in order to make informed decisions regarding next steps, or any changes that might need making. We then present them to you in plain English so that clients really understand why things are the way they are, and if they’re not delivering as expected, what we’re doing about it.


There are many facets to running a successful website and business, and for us ‘full service’ means that all of these different facets are taken care of for you by one company, one team of people, and ideally one that really knows what they’re doing – as Seek Social do – so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

So, we hope that this page has answered a lot of your questions around what makes us a full service digital marketing agency, but if there’s anything further that you’d like to put to us then you absolutely can contact us directly, or reach out to us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram too!

Our SEO Process

Promoting Organic Growth and Rank

The top agency in Blackpool implements different strategies to develop a unique optimisation process, one that kickstarts your digital marketing journey and can really help you become more visible to your target audience. We also manage your campaign in a way that boosts demand for your product or service in your niche, but that also lets you be as hands-on or hands-off as you like..

Keyword Research & Assignment

Keywords are a necessary element in any optimisation campaign, but it takes more than stringing three or more words together. Our SEO experts are keyword research experts, and know how to pick out the best phrases to improve your ranking online.

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO is a highly technical array of tasks and strategies, which means that you really need a specialist who can do it for you. Seek Social digital marketers are adept at making highly-optimised pages and content for your brand, while also letting your identity and voice shine throughout everything we create.

Marketing Content Development

The Seek Social team are leaders when it comes to designing, creating, and publishing relevant content that highlights your brand. Our in-house team of creatives and developers know how best to push your product or service ahead of the competition, and to the forefront of your niche.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a significant impact on how digital marketing campaigns fair in the modern day. Our strategies give you the edge with social media users on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, helping audiences there to discover what you can offer and to learn about your brand. We know how to improve your following and social engagement effectively.

Technical Website Evaluation and Auditing

Our team starts our SEO campaigns by performing a thorough auditing process for your website and social media (as appropriate). This lets us identify which elements of your current strategy are working and where improvements must be made.

Once complete this audit serves as a benchmark starting position that we can measure and demonstrate our progress against, and we will also consider benchmark targets to give us real, attainable goals to work towards and inform decisions regarding how we reach those goals. Once all of this is done we’ll put together a prioritised tasklist to ensure that we get the biggest SEO returns on the time and money invested, and you get the most bang for your buck.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation Services

While boosting your SEO on your pages, we will also take care of off-page SEO activities such as backlink creation, toxic backlink disavowal, and other work designed to improve your site’s page authority and domain authority, delivering holistic online growth.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation Services

Many of the expert skills that our team use during an SEO campaign, also apply to the creation of successful pay-per-click (PPC) and eCommerce SEO campaigns – tactics such as keyword research, the creation of optimised copy and performance monitoring through analytics to name just a few. As a result we know how to leverage relevant keywords and media-rich content that ups your online visibility and return on investment (ROI).

Keeping up with new developments in the SEO industry

Behind every results page that Google displays is a powerful search engine algorithm, and software that ‘reads’ the internet to determine what pages are about. These things work together to determine a webpage’s ranking on search engine results pages, but crucially, search engine algorithms can change – altering what Google and other search engines like and what they don’t. Our experts make it part of their mission to stay up to date with algorithm changes to ensure that your strategies remain competitive throughout.

Local SEO

Local SEO rankings matter in every digital marketing strategy. Our services help you bring in more local customers, improve your ranking in the Google local listings by using geographically-targeted keywords, and other activities. When it comes to quality local SEO in Blackpool, we are the team you want on your side.

Seek Social's SEO Solutions in Blackpool

General SEO

Full optimisation audit

Keyword research & analysis

Content creation & development

Mobile SEO

Technical SEO

On-Page optimisation

Off-page optimisation

Page Speed improvement

User experience & Social signal

Analytics and report creation

eCommerce SEO

E-Commerce keyword research & analysis

Content marketing

On-Page optimisation for eCommerce sites


Social media optimisation

Schema Markup

Competitive Analysis

CMO full report

Reviews indexing

Local SEO

Local SEO keyword research and review

Local Pack for Google

Google My Business or GMB streamlining

Location-centric About Us page

Online directories optimisation

Reputation management

Content creation

Visitor and client data tracking

Be visible online

Seek Social makes your company digitally competitive using SEO. We help you target the right audience and improve site traffic via our leading optimisation techniques. Together, we will secure your rank in the search engine pages.