Expert Search Engine Optimization Services from Seek Social

Who are Seek Social?

We’re a full service digital marketing organisation situated in Greater Manchester, with a group of north of twenty marketing experts boasting significant experience and expertise in various regions across the industry. We began working in 2015 and have kept on developing from that point forward.

We are guaranteed Google partners, and that means we have passed a thorough arrangement of tests and checks that have been set by Google itself. We have also gained notoriety for being a dependable and reliable organisation, and we’re glad to say that we have worked with some of the greatest organisations in Greater Manchester, the UK overall, and across the world.

How SEO benefits your site

SEO assists you with getting more traffic. SEO assists you with producing more leads and sales opportunities by driving highly targeted traffic straight to your site. This implies that when individuals search for something on Google, they find your webpage as opposed to a contender’s site, or even that of their neighbourhood brick-and mortar store. With the right SEO technique set up, this will imply that more potential clients learn about you and reach out to you for help.

SEO likewise further develops brand awareness – as a matter of fact, it’s not unreasonable to say that if individuals don’t have any idea who your business is then they won’t buy from you! However, by expanding brand awareness through good organic rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), clients can really get to learn who you are, what you do, and how you can help them!

Our other digital marketing services

While a great many people know us for our SEO administration, we offer a scope of other digital marketing administrations that can assist you with arriving at your main interest group and develop your business.

PPC: Pay-per-click is one of the most famous computerised marketing channels, and not surprisingly, since it allows you to target keywords specifically connected with your business, with less squandered spend on ineffective ads.

Social Media: We can deal with every one of your social media accounts, no matter whether it’s an old-school platform like Facebook and Twitter, or a newer one like Instagram or TikTok. With our help your brand will be continually posting, engaging with and captivating new possible clients.

Graphic design: Our in-house group of planners can create eye-catching visual resources for use on the web or in print media.

Email marketing: Email is still an important marketing channel, yet it’s not just about sending messages to your clients and trusting they open them. Our visual creators and content cooperation together to create the ideal marketing email: one that makes individuals really feel the need to open it, read it, and act on it. We know how to attract clients to your image utilising email, and keep you out of the spam folder!

The Arrangement Stage

SEO site audit

A webpage review is a course of breaking down a current site to perceive how it may very well be improved for search engine positioning. A site review is finished in two sections: specialised and on-page.

Specialised review: This is a specialised examination of the site to ensure that things, for example, unfortunate site speed are not adversely influencing your positioning.

On-page review: The on-page segment of the review looks at your pages to ensure that key SEO components, for example, SEO titles, meta portrayals, alt texts, joins and so on are available and filled in as they ought to be.

SEO keyword research

Keyword research is the most vital phase in a fruitful SEO campaign, as it assists you with figuring out which terms are generally pertinent to your business. It’s additionally the most common way of figuring out the thing individuals are searching for on the web, allowing you to distinguish which terms clients use while searching for businesses like yours, and use them on your site – and importantly – only when you understand what keywords your audiences are using can you do this effectively.

Content Creation and Optimization Stage

Optimization of existing content

At this stage, we will work to ensure that your current content is all improved for search engines. We will modify your content as necessary to guarantee that it is highly optimised, including a high volume of keywords to assist with accomplishing the most ideal outcomes in terms of search engine rankings.

We additionally ensure that your substance is not difficult to read or find so that Google (and expected clients) can  see what you bring to the table for them without much of a stretch.

Writing new optimised content

At the same time, we will start to compose new, unique content for you. This is usually done to take into consideration new pages focusing on other important keywords that we haven’t covered yet, and to make sure that your site is alive with both new content and older content being updated regularly. The significance of doing this can’t be overstated, as it lets us keep telling the search engines that they need to come back and take another look at your site. Each time they do, it’s an opportunity for you to move up in the rankings..

While our content methodology will vary from site-to-site in view of necessities and accessible assets, there are still a few general prescribed procedures that we know are important to this process:

Obviously recognize what purpose each piece of content serves on your site

Guarantee that all pages have somewhere to lead on to (i.e., on the off chance that somebody lands on one particular page from Google or another search engine, that individual ought to have the option to explore effectively through your site)

The Technical SEO Stage

On page SEO work

At this stage we deal with the other on-page SEO work that your pages need. These can include (yet are not restricted to) the production of linking structures, slug changes, web snippet optimization, or heading changes. We also use SEO analytics tools to guarantee that your pages are all really upgraded, and improving with every modification.

Off page SEO work

Third party referencing is one of the main parts of SEO. It’s the way you get different sites to link out to yours, which will assist with your rankings in search engines like Google. External link establishment should take place at this stage too, yet we lean toward doing this task manually on the grounds that while it takes more time it leads to more quality backlinks, and better results in terms of ranking. We additionally offer guest blogging support, where we compose blog entries for destinations that rank exceptionally in Google or have large audiences relevant to your activities.

SEO Housekeeping

Sitemap updates

Sitemaps are a fundamental piece of each and every site’s SEO technique. They furnish Google and other search engines with a guide of the pages on your site so they can creep them successfully and rank them in like manner. You ought to refresh your sitemap any time you make changes to the substance on your webpage, including adding or eliminating pages, pictures, video, or blog entries. Assuming there’s whatever could be viewed as a change — regardless of whether it’s simply a solitary word — our group will know how significant it is for you to refresh this record quickly!

On the off chance that you’re curious about sitemaps and need some assistance getting everything rolling, we’d be glad to walk you through all that there is to be familiar with them and show you how simple it is for us here at Seek Social.

Delivering prompt indexing

There are many reasons why your site ought to be indexed (i.e. ‘read’) by Google and other search engines on a regular basis. In addition to the other objectives you have for your site, indexing helps to guarantee that:

It is positioned well in the search engine results pages (SERP)

It is therefore highly visible to potential clients

The rankings your pages earn are based on an accurate assessment of your site as it is now

Whatever your SEO goals may be, regular indexing can assist them with succeeding. The extraordinary news here is that Seek Social can ensure that your refreshed pages are on Google’s to-do list as a standard piece of our SEO offering!

Post-Mission Survey and Investigation

Understanding and reporting on performance

In order to make informed decisions on what to do next in an SEO campaign, you need to arrive at informed conclusions about what has happened thus far. Seek Social can deal with everything for you in this regard, and give ordinary advancement reports.

Our goal here is to keep things straightforward for our clients. That is the reason why – despite the fact that we have various data science support staff in our group who comprehend and talk all the language – we’ll assist with making sense of any complicated data in plain English. This guarantees that regardless of whether you’re not an expert in SEO, jargon won’t be a barrier to grasping what’s going on with your site.

Utilising the information to illuminate subsequent stages

Once we have broken down the SEO investigation information available to us and understood it, we will utilise this data to inform our next steps. This means recognizing which pages are performing great and which are not, as well as what enhancements can be made to our current approach. Clients taking a more hands-on role can also turn to the Seek Social team for consultancy and advice on how best to proceed.

In conclusion: Why pick Seek Social?

We’re a trusted, laid out company that uses proven techniques and procedures which deliver results reliably.. We likewise offer a free site survey, so you can see where your internet based presence can be improved with no obligation. Our group of experts will dissect both the content on your site and its overall contribution to your success, in order to guarantee that it is upgraded to address every one of the issues of clients – search engines included!

Thus, assuming you’re searching for the absolute best in SEO support, you need look no farther than us – click on our contact us page or connect with us using social media, and let’s discuss your SEO goals today!