Outstanding Email Marketing Agency

Seek Social is your top-performing email marketing agency that delivers proven strategies to improve brand awareness, website traffic, and lead generation. We are a team of professionals working to promote your business to valuable clients via email messaging.

Whether you need an email marketing strategy from scratch or looking to optimise your efforts, our marketers are your best bet to success in this digital arena.

Why should you have an email marketing campaign?

Email as a digital marketing strategy is one of the most competitive and unparalleled tools out there. Did you know that 99% of consumers open their inboxes every day? For this reason, expert marketers recognise email as a core tactic in digital marketing.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can personalise the content to meet the recipient’s interest. It’s a direct connection with your audience, helping usher them towards the buying decision. Marketers using this strategy claim a 42:1 successful return on investment (ROI).

With emails, you can deliver the message straight to the right people at the most opportune time, increasing your chance for lead generation and conversions. However, you need an expert’s help to get the most ideal results. You don’t have to search far—Seek Social is the email marketing agency for you.


Emails enable automated communication with the people who matter to your business.

Data-driven results

Higher conversions and ROI are direct benefits of an effective email strategy.


Marketing emails can be set as reminders to check out new products or abandoned carts.

Makings of a lucrative email marketing service

Effective marketing emails have specific elements that make them unique to typical personal or corporate emails. Anyone can send one daily, but it takes a professionally curated email to drive results for your business.

Well-written emails make a huge difference in pushing your marketing efforts to greater heights. From the subject line to the content to the call-to-action (CTA), every element needs to move the reader effectively. Your email copy needs to be cohesive and relevant to urge the recipient to explore your offer.

Seek Social creatives and graphic designers know just how to create templates that fit your brand identity and voice. Whether it’s plain text or an elaborate layout, our email marketers can develop the template that works to get your message across the reader. We implement proven techniques that make email a powerful marketing tool.

The email marketing campaigns we build succeed because we carefully divide the database into categories according to demographic, contact activity, and other relevant criteria. This way, we can tailor your emails more effectively. It gives you a better chance of communicating and compelling the recipient to interact with your brand.

At Seek Social, we push for quantifiable results by measuring the performance of every email marketing strategy we create. We collect valuable data using advanced software, social media and website analytics, and other sources to give light to tactics that work or otherwise. Having these numbers help us efficiently optimise your campaign.

Our email marketing services go beyond simply creating the message. Once your reader opens the email, it treats them to easily digestible digital marketing materials that they will find informative and useful. It could be in the form of blogs, videos, white papers, quizzes, case studies, or even offers and discounts.

Our email marketing agency

Seek Social is a premier email marketing agency in Bury led by professional marketers who know the intricacies and tactics to develop an effective campaign. We work by providing customers the avenue to convert and for your brand to drive more sales. Our experts learn about your product or service and shape a strategy that echoes your prospects and moves your target audience.

Building relationships

Email is a personalised tool that offers great returns when included in any marketing effort. However, it needs plenty of fine tuning to capture the attention of the recipient. It presents a great opportunity, and only expert marketers know the secret to making it work.

Our email marketing firm is adept at leveraging emails to nurture your relationship with customers and make new connections along the way. We ensure that your emails are visually pleasing with useful content that your audience can digest easily.

Recapturing and remarketing

Conversion rate for email marketing is at an astounding 66%, making it a powerful tool. Research also suggests that recapturing old customers using email is quintuple times more profitable than chasing a cold one.

Bespoke email marketing strategies with a tailored message, design, and CTA can motivate customers to explore your brand. We can help you remarket your services or products to clients who did not convert during their first visit. After all, success can be achieved when you try again.

Why Seek Social?


Our email marketing agency banks on originality and flexibility when tackling campaigns. Seek Social tailors approaches based on client needs and preference. We work as your partner, helping you hit targets because your success is ours, too.

Experience and expertise

We invest time and effort in training and gaining experience to deliver the best email marketing solutions for our clients. Our digital marketers have developed expertise over the years, ensuring that your campaign is in expert hands.

Competitive pricing

Seek Social is transparent in our pricing and ensure that all solutions are cost-effective for our customers. You can expect no hidden fees or upselling from us because we are also entrepreneurs who know how valuable money is in business

Problem solving capabilities

We are a group of critical thinkers who inspect every issue, real or possible, and have a solution on the ready. We don’t leave you to clean up messes—when we take the helm of any campaign, we make sure that our work is thorough and worry-free.

Dedicated team

Our firm is passionate about reaching goals for our email marketing customers. We have specialists who will be there to manage your strategies every step of the marketing journey. It is our responsibility to dedicate our effort for your success.

Fuel your digital growth

Email marketing is a path that you must take when you want to boost your presence and ranking online. Seek Social is your digital marketing specialist that can work with you in achieving this goal and more. We can carve your digital journey and produce the best content that your audience will surely love.